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Here are a few pointers about people and their ages etc.

Sakura – 20 years old, single, works part time as a waitress and also as an assassin for the Wolves. Has a grave dislike towards men after she was raped at 16.

Syaoran – 23 years old, also single, works as an assassin for the Wolves, is the next leader for the Li clan in China.

Tomoyo – 20 years old, married to Eriol, works with Sakura in the café, has known Sakura since she was 12.

Eriol – 23 years old, married to Tomoyo, only knows Syaoran as a distant relative. Owns the café that both Sakura and Tomoyo work in.

Both Eriol and Tomoyo know what Sakura does for a living, and although they don't agree they don't try to stop her or turn her in.

Summary: Sakura and Syaoran both work as assassins for 'The Wolves'. One day they are partnered up, and instantly hate each other. But what happens when their feelings for each other change? What happens when something in both their lives changes, forcing them to choose between life or love?

Disclaimer – I don't own Card Captor Sakura or any of the characters associated with it, they are all property of Clamp. I just borrow them and make their lives more interesting!

Chemicals Between Us


The night was still – too still some might say. The stars where covered in a thick blanket of cloud that prevented their twinkling eyes from watching the human souls that killed in the dark. Even the moon was blocked out, and was only seen when it peaked through a window in the clouded sky.

A woman, dressed in a red halter neck and knee length black skirt walked confidently down the dark alleyway. She had her head held high and her eyes glittered with the thrill of the impending chase.

She stopped outside a steel door and knocked twice and listened for the watch hole to slide open. The guard on the other side looked at the young woman, said something inaudible and opened to door to let her in. The harsh grating of steel on stone would send shivers up any ones spine, but not hers. From deep inside, under layers of concrete, she could hear the throbbing bass beat, the inaudible mutterings of the partygoers. Winding her way down the iron staircase she let her senses probe ahead and adjust to the difference in noise and light.

Stood behind the tinted glass of the VIP lounge a man looked out over the moving mass of bodies below him. He allowed himself a small smile as he watched the almost primal actions of those bellow him, how the best dancers and the prettiest girls had a following of admirers tailing them around the club, just waiting to bask in an others glory. It was whilst watching these primal humans the he spotted the woman he was looking for. Unlike the others in the room she moved with purpose and grace, oblivious to all the perfect people around her. Her eyes were fixed on what he knew was her target, her resolve unwavering as she snaked her way through the crowded room. She could almost have been another person out to enjoy the night, her black hair glittered under the harsh club lighting, but to a trained eye it was obvious that past her looks there lay a deadly killer, one who would stop at nothing to hit the mark.

He knew her, not personally but her reputation preceded her. She was there to do a job, to commit a crime – but it was not his place to get in the way or intervene. Doing that would result in failure and failure was dealt with in a severe fashion. If she was distracted or unable to finish the job her life would be the forfeit, and he wasn't about to let her die

Her name was Sakura Kinomoto, a dangerous assassin. She was one person whose good side you needed to be on. She was a ruthless killer and a loner. That would change, she was to become his partner, but before that happened he was presented the opportunity to witness her talents in the hope that he would agree to the partnership.

She had the mark in her sight. Eto Katsuhiko. He was once a valued business partner, but he had learned too much and was now deemed a liability. The Intel she had been given presented an opening to get close to him. He was a leach, and loved nothing more than a pretty girl to fawn over him. That was her way in and a perfect performance was what was needed.

Sakura manoeuvred herself skilfully through the crowds around her, until she felt someone's gaze upon her. She flicked her eyes up to the VIP lounge and saw a tall handsome man with the most alluring but cold amber eyes. Their eyes met and she held his gaze until someone knocked her and the spell was broken. She turned her head to look at the VIP area once more, but he was hidden in the shadows.

Sakura focused on the target again, she couldn't afford to let herself be distracted. She couldn't afford to loose her concentration – not now. This kill was important to the people she worked and they were unforgiving. If she were to fail there would be consequences..

