Now that you've found it, it's gone

Now that you feel it, you don't

You've gone off the rails

So don't get any big ideas

They're not gonna happen...


Harry opened his eyes and knew instantly that he was lying in one of the beds in the hospital wing. He could remember everything perfectly, throwing up in front of the whole school and then fainting. It was a perfect way to start the week, he thought warily as he sat up.

"Mr. Potter I hope you're not trying to make a run for it." Madam Pomfrey said as she left her office and made her way towards him.

He gave her smile. "Who me, run? Never!" Harry said running his hand through his hair. "What time is it?"

"A little past eleven you've been out for a couple of hours. How are you feeling?" Pomfrey asked him as she waved her wand over him.


The nurse nodded still running her wand. "Well you seem to be healthy, how long have you been throwing up?"

"Er a couple of times, I was going to come to you if it happened again. I don't know what happened this morning, I just smelled the food and the scent just hit me, next thing I knew I was throwing up. Maybe it's a stomach flu?" He told her.

Pomfrey frowned shaking her head and stayed silent for a moment. "Harry I'm going to ask you a couple of questions and even if they are embarrassing I need you to be honest with me."

Harry nodded fearing that something might be seriously wrong.

"Are you sexually active?"

"Madam Pomfrey!"

"Harry I've been a nurse here since your father was your age, I've heard and seen it all now are you sexually active?" She asked him again, slightly amused at the beet red color the young man was turning.

"Well sort of, I guess yes." He told her looking away.

"With a female or male?"


"Were you the top or bottom?"

Harry's face couldn't burn brighter. "Now really Madam Pomfrey-" He took one look at her face and knew he wouldn't get out of the hospital wing without answering. "Bottom."

"Have you ever used protection?"

The question stumped him. He knew for a fact that the last time he slept with Malfoy that they hadn't used a condom but he couldn't remember if they used it in the past.

"I'm not sure, honestly."

"That's okay Harry, I need you to lie back down for me. I'm going to do another test and we should find out soon what's bothering you."

Harry nodded and watched as she pulled out her wand again and whispered something under breath. There was pause before a bright blue light appeared at the tip of her wand. That was weird he thought as he looked back up at Pomfrey.

"What does that mean?"

"Well Harry that means you're expecting." She said sounding surprised herself.

He was clueless to what that meant. "Expecting what?"

Madam Pomfrey looked at him seriously. "You're pregnant Harry, I would say almost a month along."

The Gryffindor waited for the punch line, or for his friends to pop out and yell surprise! But none of that came, instead there was silence between them as he stare at the nurse and she stared back at him.

"But seriously what's wrong with me?"

Pomfrey gave a huff. "Honestly I keep telling Dumbledore to install a sex education class for muggle born children. Mr. Potter it is not unheard of for wizards, magically powerful wizards to conceive."

"I'm really pregnant!"

"I'll draw up a nutrition meal plan for you, and you'll need to start taking vitamins. I'll send a note along to your professors to let them know of your condition and I'm sorry Harry but no more Quidditch." She pulled out a quill and parchment, and started to jot down everything that he would need.

It was moving way too fast for him and he put his hands up. "Wait, wait, stop this can't be happening."

"And I'll need to speak to the other father, it's very important that you have a strong support the first few months can be difficult."

Harry froze at the words. "Other father?"

"Yes the other father, the other person that helped you create the baby."

Harry shot off the bed like a gunshot and was out of the hospital wing in seconds. Never mind that he was running bare footed down the stone steps or that Madam Pomfrey was yelling at him to come back. No he had one goal in mind and that was to find a certain blond slytherin that had gotten him into this mess.

Skipping three steps at a time Harry found himself near the Great Hall in no time and the Fates themselves couldn't have created a more perfect moment for him, Malfoy was exiting the Great Hall the same moment that Harry had reached the bottom step.

The blond hadn't been paying attention so lost in thought he was when something hard collided with him, bringing him to the ground. Looking up he found a very angry Gryffindor on top of him.

"What the hell Potter?" Malfoy said as Harry's fist connected with his face. "Fuck!"

"You asshole this is all your fault!" He hollered hitting him again until Malfoy found his bearing and started to fight back.

"What's your problem!"

