There's a sadness that pierces her heart as she watches Shuyin as he staggers toward her. Shuyin definitely looks like him . . . but she knows now that it is not him. Just a shade, she tells herself, a shadow to be vanquished by the light. But he has Tidus's hair (but it is a shade lighter, isn't it, not golden enough to be compared to the sands of her home?) and he has Tidus's eyes (but it's a shade too dark to be the exact same blue of the open, calm sea) and he has Tidus's moves and Tidus's grace. Only that Tidus would have never raised a sword except to protect and defend -- a guardian to the very end.

Tidus had understood her. He understood her more than she had understood herself -- he made his own sacrifices believing that she would have done the same. And it is -- was -- true. He had been as willing to let himself fade as she had been willing to sacrifice herself for the people of Spira. He wouldn't have wanted to destroy the world they had tried so hard to save.

Not even to protect her, because he had known who she was and what she had stood for.

She can hear voices -- but not his voice, not this time. Her father, close to her heart, as always, nudging her into the right direction; Sir Auron, encouraging yet demanding at the same time, focused and stolid; Sir Jecht, seemingly unperturbed that his boy should look like this shade who had lived a thousand years past. Did it not bother Jecht, she wonders, that the fayth had chosen to create a dream in an image of a relentless, unforgiving man whose only goal was death and destruction?

But Tidus had been kind, and he had exuded warmth and optimism and empathy. Jecht probably knows that better than anyone else.

"He's panicking. Yuna -- end it now." End it. Yes, Auron is right. She has to end it now.

"This is it, everyone!" She notices that her own voice is pitched higher than usual, tinged slightly with panic. "Stay focused!" She could almost feel Auron nodding with approval.

She steps forward. He looks at her, his angry blue eyes finally softening, leaving him looking even more familiar than ever. Tidus, she thinks, and she banishes the thought away with only the slightest hint of sorrow.


His expression is bewildered, but his eyes shine with both hope and regret and she could almost feel his love.


( "I'm sorry I couldn't show you Zanarkand. Goodbye!" )

"There's something I must tell you. Words left unspoken for a thousand years." These are her words, but they are Lenne's feelings.

There is a short pause. She wonders for a moment whether it is Lenne or Yuna Shuyin is seeing. She feels as if she is Lenne, yet she is still herself, saying the same words to Tidus again, as she did two years ago.

"I love you."

The light is bright, like shafts of sunshine dancing upon the waves. It will pierce the darkness and chase away the shadows. It will never fade away, as long as she never forgets.