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Story Key:

"quotations" = speech

"italic quotes" = thoughts

"bold quotes" = deep voice(s)

[brakets] = computer speech, radio transmission


Chapter One: A Seeker Reborn


Location: Desert planet of Remus Prime, Star System 0978, approx. 134 light years from Cybertron.

Rays of sunlight began to creep upon the sandy landscape of the planet, ushering in a day of extreme temparatures no living thing would think fo handling. However, the maching Autobot troops didn't seemed to really mind the increase of heat, save a few young recruits.

A lone figure watched their trek across the sands, hiding in the safety of nearby sand dune. Whoever it was, it did not match the height of the average Cybertronian; rather, it was around the of a Minicon, human sized to be more accurate. Most of it's body was covered in a dark brown cloak, tathered from numerous desert storms on the planet. From the top of the cloak, twin blue eyes (not optics, eyes) followed the movement of Autobot troops toward their destination: a encampment with Decepticon symbols.

"Two years since Unicron... two years since the death of Megatron... yet the Decepticons are STILL at it?"

The figure shoke his head at the sight. He had been following the Autobot brigade for weeks, and learned that although the Transformers basically lived in peace, several factions of Decepticons on base worlds such as this still resisted the change. "Arrogant fools..." thought the figure, how returned his gaze to the brigade.

"All right men, listen closely." The owner of the voice, the commander of the group of Autobots, stared stearnly at all of his troops. "This is the last known Decepticon rebel stronghold on Remus Prime. It served as a refuel base for seekers and passing attack vessels during the height of the war, yet now they seem to be trying to build as many new soldiers as possible. We are to hault the production, and capture any rebel soldiers that try to stop us, alive if possible. Is that clear?"

A collective mumble from the crowd signified that they understood well. The figure gave a hidden grin at the words of the commander. A Decepticon fueling station, as his previous knowledge held, often housed a number of small and fast one-man shuttles and transports in the case of a retreat. Just what he needed to escape from the sand-ball of a planet.

"It's time, men! CHARGE!!!"

With loud roar, the Autobot troops, weapons in hand, took a mad dash toward the encampment. Normally, this would seem like a suicide move, but the Decepticons were low on energy, and were poorly defended on the perimeter. Plus, the number of Autobot soldiers nearly outnumbered them 2 to 1.

"Autobots! Sound the alarm!" yelled a random Decepticon trooper. Soon the klaxon of the base was flaring, and any soldiers outside the compound fired to drive the 'Bots away from their base. At this point, they were desperate to try anything to keep their former glory.

Standing on top of the dune, the watching figure decided it was time to act. With the Decepticons busy defending thier base, and the Autobots too busy attacking, now was his chance to steal a shuttle.

"Well," the figure said with confidence, "I guess it's showtime."

With a swift motion, the cloak was tossed away from the body of the figure, revealing a being unlike anything seen before. With the features on his body, one might say that he was a miniturized version of a generic seeker. However, his body was more streamline than blocky, with features in places that would make it impossible to transform. The various curves and folds of the outer body seemed to fit the body structure of the average humaniod. Wing fins came from both his shins and forearms, as well as two jet wings from a backpack-like structure on his back. What seemed to be a standard seeker cockpit and part of the mid-section served as some sort of chest and torso armor, the cockpit coming down below were his legs meet his body. The colors of his body were unique, a mix of metallic blue and grey with green wings, red markings and black on his upper legs and arms, as well as his feet. However, the most amazing feature of the figure was his face, although shaped having of the standard seeker head, his face was not even Cybertronian style: the features matched that of a human adolescent.

"FIRE! FIRE! Don't let them through!" The various shouts from the Decepticon commander revealed that the situation was getting desperate. "Someone begin activating the spare seekers and drones! Don't tell me that they're not ready, I said NOW!!!"

