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Third Draco/Harry slash, but this one I've had in my head for awhile and it's been demanding to be written. It's the second with magic but will take place in the summer. They will be going into 6th year. The person who died in the 5th book is in this but Lucius is in jail ... works better that way.

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Say Anything ...

Draco awoke to a sunny Thursday morning. It was two weeks into the summer vacation and so far it had been a bit boring, with his mother away to the States he had the whole estate to himself, not as fun as it sounded as most of his friends were away on vacation and Draco didn't feel like going any where himself. He took a long showered and dressed leaving his hair loose unlike in school where he had a gelled back. After finishing with that he made his way down to the breakfast nook where he was immediately accosted by one of the house-elf.

"Would Master Malfoy like breakfast now?" The creature asked as Draco picked up one of the fresh blueberry muffins that laid in a basket on the table.

He turned to it and shook his head. "No I'm going to take my morning ride." The house-elf nodded and disappeared as Draco made his way outside.

Soon he was up in the air and more awake then he had been a minute ago. He always rode in the morning just to think about everything, about his father in Azkaban and how he felt about that. Ever since he could remember he would always wanted to impress his father, but no matter what he did it never seemed to be enough for Lucius Malfoy. As he grew older he started to resent the older men for always putting Deatheater meetings and Voldemort's views first instead of him. But it was his father that went to jail. He wanted to blame Potter for it but he knew it wasn't his fault entirely, Draco knew that one-day sooner or later his father would have been caught. It just happened sooner then he thought it would.

As he flew around he took notice of something down below in the gardens that the house-elf's kept in perfect condition. No he didn't notice the flowers or greenery but there was something that stood out totally, but at the height he was at he couldn't tell. Flying down he gasped sharply at was taking a form.

It wasn't a something but a someone. As he set foot on the ground he took a closer look and there was no mistaking who this 'someone' was. The ebony wild hair and lighting-blot shaped scar only belonged to one person... Harry Potter.

Draco made his way back into his house and set him down on the couch in the family room. As re-stood he took in Potter's appearance he was covered in dry blood and bruises, the clothes he was wearing were torn in numerous places. But the strangest thing was his face was cover in soot like he had been or very near a fire. What happened to him? Draco obliviously knew he must of been attacked by why did he end up in his garden? Well he wasn't going to find out any time soon so he decided to call one of the house-elfs in the mean time, he thought of what to do with Potter.

"Master Malfoy?" The house-elf bowed.

Draco ignored the creature still thinking about what do with Potter, he could have easily sent him off to the dark lord but he didn't for he had no loyalty to that side, Dumbledore was out of the question as well. Knowing the old man he would probably blame it on him.

"Sir?" The house-elf spoke once more and Draco through him a sharp stare before deciding where to take him.

"Take Potter to the Malfoy estate in France. There put him in one of the guestrooms near my room and clean him up. I'll be there shortly." The blonde said moving his gaze once again to Potter.

The house-elf bowed and with a snap of his fingers Potter and the house-elf were gone. Draco remained there thinking of what he had just done and questioned why? What was he doing, Potter was going to yell to the high heavens when he woke and probably demand to see Dumbledore or something but until then the blonde went to write to his mother and pack. The thing that riddle him most though was why Potter here? And what happened to him?

The boy in question opened his eyes a few hours later with a pounding headache but paying no attention to it sat up in a bed that wasn't his or he thought wasn't his, he wasn't sure. And as he looked around the room apprehensively he realized he had no idea where he was or who had him. Trying to recall the last thing he did or where he was drew a blank and increased the pounding in his head. Shakily he got out of bed and looked around the room when a high-pitched voice broke through his thumping headache.

"You're awake!" He turned his head to be faced with a weird looking bugged-eyed creature. He screamed and jumped away, not even noticing that he was half-naked, only wearing jeans.

"Do you want to wake the whole house?" A voice snapped from above him and he turned to face a painting of a man glaring back at him.

"Y-you talked?" He asked shakily.

The painting rolled his eyes. "Boo."

The boy screamed again and bolted for the door. He went to his left that led to stairs that he took two at a time, completely forgetting his headache. In his running he did not notice the person that blocked his way at the foot of the stairway and ran right into him.

Draco had heard the screaming coming out of the kitchen to see what was going on, it sounded as if Potter was scared. He reached the stair and heard the second scream and next thing he Potter was running out of the bedroom as if You-Know-Who was in the very room. The blonde was about to call out when Potter ran right into him with a soft thud.

"What in the nine hells is wrong with you?" Draco snapped at him.

"The painting talked!" Potter screamed as if that was something to truly be scared of.

Grabbing his shoulders, he pulled Potter back to look into the emerald eyes. Potter seemed genuinely scared of the painting talking and why hadn't the gryffindor recognized him yet? He expected Potter to be yelling at him by now.

"So that's nothing new." Draco drawled.

"Paintings don't normally talk and who the hell are you?" Potter wrenched out his hold staring at him warily.

Raising an eyebrow Draco said. "Very funny Potter." Who was he playing at? Potter knew very well who he was, they had only gone to the same school for five years.

