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Imaginary Friend

Have you ever set something down, like your keys or a glass of water, and had it move to a different spot. You would swear up and down that you didn't put it there, but then just come to the conclusion that you must have because it couldn't just get up and move by itself. Do you actually think it's you 'forgetting' you put it there? That it's just a coincidence? Think again.


Ghosts will move things you've set down just to get your attention. To mess with your head, to get you to think a little bit; keep you on your toes. But, the first thing someone thinks when they think of ghosts are evil demons that are out for revenge on the living. That's not always the case. Most ghosts are harmless and just have unfinished business. Stuck in limbo, whichever.

What about the ones who aren't really ghosts at all, but are more like dreams. Dreams that are real, that you see and talk to. Dreams that come alive and are real people. Most people they're just part of their imagination, they ignore these 'dreams'. People that believe these 'dreams' to be real are usually pronounced mentally insane... Unless you're under the age of ten. Imaginary friends are quite common with younger kids. But, what if those imaginary friends were real?

What if they were sitting right next to you? Right now. That's right, look over your shoulder... No one there, huh? Not everyone can see them. Not the average person at least. That's why kids can see them, they still believe in the paranormal. They believe anything is possible--once you reach a certain age people start to laugh at you. Maybe that's why we all start to 'grow up', as all the older ones say.

So now you're probably wonder--what is it--ghosts, dreams, or imaginary friends? Well, somewhat of them all put together. But, they're all around you... Watching you. Heh, let's hope they have the decency to not watch when you're dressing or in the shower. Those would be called the perverts.

Anyway, getting off topic. What would you do if one day you woke up and could see one of those paranormal beings? What if you walked into the living room and had them sitting on your couch watching television... No one even second glancing at them? You'd be scared shitless too. On top of that, when you talked to that being, everyone around you looked at you as if you had gone insane. Wouldn't be much fun, right? You're right--it's all down hill from there.


When Taichi awoke in a cold sweat, his sheets damp, he vowed never to watch television shows about the paranormal again. Especially right before he went to bed. They always gave him weird dreams, dreams that weren't necessarily nightmares, but didn't exactly make him feel all warm and fuzzy either.

Throwing the blanket and sheets off of his body, he crawled out of bed. He needed a shower, so decided to take a quick one. He was in and out in a matter of about twenty minutes. He got dressed and walked out into the living room.

"Good morning," he said haphazardly. He yawned as he made his way into the kitchen to get a bowl of cereal. As he poured his breakfast, he glanced up into the living room; then looked down again. He looked up again quickly, swearing that he had seen another person sitting on the couch next to Hikari, but no one was there. He shook his head, muttering, "Too early for this shit."

He sat down at the table and ate his breakfast, not giving it a second thought. Once he was done with his breakfast, his next destination was the bathroom once again. He looked at himself in the mirror--he looked like crap, the dark circles under his eyes weren't very attractive. Taichi just sighed and grabbed his tooth brush. Looking down, he turned on the faucet. He looked back up quickly as he waited for the water to get luke-warm. He spun around quickly, looking around the room.

"I could have swore..." he muttered to himself as he turned back towards the counter. He ran his toothbrush under the running water, then opened the medicine cabinet and grabbed the toothpaste. He put the toothpaste on the brush and placed the tube back in the cabinet, then shut the cabinet. Taichi began to brush his teeth, watching in the mirror carefully.

"Not too bad," he heard echo through the bathroom. He looked around quickly, but saw no one. He stared at himself in the mirror for a few long moments before shrugging, shaking his head.

"You're going crazy, Yagami."

Taichi left the bathroom and went back out into the living room. Sitting down on the couch, he grabbed the remote.

"Your sister and I are going out, Taichi. Be home soon," his mother said. Taichi nodded.

"Okay, mom. See you when you get back," he replied with a lazy half-wave. His father was working, so that meant he'd have the whole house to himself. Not like he was overjoyed though. It just meant that he would be bored most of the day. No big deal.

The door shut and Taichi was left alone. He sighed, starting to channel surf. There wasn't anything good on the television anyway... Nothing but cartoons and Taichi wasn't in the mood to watch them. So, he decided on some talk show.

"Why does he always choose these shows? Cartoons are more educational, and that's even an exaggeration."

Taichi froze. Who was talking? He knew it wasn't himself because his mouth hadn't moved. He glanced to his right, but didn't really move his head to get a better look.

"Hello?" he questioned to the empty room. He waited for a few minutes, but heard no reply. He sighed in relief. "You're going insane." It was silent for a few minutes before Taichi heard the voice again.

"Why does he always talk to himself? He acts like there's another person sitting here listening."

When Taichi heard it this time, he jumped up off the couch and searched the room frantically.

"Who's there?"

"Maybe he's going crazy...?"

The voice was to his left, his body spun around--facing the voice--instantaneously. His eyes landed on a boy, not younger than himself. He yelped and jumped back upon seeing this boy sitting on the leather chair.

"Who are you?" Taichi asked, his face pale. The young boy glanced around himself; then back up at Taichi.

"Are you talking to me?" he asked back, pointing to himself. Taichi nodded, his mouth hanging open. "Oh, you can see me?"

"Am I not supposed to be able to or something?" Taichi asked quickly, awaking from his stupor. "Who are you?"

"I'm whatever you think I am," the boy said honestly, shrugging his shoulders--a smile upon his face. Taichi shook his head as if trying to get rid of all the jumbled thoughts going through his head.

"That's not what I asked... Who are you?"

"Yamato," he answered lazily, a yawn escaping his mouth.

"Yamato?" Taichi repeated. Yamato rose from his spot on the leather chair gracefully. He stood face to face with Taichi.

Flicking the brunet's nose, he laughed, "That's what I said."

Taichi stared at the boy, dumbfounded. How could he have gotten into the apartment? It didn't make any sense. There was no way... Taichi went through all the possibilities in his head, but none of them were even possible.

"How'd you get in here?" he asked finally as he watched Yamato walk around the living room. Upon hearing the question, Yamato stopped abruptly and looked at Taichi, laughing. "What?" Taichi asked defensively. Yamato held his gut and shook his head.

"Nothing, it was just a funny question."

"How was that a funny question? I'm not laughing, so neither should you. There's nothing funny."

Yamato sighed, letting out a final chuckle. "I've always been here. You just never cared to notice."

This time Taichi let out a loud laugh. Was this boy insane? Seriously, there was no way he could have been in the apartment for more than a few minutes after his sister and mother left.

"That's not possible. What are you saying, that you're some kind of ghost?" he joked, not really being serious.

"I suppose you could say that," Yamato replied. "Though, ghost makes it sound like I'm dead... I've never died."

Taichi shook his head. This boy wasn't making any sense. How...? What...? Huh...? He would solve this problem though, by pushing Yamato out of the apartment. So, the brunet grabbed Yamato by his shoulders and moved him around the living room, heading for the door. But, before he made it past the hallway the boy vanished. Leaving Taichi's hands feeling empty--as if there hadn't been anything there to begin with.

He stood there, staring at his hands. He was hallucinating. He had to be.


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