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Rating: PG-13

Summary: When Giles leaves instead of going to the Bronze and kissing Spike Buffy goes home and calls someone. I think we all know who.

Note: the stuff that ahs dashes around it like -this-, those are actions not meant to be as if someones actually saying them.

Author: Sailor Earth

Title: Together Again

Chapter 1: The Call




"Angel Investigations, Angel speaking," Angel answered as he was th only one up and about.






"Look, I know someone is there, I can hear you breathing." He said frustratingly.

"-sob- A-Angel," a shaky sad voice said.

"Buffy, is that you? What happened?" he asked quickly, immediately worried.

"Angel, he left, he's gone." Buffy said still crying while trying to calm down.

"What? Buffy, you're not making any sense. Who left, who's gone?"

"Never mind, just forget it. I shouldn't have called." She said starting to hang up.

"No, Buffy wait. Don't -click, dial tone- hang up." He hung up, waited a minute, and called back.


Buffy is in her room crying with the phone in her hand when it rings. Wiping her tears trying to calm her voice she answers "Hello."

"Who left?" It was Angel, he had called her back.

"Oh, -sniff- Angel, Giles left. -sniff- ," She told him.

"What!" he sounded angry.

"He left, went back to England." She replied.

"Okay, look, I'll be there soon," he said.

"What, no, you don't," but he interrupted.

"You wouldn't have called if you didn't need someone to talk to and that would work better in person rather than over the phone. So I'll be there soon." He said.

"Okay." She said quietly.


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Sailor Earth