"Who's Potter?" He didn't sound as if he was joking.

"Potter what's the last thing you remember?" Before the raven-haired boy could answer, Deb the house-elf came downstairs looking frantically at Potter.

"Master?" Potter turned around and stared at the house-elf for about a second before moving behind Draco who shot him an astonish look.

"What is that thing?" He asked looking at the house-elf as if it was a devil.

"It's a house-elf." Draco answered Potter slowly before turning to Deb. "Get a tray of food and bring it to his room, then get him something to wear." Deb bowed and left to the kitchen.

Draco turned to Potter and stared at him for a moment. "Can you remember anything?" He asked and Potter took a step back as he stared at the blonde.

Potter bowed his head and frowned deeply before shaking his head 'no'. "Not even your name?" The blonde pressed shocked.

"No." He seemed to be dazed and just stood there. "I can't remember anything." He said softly.

Draco stood there blown-away. He expected Potter to be accusing him of kidnapping him or just plain demanding to be let out, but to have him here with no recollection of who he was or any memory was not what he was expecting. While Potter remained motionless Draco took his time to take in his half-naked form.

He had cleaned up nicely and Deb had taken care of all the bruises that had covered his face and stomach as well as the dust and soot. No one could deny that Potter was very beautiful, still slightly small for his age but with a nice body. The tan told him that Potter spent a lot time in the sun. Qudditch practice had developed well-formed arms, legs and abdomen. And if the rumors were true Potter was still a virgin, which many people found appealing.

"What's my name?"

"Huh?" Draco snapped out of his thoughts and looked up into jaded-eyes.

"I asked what my name was." Potter repeated awkwardly, a blush crossing his cheeks.

While examining Potter's body he almost forgotten that the boy had totally no idea who he was. Under the wrong hands Potter could find himself in a lot of trouble. But for some reason he felt pity for Potter and decided not to play games with him.

"Harry Potter." Draco grabbed his arm and led him to his room where a tray was waiting for him along with clothes. It was a very surreal experience, he had woken up thinking he was going to spend another day at home and this happened.

"Ok, can you tell why there are paintings talking and what did you call them... house-elfs?" Potter asked strangely.

"Magic." Draco said simply.

Potter snorted and sat on the bed; Draco felt the urge to be right on top of him. Shaking his head the blonde sat down on a chair by the bed. The food and clothes going on untouched.

"Magic? No such thing." Potter said as if he was pretty sure of himself. You'd think after seeing a painting talk and a magically creature he'd be more of a believer but no.

Rolling his eyes Draco pulled out his wand and pointed it to the serving dish filled with food. Whispering a spell the tray levitated to a flabbergasted Potter who looked to the tray and then to the blonde who smirked right back. It was lucky that there were so many spells around the mansion allowing him to use magic, or else he would have to convince Potter by his word only.

"But that means you're a wizard." Potter said shocked.

Draco nodded. "You are too." Potter remained silent. "Eat." The blonde ordered him.

"How do you know me?" He'd been waiting for this question and was going to keep it as vague as possible.

"We go to the same school."

"Oh, and what's your name?" Potter picked at his food.

"Draco Malfoy." He said a bit hesitantly as if Potter would suddenly remember everything by hearing his worst rival's name. But Potter didn't remember and could not recall any of the fights they had at school. There was a silence between them where Potter ate a little more.

"Won't my parents be worried about me?" Potter asked looking up at Draco who at the moment was caught off guard.

"Um... I'm really not the person to be telling you."

"Why not?"

The blonde sighed and wondered why he cared so much but answered the question anyway. "Their dead, they died when you were one." Draco told him quietly.

He couldn't know what Potter was feeling for his face remained passive. The thing was Harry didn't how to feel as he couldn't remember anything and that included his parents. He felt sad that he didn't know them but more so he felt confused and frustrated that he couldn't remember. He tried recalling something again, he struggled harder this time to remember anything he could.

A fat man screaming angrily then in pain as another person laughed maliciously. More scream and pain.

With a gasp Harry's hand went to his scar where it burned with pain. The tray fell from his lap with crash to the floor and Draco rushed over to him.

"What is it?" The pain was gone but the headache came back full force. "Do you remember anything?"

Harry looked up into gray-blue eyes. He hadn't noticed how close the blonde had come to him until he re-opened his eyes. For some reason having him this close made him uncomfortable and wished he could put some space between them.

"I'm fine, my head just hurt." Draco stared at him for split second before tracing his scar with his fingers and moving on to his cheeks and lips. Before Harry could draw another breath Draco bent down and caught Harry's lips in a heated kiss.

Harry kissed back slowly, and felt Draco's fingers through his hair before bringing him up against the blonde's torso. Draco's lips were soft over his but when he attempted to deepen the kiss by running his tongue over his lips and into his mouth he pulled away.

"Sorry." He said not meeting Draco's eyes, face flushed.

"Don't be." He told Harry, looking him over again. "Go change and I'll have Deb clean the mess. I'll see you in the morning." He placed a quick chaste kiss on Harry's lip before leaving the room.

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