This is my first-no, sorry, actually, it's my second Hey Arnold! fic, it's only, that I wrote the first one in German, and now have to translate it piece by piece, which will take a while. Until then, try to keep yourselves busy with this.

Actually, this fic was inspired by the title of another HA! Fic, I didn't read it, but the title inspired me: 'Here's to sadness'.

I wrote a poem, and then added the story to it.

It was supposed to be a one-shot, but turned out to be something bigger. If you're too lazy, to read the whole story, the first chapter will make enough sense, and if I get some kind reviews, I might even put up the rest…

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                   him for creating this funny show.

Summary: It was supposed to be 'her' special day, but he had to ruin it. And so Helga paid back in interest.

                Rather dark and sad, with a violent undertone.

Rating: I'll give this a PG13, because of disturbing scenes and violence.

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                                  *******************************************              Tears of crimson, hearts of dark

Here's to sadness,

born from the start

A venomous viper,

rending my heart

She stood perfectly still, as she stared at her father's dead body.

Miriam kneeled next to him, her voice filling the house with wails and sobs.

Slowly, she rose her hand, the one, that held the sword, Bob had once received from one of his many business partners.

Short, slim, more of a dagger, the tanto was still lethaly sharp and pointed, it's blade flashing in bizzare contrast to the dark blood tainting the cold steel.

From far away, she heard the voice of the policeman, trying to shake her from her trance. She silently held out the sword, and placed it gingerly in his hand.

Somewhere in the distance, she could hear her mother screaming:

"It's her birthday! Please, it's her birthday, she didn't mean to, don't take her away, it's her birthday, please, Helgaaa..!"

Here's to sadness,

that made me all blue,

and twisted my feelings,

until they weren't true

She couldn't tell, when she had snapped, but she did know why. He had done something so..unbelievably blunt and mean, she just couldn't take it any more. She was used to him being ignorant and hurtful, since the only way of comunicating with her consisted of verbal assaults, neglect, and the occasional slap.

But not today.

Today should have been different, even if it would have only lasted a few hours.

He couldn't even give her that.

Here's to sadness,

and eternal neglect

Broken promises,

and missing respect

She had come down, and there he had stood, munching on a piece of her cake, compplaining, that it tasted foul, and when she asked him, what he thought he was doing, he had started shouting at her. She yelled back, and the quarrel had soon turned into an heated fight. She never even saw his hand, his fist, actually, coming, all she remembered, was the blinding sharp pain exploding in her face. She fell backwards, hit her head on the stairs, and cried out, again, as another flash of hurt raced through her brain.

Her breath escaped her with a sudden exhale, as his foot hit her stomach.

Here's to sadness,

and the madness it bore,

the hatred it nurished,

and the love I deplore

An eternity later, she rose, and stumbled up the stairs, towards her room.

On they way, she passed the cupboard with Olga's prizes, trophies, and-Bob's souvenirs.

Her glassy eyes passed unseeing over the objects, until they came to rest on a long, dark object, that didn't seem to fit inside.

Her body moved on it's own command, as she opened the glass doors, and took the sheated blade from it's hold.

Weighing it in one hand, she dimly wondered, how well it mended into her small hand.

Leaving the door slightly ajar, she turned back towards the stairs, leaving ever so tiny driplets of blood on the floor.

Here's to sadness,

that slay my soul,

and turned my happiness

into a black hole

The last thing, she clearly remembered, was stepping in front of Bob, turning out the tv, and demanding an apology.

He had bolted from his chair, screaming about teaching her some manners-and had stopped mid-sentence, when the sword cut off his ear. With a loud yell, he had drawn back, as she told him to beg her forgiveness. Bob threatened to knock her teeth in, and lost his left hand in exchange. Again, she pointed the tanto at him, her voice cold and strange in her own ears, giving him one last chance. He didn't acknowledge it, but grabbed the popcorn bowl and threw it at her. She evaded it with the ease of years of practice, letting her own momentum carry her into his reach, only to let the blade slide across his throat, not really severing it, but cutting deep enough to draw blood.

Panting, he fell to his knees, trying to stop the flow with his hankerchief. She walked up to him, pulled him to his feet, and, looking directly into his eyes, whispered:

"I hate you."

She was still pulling the blade from his chest, when Miriam entered.

Here's to sadness,

that rarely touched my eyes,

and filled all my being

with bittersweet lies


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