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It was a sunny day in Port Royal, when Jack Sparrow and his crew sailed in. Everyone was hiding in his or her homes except the Turners. Everyone knew that they couldn't capture the rouge pirate so they hid. If they had looked a little closer maybe they could have known why they had come back. You see, Anamaria was nine months pregnant. All of the crew were walking solemnly through town. But Jack had his big trademark smile, because he would soon be a dad. When they had finally made it to the Turners home, Jack went around back to knock at the door.

Elizabeth answered and said, "What are you doing here! Have you not terrorized us enough!" She then noticed Anamaria, who was extremely agitated.

"Is she.?" Elizabeth wondered.

"Yes, she is" said Jack still smiling wide.

Three hours later, the baby was born. Elizabeth handed her over to Anamaria and left the new parents alone with the little one. Jack and Anamaria smiled at the newborn baby.

Jack then asked, "What are we to call her? I was expecting a boy that would be Jack jr., like Bootstrap. But we end up with a bloody girl!!" Anamaria stared angrily at her husband, wondering how he could behave this way.

She then said "What about Jacklyn?"

Jack then jumped up saying, "Yes, Yes Jacklyn! But what about a middle name? She's got to have one of those." Anamaria thought for a moment.

"Why not Anamaria?" Jack looked at her as if she were crazy.

"What?" Anamaria nodded.

"Yes, we name her after you and me."

"What about the Pearl? Can't we name her Pearl?"

Anamaria slapped him in the face and said, "Are you putting that tattered old ship in front of me!!!" Jack slowly backed away, for he knew that his daughter would be Jacklyn Anamaria, there's no arguing with his wife. After Jack had left, Anamaria remembered all the toil and pain of a pirate. She didn't want her child to have to endure that, at least not until it was older.

"Elizabeth?" Anamaria sadly called. As Elizabeth walked in Anamaria prepared herself for the choice she was about to make. "Yes, Anamaria, You wanted something?" Elizabeth said wondering what it could be. Anamaria looked at her tears welling up, "I want you to take Jacklyn." Elizabeth stared at her with both confusion and anger. "What did she do?" said Elizabeth angrily, "That you would want to toss her aside so quick!"

"You don't understand, Elizabeth," explained Anamaria, "I'm doing this for her, not to her, She can't live the life of a pirate, and I'll be back for her."

"Your sure you know what your doing?" Elizabeth inquired.

"I'm sure." Anamaria answered. Jack walked in and told Elizabeth and Anamaria that they'd best set sail now before people start coming after them. Anamaria and her husband slowly walked back to the ship. No one had ever seen Jack cry before that, but they all understood.

Elizabeth and Will soon adjusted to their friend's child, and began to dread their return. They'd made her dress and act like a Turner. They told everyone that she was theirs. After a while they began to believe it.