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Chapter One

The wind was light that afternoon as she approached the docks, knowing all too well what she wouldn't find. What she needed was a cargo ship. From there, she could make the transfer when they were attacked.

Micha Hawkins' objective was to find a pirate ship. A pirate ship would have what she needed: information on how to find John Silver, the pirate for whom she'd been looking, now that both of her parents had passed away.

Micha, at eighteen, had grown up well, but not without knowledge of the other galaxies.Her grandmother, Sarah Hawkins, had taught her in the ways of being a normal human being, but Micha's mind often traveled further. She wanted more than that.

She wanted Silver back.


"I need a cargo ship," Micha demanded at the nearest ticket clerk she could find. The woman was a shriveled old slug of a thing, who pointed with not-so-delicate hands at the nearest cargo ship.

Micha left her money on the counter and took her ticket as she stormed off towards the ship. Boarding with a scowl, many of the crew members frowned as she walked onto the ship.

"Beggin' yer pardon, missy…" one of them started. "What business are ye'on t'be on a ship like ours?"

"I'm praying a pirate ship will attack you," she said simply and continued down below deck to find a suitable bunk for the trip.


Her prayers were answered. Three days into the voyage, Micha was woken by the sound of cannon fire as the cargo ship was overrun with angry, ugly men.

Three of them burst into the cabin she was sharing with four other people and gave a yell of excitement. "Ey! We got a girl in here!"

Micha didn't say anything as the pirate scooped her up over his shoulder and carried her off, yielding no resistance.

On the pirate ship, after a few scrapes and scratches, Micha was set rather roughly on the deck. "Well, lookie here…what've we got?" one of the pirates asked, using the tip of his cutlass to move the loose hair from Micha's pale face.

"A girl," another pirate commented with a wicked grin.

"Aye, it's a girl. A right pretty one, if ye ask me…" he said. "What do you reckon we do wit' her? The cap'n isn't his usual old self as of late…she'd get wasted. What say we duel?"

"Duel for possession of the girl?" He asked, using the tip of the cutlass to pick at one of his blackened teeth.

Micha raised an eyebrow. "Or," she interrupted. "One of you could give me a sword and let me fight you myself. If I win, neither of you get me."

"Fight both of us?" the tooth-picking pirate asked, stunned. She smiled. "No, stupid. That wouldn't be fair, now would it? You are to be fighting a lady, after all."

The first pirate nodded firmly. "Fair or not, we must honor the lady, Scrubbs."

The second pirate, Scrubbs, grimaced angrily. "Not fair at all. You know she'll win because she's a lady."

Micha shrugged, rising to her feet. "No need to get discouraged over it. Don't go easy on me. That way it's fair all around."

Scrubbs handed her the sword he'd just finished picking his teeth with. "'Ere."

She nodded and smiled sweetly. "Thanks."

The first pirate, bowed slightly. "Pleasure, missy. M'name's Axel."

"Micha," she returned his bow. "Shall we?" She held out the sword in his direction and grinned. "Remember, don't go easy just because I'm a lady."

Axel returned the grin and struck her sword with his. "Avast!" he cried. She parried the blow and returned a couple of swings, narrowly missing Axel's extended free arm. He was caught off guard by her speed, but that could have been because she was smaller than him, and he stumbled. Micha kept swinging the sword at him, and he finally blocked her, sending a bigger blow in her direction, knocking her down. Axel quickly regained his footing and overtook Micha, placing his boot on her stomach and the tip of his sword against her throat.

"I'd say I win, wouldn't ye, miss?"

"What's all this?" came a loud voice from behind Micha. She looked up from where she lay at the mercy of Axel and frowned. A new person. This person looked like the captain.

"Captain Warrick," Axel said. "We got ourselves a prisoner from the cargo ship."
"What's a woman doin' aboard a cargo ship?" Warrick asked, frowning deeply so the lines in his face grew longer. Micha took in a breath, but it was labored due to the boot on her abdomen.

"Do you mind?" she asked, glancing at Axel. He grinned. "Either way, I won the battle, fair maid."

"I don't think you'll be winnin' anything," Warrick added, helping Micha up from her spot.

"I'm Edward Warrick, Captain of this here ship." He then stood up straight, looking very noble and proud with a large, feathered hat on his head. "What's yer name, Missy?"

"Micha," she said, brushing herself off.

"Impressive swordplay, Miss Micha. But that doesn't answer what you're doing on me ship…willingly."

"Sir?" she asked, raising an eyebrow.

Captain Warrick smirked. "The rest of ye don't need to be listenin'. Get back to work!" he barked, watching in amusement as the rest of the pirate men continued to work, the remains of the cargo ship floating in space behind them as they continued on course to only Warrick-knew-where.

"A female doesn't willingly come onto a pirate ship unless she knows what she's doing. You'd better have a good excuse for me or my men'll have no mercy."

Micha took in a deep breath, confidence in her eyes as she smiled at the captain. "I need to find someone, and I want you to help me find him."


"Captain John Silver?" Scrubbs cried.

"Long John Silver!" Axel exclaimed. "The one from the stories! Found Treasure Planet with some kid, got rich, escaped from the law…Aww, he's got the devil's luck to be sure!"

"So how does the girl know 'im?" Scrubbs asked. Captain Warrick shrugged.

"She didn't say, but I'm intrigued. I'd like t'meet this…Silver fellow. I've heard good things about his skills. Perhaps he could teach us a thing or two. What say you, men? Shall we help the girl?"

A hearty "Aye!" followed, and Warrick sighed. They had a mission now. Finally, something to keep his old bones from giving out too soon. With a plan, there was purpose. He had something to live for.

And it couldn't come a moment too soon.