However, over the cries of battle and the sounds of explosions, no one had even started to notice the "human seeker," who dashed only centimeters off the ground toward a hole in the perimeter wall made by a rogue arterillry shell. He was able to get inside the walls, but know faced the challenge of getting through the gauntlet of laser fire.

"Well, shit," he grumbled. When finding the oppertunity, the man made dashes for cover behind various structures and containers, not only trying to avoid the line of fire, but the line of sight as well.

He soon, however, was noticed by a Decepticon soldier, who saw him and instantly said, "A- a Minicon!? Alright!"

The 'Con's hand reached out to grab the miniture seeker-man, but the figure's size gave him a tactical advantage. He easily somersaulted out of the way, face the naive transformer, and stated, "No, not a Minicon."

In a matter of seconds, the mini-seeker brought up his right arm, and it instantly re-configured to reveal an unknown type of blaster weapon. It hummed and glowed a bright blue, and then a powerful wave of eletrical energy was released, hitting the Decepticon head on and knocking him down instantly. He was alive, but unable to move.

"EMP blaster weapon; I was amazed myself when I first knew I could do that..." The figure didn't know whether the fallen transformer could hear him or not, but it was fun to explain what had happened anyway. That aside, the seeker-man began to run toward the nearest hanger, which also happened to be the largest in the compound. "This better be where the escape shuttles are..."

Surely enough, he entered the right building. Across from his sight were numerous shuttles, some built for only one standard Decepticon, some for five or more. Of course, defending them were several powerful-looking seekers, how kept firing away at the Autobots trying to get inside.

"Keep firing men!" the lead seeker said to his comrades. "We're not gonna let some lousy Auto-scum destroy are only means of escape!"

The seeker to his right, blood red and with several battle scars, turned to his commander and said, "But we're low on energy, how long can we last?"

"Till we're running are fumes and ready to go offline! I'd rather die than become a prisoner to those pathetic machines!"

The figure stared at the commander and sighed a heavy sigh. Sure, the seeker had a lot of spirit, but it was for the wrong cause. Thoughts aside, the seeker-man spied the shuttle directly behind the seeker, a one-bot transport the was shaped much like a spear head. It was jet black with blood red markings, and three oval engines at the rear. "That," he thought, "Is my way outta here."

As the Autobots made a sudden rush at the seeker defenders, he made his move and ran toward the ships. He didn't care if he was spotted, for he had already been. Both Autobot and Decepticon glanced at the figure as he made his way to the escape shuttle.

"What the- stop that thing, whatever it is!" shouted the seeker commander. He was soon met with a punch to the face by the Autobot commander, who had made his way into the hanger just moments before. "Augh!!!"

"How do like that, buddy?" taunted the Autobot group leader. "Are you going to surrender quietly, or do I have to rough you up some more?"

"I'LL DIE FIRST!!!" With the fury of some kind of wild animal, the Decepticon threw a might left hook into his enemy's face, knocking him across the hanger. "Bloodshed, help me finish this fool off!"

The red seeker Bloodshed, however, was unable to respond. He and another seeker had just been knocked out via the man-seeker's EMP cannon. He stood over the two Decepticons with a smoking arm cannon, smirking with amusement.

"I remember when you guys were tougher. Somehow, I'm disappointed at how your guys went down."

The commander grew angry at the being's words. He would not let some alien creature make a fool out of his troops. "You... I'll crush you like a pintia melon!!!" With that, he fired his wrist cannons at the human seeker, who barely avoided the blasts. The figure then ran into the spear-head shuttle, the seeker commander hot in persuit.

"No creature, machine or organic, insults Commander Novastrike! I'll show you what such a fool you are, you freak of nature!!!"

The figure, standing by the ships controls, was somehow hurt by the words. SOMEHOW. "I have a name you should remember, seeker. Does Starscream ring some bells?"

Novastrike simple went tense. Here he was, ready to crush some humaniod in a seeker-like armor, and now that creature was claiming he was Starscream. THE Starscream. The former commander of the Decepticon army under the leadership of Megatron. The Starscream who had died two years ago by the hands of Unicron. It. Was. Impossible.