"You are you stupid fucking cow!" Harry yelled kicking his leg at him.

The pair rolled around, snarling at each other. Neither noticed or cared for the crowd that had formed around them watching in fascination as the-boy-who-lived and Slytherin's prince brawled.

Harry was rearing his fist back when an excruciating pain hit him and it had nothing to do with Malfoy. At the same time the professors had finally arrived and pulled them apart, Snape hauled Malfoy off him, holding the struggling blond back as Harry curled his body willing the pain to go away.

"What is the meaning of this fighting?" Professor McGonagall demanded. "Everyone else to classes or I will take point away, now!"

The students didn't need telling twice and soon it was only Snape, McGonagall, Malfoy and Harry left.

"Potter!" Madam Pomfrey appeared looking livid. Harry at this point had sat up holding his stomach as he focused on breathing. "Of all the crazy stunts Potter! In your condition." She said shaking her head as she reached and helped the Gryffindor off the floor.

"Care to explain why you attacked Mr. Malfoy, not that its going to save you from a detention." Snape sneered at him.

Harry refused to look at any of them, the pain was gone but he still felt lost and angry and confused. It was too overwhelming and he just wanted to go back to bed and wake up from the bad day he was having.

"I can explain but I think it would be better if we moved back to the hospital wing, I need to make sure that Potter didn't damage anything. And could someone get the headmaster as well."

Not bothering to give them a chance to refute she led Harry away and the others were left to follow.

Draco was going to faint, as he gripped the arms of the chair he was sitting in.

"PREGNANT!" He shouted becoming increasingly pale. "B-b-but how?"

"In the usual way Mr. Malfoy. You and Mr. Potter had intercourse and a baby was produced."

"Well this has taken an interesting turn." Dumbledore said as he stroke his beard. McGonagall and Snape were shocked into silence and stared at the headmaster like he was crazy.

"I've already started telling Potter that he will need to give up Quidditch, also I'm going to need to inform the other teachers to his condition, especially your class Severus and DADA can be harmful for the baby."

"I'll start brewing the potions tonight." Snape grumbled looking displeased at the thought of the extra work.

"And I'll inform the teachers." McGonagall said.

Dumbledore nodded and turned to Malfoy. "I think it would be wise if we moved both of you out of your houses and put you in a separate dorm. You're going to have to be there for each other in the coming months."

The slytherin nodded still stunned at the news but Harry's head shot up shaking his head. "No! No to everything!" He told them.

"Stop being ridiculous Potter." Snape told him. "Do you really think staying in a dorm with four other boys and packed house is going to be good for the baby?"

"I never said I was keeping it!"

The entire room froze in astonishment at his words. "What?" Malfoy said staring at him.

"I can't have a baby, I'm only sixteen and still in school. I have a dark lord after me for Merlin sakes and we don't even like each other!" Harry exclaimed to the silent room. "How can we have a child, when we can barely be in the same room with each other?"

"That's my heir you want to abort!" Malfoy stood up angrily. "We're keeping the baby!"

"We are doing nothing! It's my body and I will decide what I want to do with it."

Malfoy glared at him before turning to the headmaster. "Surly you can't allow this to happen. He cannot abort a child!"

For the first time in his life the slytherin saw his headmaster look uncomfortable. "I'm sorry Mr. Malfoy but Harry's right, he does have the choice to not have the child."

"This is unbelievable, I can't believe you would kill a baby Potter." It was a low blow he knew but he didn't want the baby aborted. It was the furthest thing in his mind and he didn't think it would even cross the Gryffindor's mind.

When no one said anything else he turned around and kick his chair over leaving the room without a backwards glace, Professor Snape followed after him.

It took three days to brew the potion. Three days of avoiding his friends and their questions, call him a coward but he just couldn't bring himself to tell them that he was knocked up with Malfoy's baby. Three days of feeling Malfoy's glare on him. Three days of feeling sick to his stomach and it had nothing to do with morning sickness.

The student body was on gossip overload, from Harry throwing up in the great hall to him attacking the slytherin. Every sort of rumor possible was circling, none of them were close to the truth. The most popular rumor going around was that Harry got sick because Malfoy had put something into his food and Harry attacked him to get back at him. The Gryffindor didn't do anything to dispel them, instead he went to class and kept his head down, he couldn't meet the eyes of his head of house and her disappointed gaze or the level five glare that Snape gave him every time he entered his class.

