Title: Sake Sister Acclimation
Author: Mistress Nika and Silent Angel
Rating: PG-13, for language and sexual inuendo
Disclaimer: I, Mistress Nika, do not own any of the series mentioned here. Neither does Silent Angel, unless she's holding out on me. --
Summary: The Sake Sisters Fangirl Fanclub has a new member and it's up to the leader of the Sake Sisters to find her a "bishy style" and acclimate her to the life of a Sake Sister. Watch as they deal with home and family life, random bishounen, and being a couple of rabid fangirls! Will Silent ever find her style? How many times will she faint before this is over? And most importantly, WHO STOLE MY POCKY!?!? O.O
Characters that appear THIS chapter: (YYH: Yusuke, mention of Raizen, Kurama, Youko, Kuronue) (Rurouni Kenshin: Kenshin/Battousai) (Yami no Matsuei: Muraki) (Yugioh: Bakura, Seto) (Trigun: Knives) (Fruits Basket: Haru)

Nika: (is waiting patiently outside filing her nails and humming happily)

Silent: (calls out unsurely) Um...does the zipper go to the back or front??

Nika: (yells back) The front. (goes back to filing her nails) Y'know, I've had almost seven hundred years to perfect my style. We should get you a signature style as soon as possible.

Silent: But... (squeaky sounds drift out of the dressing room along with grunts as she tries to sqeeze into it) I thought this was gonna be my style..?

Nika: No, no. This is just until we find you a style! Actually (looks proud) this is more my style...

Silent: Uh-huh... (pause) I'm coming out...don't laugh.

Nika: I won't. I promise. (holds up her newly filed nails to study them...ten sharpened claws)

Silent: (comes out blushing like mad) It's........a tight fit.

Nika: (looks her over then bursts out laughing)

Silent: You said you wouldn't laugh! .

Nika: No! No! I'm not laughing at you! It's just that it's supposed to be a "tight fit"! You look great! (stops laughing rather suddenly and looks errily serious) Now....time for the bishy test.

Silent: OO Should I be scared?

Nika: Well, you're rather new at this. So...yes. Most definately.

Silent: -- Great. And what is this bishy test?

Nika: (grabs a cattle prod and drapes a protective arm over Silent's shoulder) Well, you are about to venture into a place unknown to fangirl kind. It is a secret place created by me called The Harem. In this place I keep the original bishys that I have cloned. It is a haven for all bishys who are tired of being chased by fangirls. In the Harem they are free to indulge themselves with no fear of girls screaming "kawaii" and glomping them. You will see things most fangirls have only dreamed of and I warn you...for a rookie like you...they may be dangerous to your conscious state. (nods sagely) You may faint...perhaps even die. But that is a sacrifice I am willing to make.

Silent: (terrified yet very intrigued) And...the cattle prod? What's that for?

Nika: (suddenly goes unserious) Oh this!? This is to keep the bishys off you! That's the test! Although some of the bishys in The Harem are downright "that way", most swing both ways! If you get more than twenty bishys to try to grope/ogle/sexually harrass you, this is a good look for you!


Silent: immediately grabs CD player and puts on Chobits soundtrack Maybe if I can't hear them speak, I won't have as great a risk of dying.

Nika: I highly doubt that.

Silent: (O.O);.... So, in other words, I'm going to die.

Nika: Almost exactly! ()

Silent: What do you mean almost?

Nika: All (if not most) Sake Sisters have a built in resistance not to die

when they see the many hot bishounen in "The Bishy Vault" as I like to call it. They mostly stand there frozen (sometimes literally frozen) when they see the REAL almighty hotness in there.

Silent: Oh Lord, please help me. (-.-);.... Wait, does that mean I "did it"

with a Seto clone?

Nika: No, you got the real deal that night. You have true children from Seto Kaiba!

Silent: (.);...

[After going through many stages of security, the two finally reach "The


Nika: Okay, here's your moment of truth! Don't be surprised if you see

everybody trying to get a piece of ya' if ya' know what I mean winks.

Actually, they probably all will since you're so kawaii!

Silent: (-);...

Nika: Go get em'! Actually, let them get you, but not actually "get" you,

you know what I'm sayin'?

Silent: No.