"You... you can't be! Starscream is dead! You're-you're lying!!!"

"Am I? Well, I didn't expect anyone to believe me anyway."

Another flash of blue energy was fired, and Novastrike yelled out in pain as his systems were forcfully shut down. He stumbled out of the ship's door, which the former Decepticon seeker closes upon his departure.

"Well, that's one less psychopath to worry about." Starscream then quickly ran to the ship's controls and jumped up to the pilot's seat. Even though the controls were made for a Cybertronian, he was still able to type in the neccessary launch codes for the shuttle.

Outside the shuttle, the engines began to hum to life. Upon seeing this, the Autobots present turned to the sound and assumed that a rebellious Decepticon was attempting to escape. Bloodshed, waving off the effects of the EMP surge and seeing his commander fall from the same shuttle, immediately realized that the humaniod seeker was hijacking one of their ships.

"Decepticons, don't let that shuttle esacpe!" he cried out. On command, any active Decepticons who weren't busy with an Autobot began firing at the vessel. A few shots made contact, and then the shield systems went online.

"Okay, shields up, engines warmed... now I need an exit," Starscream said to himself. He took the control stick for the weapons with his two arms (as it was large due to his current size), and aimed them at the far end of the hanger ceiling. "There's a good place to make an escape."

Two twin blasts fired from the shuttle, startling all occupants of the room. The contact point of the blasts created a large, uneven opening big enough for the shuttle to pass through. Second after the hole was made, the shuttle made it's way off the ground and went flying past Bloodshed and his troops. The vessel exited the hanger just as Novastrike came back online, allowing him to witness the escape.


Obeying the command, Bloodshed and two other seekers immediately transformed and blasted after the rogue ship. They had quickly caught up to the vessel and began to fire intensly at it. Inside, Starscream frantically tried to operate the shuttle, dispite being only a fraction of the size of his former self.

"Damnit! They could have made a Minicon-sized control panel in this ship, you know!" Even though he was constantly being hit with enemy fire, his shields where still operating fully, and his speed was increasing as he neared the edge of the atomosphere. The seekers, however, showed no signs of breaking off.

The seeker jet to the right of Bloodshed came close and said, "We're getting close to the edge of space. Should we break off and return to base?"

"No," Bloodshed put simply. "We must follow our commander's orders, where ever they might lead us."

"But we'll be heading into the fight between the Autobot fleet and our mothership!" said the ohter seeker. "Without any sort of space craft-"

"Our ORDERS, soldier." Bloodshed engaged his afterburners, which his wingmen followed. "If the vessel makes it to jump point, then we will have to break off, but not UNTIL THEN."

The chase continued as the last shreds of air disappeared, replaced by the blanket of stars that was space. Starscream was almost home free, he only needed to get to jump point; right past two opposing starship forces.

"I never get a break, do I?" he moaned. A sudden jolt rocked the ship, and he realized that the space vessels were now firing on him. "Oh crap, gotta move it."

He drew the vessel into the midst of a large dogfight zone, the seekers following in as well due to their orders. The various Autobot and Decepticons fighters, busy with each other, didn't really notice the passing vessel and seekers. Soon, of course, several Autobot vessels began to converge on the escape shuttle, and the Decepticon forces, believing it was one of their own, flew in the protect it.

"Argh, those fools! Why aren't they attacking it!" shouted Bloodshed. He then realized at how the shuttle had a Decepticon symbol on it's hull, and mentally slapped himself. "Someone contact those fighters and tell them to destroy that shuttle!"

One seeker started to respond, but was soon hit by a damaged Autobot fighter, sending both away from the squadron. A bright explosion soon followed.

"Oh no... what in the name of Primus am I doing!?" yelled a paniced Bloodshed. "We have to get out of here!"