The first day back to potions had been quiet an ordeal when he sat down next to the blond who then proceeded to pack his things and move away to another table.

"Mr. Malfoy what are you doing?" Professor Snape questioned him as the others stared including Harry.

"I'm sorry sir but I refuse to sit next to someone who makes my stomach ill."

Harry's face couldn't turn more red if he tried as the room broke out into whispers, and he didn't know if he felt more hurt or mad at the comment.

The potion's master pinched his overly large nose, clearly he didn't want to get involved in their drama. "You need a partner for the potion we are brewing today."

"I rather take a zero."

"Fine-" Professor Snape snapped and turned to the rest of the class. "Well what are the rest of you waiting for, get your books out and turn to page 588, the rest of the instructions are on the broad, get started!"

Needless to say Harry received a zero on his potion and lost more points for his house. Now it was day three and Madam Pomfrey had called him to the hospital wing to let him know the potion was ready.

Ron was out flying and Hermione was finishing a paper for Charms in the library, he knew he should have told him what was going on but he couldn't and as he walked down to the infirmary he never felt so alone. He didn't have any parents to comfort him, his relatives were dead and he doubted Vernon and Petunia would have welcomed his condition with open arms. Sure he had Sirius and Remus but they were always busy with the Order and letters weren't enough in this situation.

Well he got himself into this mess (with the help of a certain slytherin prat!) and he would get himself out, he thought determinedly as he entered the hospital wing.

Madam Pomfrey was already waiting for him as he entered. "On the bed." She said. "Any questions before we start?"

Had he ever felt this nervous before in his life. Merlin where was Voldemort when you needed him, he was easier to face then this.

The Gryffindor took a deep breath and started to shake his head when he stopped abruptly. "Er will it hurt, I mean….How will I feel afterwards?" He asked shyly.

The old nurse's gaze softened as she stared at the teenager before her and mentally shook her head. She along with everyone else in their world forgot how young Harry really was, yes he was a great, powerful wizard but he was still a boy.

"Honestly I can't tell you how you'll feel. For everyone it's different some feel relief, others guilt and some don't really feel anything. And you might feel a little queasy afterwards but I can give you something for that."

Harry nodded and took the potion into his hands, noticing that they shook slightly. Again he looked up at the nurse. "Am I doing the right thing?"

Madam Pomfrey could only shrug her shoulders. "Do you want me to get anyone for you, we can wait while I get a house-elf."

"No it's okay, I'm just being silly."

"You're not, it's okay Harry."

Harry nodded and stared at the potion taking another deep breath.

Draco stared at the ceiling with his arms crossed over his chest. He wanted to cry and yell but that wasn't in the Malfoy nature so he remained silent. He knew that Harry was down at the infirmary aborting the baby, his baby, their baby.

The last thing he expected was to find out that Harry was carrying his child, though he shouldn't be surprised since they had never used protection. He should've known better being raised in the wizarding world but Harry never knew about the possibility.

It was karma he'd tricked Harry into being with him and now Harry was getting back at him.

No that wasn't right…. He knew the Gryffindor wasn't petty like that. And honestly what was he expecting, for them to have a baby and play the happy family?

A knock disturbed his thoughts. "Whoever it is go away!" He didn't bother to move.

Another knock. "Bloody hell, I said go the fuck away!"

Another knock sounded and Draco sprang from the bed and angrily marched to the door, throwing it open. He was about to lay into whoever had dared to bother him when it died on the tip of his tongue.

"What are you doing here?"

Harry stood before him, tear tracks on his face and the bottom of Draco's stomach dropped. Harry had done it.

"If you came here to make me feel worst, just leave!" He said marching back to the bed and sitting on the edge. Harry remained by the door.

"I get it okay, it's all my fault! I'm the slytherin bastard, I'm the evil one! Now leave I don't want to hear it!" He told the Gryffindor lowering his head into his hands.

"I couldn't do it."

Draco's head snapped up. "What-"

Harry sniffled and turned his head facing the door frame. "I didn't do it. I couldn't take the potion."

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