She pushed her way forward until she was stood next to him. She gave him a quick once over and her stomach recoiled in disgust. She had to lure him, which meant she had to let his dirty greasy hands touch her. He was like many of the rich greasy businessmen, overweight, balding. He was wearing an expensive suit and he was dripping in expensive jewellery. The needless show of wealth repulsed Sakura almost as much as the Katshiko.

She pushed pass him, pushing her body into his back. He turned to look at her so she smiled her most flirtatious smile and giggled, causing him to turn around fully and engage her in conversation.

He looked her up and down, a lustful look entering his eyes. Leaning in he introduced himself, not once looking her in the eye.

"May I buy you a drink?" He asked, still looking down her top.

"I'll have a screaming orgasm" Sakura replied, forcing herself to smile sweetly as he ran his hand down her back.

She drank her drink, confident in the knowledge that the alcohol would not affect her judgment or reflexes. She felt repulsed when he asked her to dance but she said yes because se had to. She only had one thought running through her head – that it was part of the plan and she couldn't bail out now.

Katsuhiko was delighted with his latest squeeze. She would be a great companion throughout the night, and later on she may prove herself to be just as interesting in the bedroom. He smiled as all manner of dirty thoughts crossed his mind and Sakura returned the smile, but for a very different reason. He had no idea how dangerous a situation he was in – she had him right were she wanted to be.

They left shortly afterwards, his hands all over her, caressing her skin roughly. Sakura, still playing the part, giggled and he pushed her against a wall, forcing his mouth over hers and kissing her roughly. She could feel her gun pressing against her skin on her inner thigh. She smiled inwardly, knowing that his time would soon be up, and that she was the bringer of death.

She pulled the gun out of the holster and pointed it at his head, forcing to him to kneel in the river of grime and dirt that moved past her feet.

"The Wolves send their deepest regrets but you have become a liability, and liabilities have to be exterminated before they cause a problem" she said in an icy voice.

"Please let me live. I won't say anything, I'll pay back the money I owe." He begged. "I don't want to die

"Then you should never have been born" she replied in the same icy voice as she pulled the trigger.

Katsuhiko's blood spattered the wall behind him, his brains running down the alleyway along with the water and dirt. Sakura looked at his remains, cocked a smile turned and ran.

Stepping out the shadows the man with the amber eyes smiled at her professionalism. She had successfully seduced the mark and eliminated him, and she did it with style and confidence.

He picked his phone out of his pocket and dialled a number." I'll work your assassin," he said in a monotone voice before hanging up and walking away from what was left of a once promising businessman.

Sakura raced through the deserted streets in her two-seated black sports car. It had been a gift from her employers to commemorate her 50th kill. Her bosses were generous to say the least, with each hit earning her the equivalent of a years' wages. Because of the obvious generosity she had a part time job, after all who wouldn't be suspicious of a twenty year old who had her own flat and no income to speak of?

Pulling into the drive she did a quick sweep round her property. She locked the car and continued to look for anything suspicious. Confident that she had not been followed she removed the black wig and tossed it into a nearby bin, scratching her head. She really hated wearing wigs; they made her head so hot and itchy. Entering the house she checked around again and made sure everything was locked.

The first thing she noticed when she entered the flat was the flashing green light on the answering machine, she dropped her keys on the table and pressed the play button.

"Congratulations Miss Kinomoto. Please attend a meeting tomorrow at midday. Dress casual and do not be late. We have an interesting proposition for you."

Sakura rolled her eyes at the demanding message, her curiosity piqued. As long as an interesting proposition didn't involve a partner then she was happy to go along with whatever they had planned. They were perfectly aware of her view of working with anyone. She was a loner and worked on her own. But she had been warned more than once that if she continued to be so uncooperative that she would have to be struck of the pay list. And in this business that meant more than not getting your next paycheck.

Sakura crawled into her bed and turned the light off. Checking her alarm clock was set fell asleep into a deep dreamless sleep.

-- End Prologue --

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