"I second that!" shouted the remaining wingman. Both then turned and headed toward the mothership, hoping it would provide sanctuary.

As for Starscream, he used the Decepticon fighters to his advantage. They fought off the numerous Autobot ships threatening to blow him to the next century, while some formed a convoy around him. He chuckled to himself how his former comrades where helping him out, dispite them not knowing who was piloting the ship. Looking at his surroundings, Starscresam realized he was well past the point where he could make a warp-jump out of the system.

"But where will I go?" he thought. He did not wish to return to Cybertron, or his kind for that matter, as it held too many memories from his past life. He could go to an old Decepticon outpost and live by himself, but he wasn't one who liked total solitude. He turned his head and looked at his face in the shining metal, taking in the new face that was now his. He didn't know how he got like this, he just remembered waking up on Remus Prime, unknown to what had occured after his "death" at the hands of Unicron. Starscream was amazed at how human he looked, and his thoughts turned to one place: Earth.

"Earth. That is where I will go. Away from this former life." Typing in the right commands, he began the warp-jump procedure to reach the planet which he was stationed at for a time under his former leader. There was a place where he could plend in, live a new life, away from the sins from his past. "You only live twice, I guess..."

[Decepticon shuttle, turn back immediately.] Starscream was surpirsed went the communication panel lit up, for the fighters escorting him were getting worried at what he was doing. [All escapees from our outposts must report to the mothership, turn back now.]

With a smirk, Starscream activated his end of the channel and said, "Sorry, but I'm not actually one of you guys. See yah."

With a bright hum, the three engines of the shuttle glowed red, and then blue, increasing in energy. Finally, the shuttle's energy field created a wave that cause a warp to appear in front of it. Starscream lead the shuttle through it, then allowed it to naturally close open fully entering it. The fighters were unable to persue him, as they were only short range ships. The quickly turned away and headed back into the space battle above Remus Prime.


"Did you get a reading on that shuttle?"

"Affirmative. Vessel contains a Decepticon signature contained withing a human-sized body shell. Body configuration is unknown."

Beyond the second moon of Remus, a large yet ancient vessel floated in place, seeing the events that had just partaken beyond the battling space fleet. The ship's interior was darkened, the only sources of light coming from various consoles, power cupplings and the optics of several beings.

"This is most interesting indeed..." said the one with a circluar optic eye. It glowed a dull purple as he walked toward one of his shipmates, this one having a red visor-like optic. "Are their any similarities to the signature in our database?"

"Only one," spoke the visor-faced one, speaking in a monotone voice void of emotion. "Signature resembles readings of former Air Commander Starscream."

"Screamer?" exclaimed a nearby voice, coming from one of many pairs of red optics around the ship. "How many alternates of us are there in this galaxy?"

"Answer: Inconculsive," the montone voice said.

"Soundwave, you have all the time to look indeed..." Stepping into a faint ray of light, the purple opticed machine was seen it's full size, a laser gun permenantly attacted to his left arm. "I'm assured you have an idea of where that shuttle is going, correct?"

"Indeed I have, Shockwave," said the ancient Decepticon. Even in the dull light, numerous dents and rust are seen adorning the once poslihed sirface of his armor. His should cannon hung limply by a few wires. "Sensors indicate his choice of destination was of that of... Earth."

"Earth? That mudball!? I was kinda hoping the Decepticons of this dimension blew it up already 'er something," whined a person next to Soundwave's leg.

"Now Rumble," explained Shockwave, "You should see that logic in this; we now have an Earth, ripe with energy, ready to be harvested by us. We have not been this lucky for centuries!"

The purple minidisk robot looked up at the larger Decepticon, realization coming upon his face. "Hey, your right! We're badly in need of some juice for our circuits, right?"

"Indeed..." Shockwave turned toward a pair of red optics and pointed toward him with his gun arm. "Ramjet, you and Dirge plot a course for Earth. We have much to do in so little time..."


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