The White Sheep and the Black Wolf Part 39

Zeeltor hummed to himself quietly as he flipped through a
copy of "Isolating an Isotope." However his mind for once was
not on
the formulas and theorems. He sat, worrying that someone had caught
on to his little plan.

Lucy growled.

"Don't worry, Sweetie. Everything's going to be
Zeeltor said nervously, not knowing whether he believed his own
words or not.

The silence broke, as the unmistakable sound of gunfire
jarred Zeeltor.

He bit his lip. Oh no, the war had begun. His attempt to
avert it had failed. "Well, Girl," he spoke disheartedly to
Lucy. "I

The door exploded, and Zeeltor jumped. "Oh my Gonzolt socks,
what on Earth?"

X and Elle barged in, with X toting a Sonic Disruptor.

"Was that really necessary, X?" Elle frowned.

"Well, if you really wanted to pick the lock next time, be
my guest." He looked over to Zeeltor. "Come on, we got other
to save."


Stepping out of the corridor, Zeeltor was amazed to find
many of the guards as well as the warden sprawled out on the deck

X smirked. "They didn't call me the Living Typhoon'

Elle scoffed. "You're more like the Living

"Why's that?"

As if to confirm Elle, an entire side panel of the wall fell

X smiled sheepishly, while Elle rolled her eyes.

"So Zeeltor, know anyone else who needs busting out?" Elle

The smaller alien shook his head. "Most of the MiB are
neuralized and are under the control of the Hoon'taks. Though
are a few in cell 49 C that had been able to fight off the
neutralization effects."

They heard loud war cries about the corner of the hall, and
from around the bend came an entire squadron of Allied Forces

"Oh shit." Elle muttered.

Zeeltor stared uneasily at the unsavory group. "How many are

"Too many," X hissed.

The three turned tail and ran like hell.

"GET THEM!" Zafirr bellowed from the front of the
formation. "Cut them off!"

The squadron broke up and took different paths.

The three sped, first down one hall then another, trying to
shake off their pursuers. Coming up to a fork where the corridor
split, X growled, "Which one?"

"Left, go left!" Zeeltor called. "That leads to the cell

They barreled into the indicated hall...

...and ended up before a large group of the enemy.

X, Elle, and Zeeltor stopped short and raised their hands.

"Nice going, Zeeltor," X scowled.

"Against the wall," one lieutenant ordered. "Keep you
above you."

Elle swore inwardly. They had gone so far before being
captured. Again she cursed the Alliance. Fat lot of help they were,
she thought vehemently as she faced the wall.

"Lieutenant, I'll take charge of them," a familiar voice

"B...but, Sir, you can't just..."

"Don't Sir' me, young man. You have no idea what
dealing with. You three, hands over your heads, and follow me."

Elle turned about dejectedly but started when she saw that
the man who had put down the lieutenant was none other than Kay. She
shared an uneasy look with her partner.

"Come on, I haven't got all day," Kay called sharply.

Under the suspicious eyes of the Allied Forces, the three
filed after Kay, moving slowly to avoid confrontation.

Kay led them first down one stairwell then up another. The
dread of their fate slowly changed into confusion, as Elle wondered
why Kay was leading them away his main support. Most bizarre was the
fact that only a couple of soldiers were present to ensure that they
would not escape or attack.

After much winding through the maze of hallways, Kay finally
stopped and ordered them to line up against the wall.

"What now, Sir?" one of the guards asked, clearly aware of
the awkward position his captain placed him in.

Kay smiled slightly and came up to the guard. "What now?"
Without warning, Kay right-hooked the soldier, and the man groaned
and crumpled over.

"HEY!" The other guard rose his electric whip to strike Kay.
Just as he lifted his arm, Kay did a round-house kick, sending him
into the wall, rendering him unconscious.

X and Elle gaped, but Zeeltor beamed.

Kay smirked and nodded to the alien physician. "Thanks for
memory jog, Doctor." To X and Elle, "Ready to give the

The two sighed in relief. "Are we ever," X replied, tossing
Kay a De-atomizer.

Kay caught it with ease. "Okay people, any ideas?"

Elle scoffed. "Not unless you have a huge Deneuralizer on

"That could work," Zeeltor interjected.

The agents looked at him curiously. "What do you mean,
Doctor?" Elle asked.

"Well, I don't actually have a device of that sort, but we
could use the defense systems I've installed into each of the
Forces ships." He looked to Kay. "Remember how I said a force
will extend over all ships like an umbrella?"

Kay nodded.

"You're all aware of how a neuralizer works right? By the
use of Fluxion light particles, the neuralizer sends impulses that
would alter neural pathways, particularly those for memory.

"The deneuralizer sends a wave of Lucineum light particles
to counteract the Fluxion light particles. Now the defense force
field contains Kruxton light particles. If we could somehow make it
to the command ship's Main Terminal Ops, I could change the
frequency of Kruxton particles to speed up, converting them into
Lucineum particles."

"And thus free everyone from the neutralization," Elle
finished with a smile.

Kay clicked back the magazine. "Free anyone you can. We'll
need al the support we can get. Then we'll head for the command
ship. Meet me back here in 2 hours."