jao: Hey everyone. Ready for another KP fic? This story will include it's own "soundtrack." Each chapter will be named after a song that will give the best depiction of the emotions and message of that particular chapter. I'll include a link to each chapter's song in my FFn bio.

This chapter is based off of A Perfect Circle's "3 Libras." Very emotional dark ambience songs that invoke vivid images and makes it much easier to express emotions in my own writing. If you've ever heard the band Tool; A Perfect Circle has the same lead singer and the same feel to the songs. Never the less, I hope you guys enjoy.

Paragon- Noun Definition: A model of excellence or perfection of a kind; a peerless example.



Chapter One—"3 Libras"

            Perfect…a complete paragon.

Autumn in Middleton was beyond beautiful; the tress seemingly on fire as the wind blew through them-a heated roar replaced by a chorus of rustles. The lonely season was particularly special for Ron. He watched the leaves fall, counting…

One, two, three… Senior year had come so quickly, but things weren't like how he had imagined. It was only September but still… Just from the start of today he knew things would be changing just as fast as the trees.

Four, five, six, seven… Eight, nine, ten… The red mustang sped by…one anyone could see was Josh Mankey's and as anyone would know the girl who matched the trees stepped from the sporty car. Ron's paragon…

Eleven… She hurried to the other side and wrapped herself around his arm and Ron couldn't help but sigh, taking note of the next leaf.

Twelve. He picked it up and placed it in a book he was carrying. Call it tradition…

September 15th…A day of little importance.

Besides the fact it was his 18th birthday… No one would notice, he thought pessimistically.  How did his way of thinking change like that? Before life was so much more fun, but now everything moved so slow. It was dull and cold. He felt himself shiver knowing full well that the frost of a cold reality was on its way. The winter he wished would never come.

            It was, after all, senior year. The one year he had waited for and anticipated since… well forever. But he never stopped to think about what it would mean.

It meant starting a life without Kim. He watched her and Josh walk by him and sighed. Besides…it seemed Kim had already gotten used to her life without Ron. Even on missions there was less and less dialog between the two and Ron was eating by himself more and more often at "BN Headquarters." He might as well get used to it. After this year everything would be in the past… Opening the locker Ron grabbed his books and headed to his first period.

Kim sat in her seat, pushing stray hairs behind her ear. Today was going to be great. In fact this whole year was going to be the best. Senior events, senior table, prom, and of course the day she had worked since Kindergarten for: Graduation. Then college! It had seemed like forever and now that 12th grade was here it seemed all too soon. Before she'd know it Kim would be out on her own, with the job of her dreams. Her life was about to truly begin.

And she couldn't hide her grin as she glanced over at Josh who sat next to her. Josh was the best. Kind, sweet, caring and a great listener. He was gentle and knew just what to say to make her laugh. He was perfect. Her Paragon.

And he had asked Kim to move in with him. It made her tingle just thinking about it. Even though Kim wouldn't actually be 18 till some time in March she could always pull that "I need to get out on my own," routine on her parents. Her father would be hard to convince but she was sure her mom would help her out.

18, the year of legal adulthood. Kim wistfully sighed just imagining how it would feel. No curfew, no one to tell her what to do. It would be the best. The door opened slowly and the teacher, Mrs. G. Ometry, glared at the blonde teen that had dared come in late.

"Sorry I'm late, Mrs. O. I…" Ron bowed his head sheepishly. "I forgot the room number again." The class laughed and Kim sighed. That was so like Ron. Silly, forgetful… He glanced at her and Kim took note of something strange in those brown eyes. But he looked away too quickly for her to figure out what unsaid emotion laid behind them. Instead the teacher reprimanded him and Ron took his seat in the back of the room. He took out his books and dropped his head to the desk waiting for everyone to stop staring at him.

This was going to be the worst year ever.


            Ron found his seat was already taken once he had made it to the cafeteria. Even as a senior he had no spot at the senior table. No surprise.

            "Hey Ron." He jumped and turned around to find Kim grinning at him. For a moment his problems disappeared…as if he was spun back to sophomore year when Drakken and Shego were the biggest of his concerns.

            "H-hey, KP. What's up?"

            "I got you this. Happy 18th." She handed him a little brightly colored gift bag. Plopping down in his near by chair he reached in to find a little box and in it was a watch. One of those neat sport watches that were waterproof and glowed in the dark and kept track of the date as well. There were some Bueno Bucks and a card. On the front was a cake and candles and inside was some cheesy poem about being 18. What mattered were Kim's comments.

            Happy birthday Ron. Here's a watch so you'll always be on time. No matter what happens this year I want you to know I'll never forget you. Time can never change that. Just as it hasn't changed you. Stay you Ron. Love, Kim.

            He tucked it away and stood. She took in his smile and noticed he looks so much different. He was a totally different person with that smile. He embraced Kim, enjoying the way she felt in his arms and the way her arms felt around him. If only for this moment he felt complete and the hug alone was the best part of all. But all too soon she pulled away.

            "Try on the watch." Ron grabbed the box and removed the red and black timepiece. Kim watched as he struggled with the strap and was surprised she never noticed his hands. They were large, but not clumsy. Powerful and well controlled. She reached out to help him to find despite all their missions they were soft as well. Gentle. There was a lot about him she hadn't noticed. Never thought to look. He was like her brother and it's not like she goes examining Jim or Tim. He was an extension of her family, but there were very attractive features about him she couldn't deny. But it didn't matter…she loved Josh. So she pushed those thoughts away and offered Ron a smile as she let him go.

            "There. That looks really good on you." Was Ron blushing?

            "Thanks for the bon-diggity watch, KP." Oh well. He was happy. That's what mattered. Now that the presents were done there was something she had to tell him.

            "Ron, I've got some great news!" She swallowed as he sat and she pulled up a chair of her own. "Josh asked me to move in with him! Isn't that the greatest?" Ron's smile feel from his face. She was m-moving in…with Josh? Kim's smile disappeared as well. "Is there something wrong, Ron?"

            "Th-that's great KP." He forced a smile for her. "I'm happy for you." She hugged him again but he just couldn't move his arms to embrace her back. All energy had disappeared. She pulled back almost ecstatic.

            "I'm so glad!" She took his hand and looked into his eyes. "Your opinion matters to me, Ron." Ron opened his mouth but she stood and ran over to Monique who had just walked in. Ron watched her and fought back the ache in his chest. She was so happy. That's what matters…He looked back at his card and tucked it away.


Jao: Tada. First chapter. As for birthdays. According to the Ronfactor episode Ron's a Virgo. That's why I picked sometime in September. And going by, well common sense I figured Kim would be an Aries. She's a leader, loves challenges and such. Pretty much the poster girl of Aries. So yea. I don't know for sure when they really are so don't quote me on those, ok?