Nika: Neither do I. Just get in there! takes CD player from Silent

[Vault Opens]

Silent: (O.O);....

Silent: (cautiously pokes her head in the Harem and sees nothing but blackness) ...hello? (jumps a foot as Nika comes up behind her) Ahhhh!!!! OO (pants heavily)

Nika: Shhhh!!!!! (whispers) It's feeding time! Don't wake them yet! We'll have a stampede if you do that!! (takes out a flashlight and shines it around revealing over a hundred bishounen sleeping peacefully on pillows, cushins and lavish couches. The entire Harem is modeled like a Greek temple and in the middle of the room is a large marble pool.)

Silent: (stares around her in awe; whispers) I can't believe this. You've really gone all out for them.

Nika: Of course! (shines the flashlight over the pool and finds Yusuke curled up on a floatie in it; shakes her head in disdain) I've told him a thousand times not to do that. He could fall off and drown. (sigh) Well, only one way he'll learn... (gets a wicked grin; hands the flashlight to Silent) Stay here and keep the beam focused on Yusuke. This is probably gonna wake everyone up...so you may wanna stand back a bit.

Silent: (nods furiously and steps back into the doorway)

Nika: (creeps through the room, carefully stepping over sleeping bishounen and up to the edge of the pool; reaches out and finds the floatie is in arm reach; grabs it and pulls it gently to her; grins even wider; suddenly cries out at the top of her lungs) IT'S RAIZEN!!!!

Yusuke: (starts up) OO WHERE!?!?!?

Nika: HERE!!! (flips the floatie over and dumps Yusuke into the water; bursts out laughing)

Other Bishounen: (wake up) oo

Yusuke: (comes up sputtering and angry) Damn it, woman! I was having a good dream! A man shouldn't have to wake up out of a dream like that thinking his father's found him and THEN be dumped into a lake!!

Nika: (giggles) Dreaming about Kurama?

Yusuke: Ye...oo.......NO!!!

Nika: (giggles again) Whatever you say, Yu-chan!

Other Bishounen: (stare at her expectantly) .................

Nika: (stares back in confusion) .................what?

Kuronue: (while lovingly brushing out the sleep tangels in Youko's tail) Why are you here?

Nika: (still looks confused) ...............huh?

Kenshin: (sigh) Usually you have a reason for coming here, that you do.

Nika: (eyes light up) Oh yeah!! (stands up straight and declares proudly) Boys! We have a new Sake Sister!!

Bishys: uh-oh!

Nika: No! No! I just need your help on this one. See, she's pretty weak when it comes to being able to deal with the stuff normal fangirls do. I need your help in one way. She doesn't have a "bishy style" yet and I've outfitted her in mine!

Bishys: (some drool in anticipation)

Nika: Okay! With that in mind....heeeeeeerrrrrrrreeeeeee'ssssss SILENT!!! (does a sweeping gesture toward the door)

Silent: OO (frozen like a deer in headlights as all the bishys suddenly begin smiling...some very much like a predator who's just spotted an especially juicy prey) Meep!

Muraki: (leads the pack) Oh look. (licks his lips) Isn't she just the cutest?

Bakura: (comes up next to Muraki with a feral grin) Oh yeah. Adorable.

Kenshin/Battousai: (eyes go gold) Don't you just wanna pinch her cheeks?

Knives: And more.

Hatsuharu: Let's find out if she's ticklish...

Silent: OO Meep? Help me!

Bishounen: drool

Nika: ()

Silent: Oh.... My.... God..... please help me..... wraps herself tightly in trench coat and starts to back away

Guys: eyeing her

Silent: screaming in her head to get out of this place

Nika: Okay everybody! GOO ALREADY!!!!!

Seto: comes up behind Silent So, how's everybody? puts arm around her

Silent: EEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKK!!!!!! jumps away from Seto near pool

Nika: takes trench coat off of Silent

Silent: (OO)!!!!!! jumps in pool mentally slaps herself Bad move.


Silent: HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (OoO)!!!!!!!!!

Nika: I knew she would pass! grins happily and praises herself (.)

Guys: all over Silent


Bakura: Oh, you'll have to worry about more than just your hair. (starts feeling up Silent)

Silent: AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!

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