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Imaginary Friend

At first Taichi thought that Yamato was just playing a joke on him. But, when he didn't appear laughing--Taichi started to worry. Now it's been over a week and still no Yamato. The brunet decided that knowing someone invisible wasn't cool. How would he know if Yamato died or something? It's not like he could just go ask someone where he was. No one could see the blonde; so they wouldn't even know who he is.

Taichi sighed frustratedly, where was Yamato? Was something wrong--was he mad at the brunet? Taichi was so confused.

He took a shower and tried not to worry so much about it. When he was finished he found himself gripping the edges of the ceramic sink--he stared at his reflection wide-eyed. When he'd been brushing his teeth something had moved in the mirror; something behind him. It wasn't Yamato though--it was something... else.

When it happened again, he jumped. He spun around--"Who's there!?" he demanded. He had this growing feeling in the pit of his stomach that he couldn't quite put his finger on. He cursed the fact that he was a little... scared. He also cursed his family--no, himself--for not going with his family today. He wished they were home--he would rather feel foolish than terrified... Which right now; he felt like both. He decided that wasn't a very good combination.

Then the light in the bathroom flickered slightly, and that's all that Taichi needed. He dashed out of the bathroom and into the living-room. He grabbed the first thing he could get his hands on--the remote control--and stared down the hallway; daring whatever it was to try anything funny.

After a few minutes of nothing happening Taichi lowed his hand that held the remote. He looked down at the remote and shook his head. "You're an idiot," he said, dropping the remote quickly. He decided that he was glad his family had gone out earlier that day; he was very embarrassed about how he was acting. All he needed was Hikari making fun of him for the rest of his haunted life.

That's when he heard it. A faint voice calling someone's name. It made the hair on the back of Taichi's neck stand up. He strained his ears to hear that name.

"Ya-ma-to?" it called. "Where-are-you?" The words ran together, one long word. It sounded so hollow.

The color drained from his face--he knew that voice. How? How would that even be possible? When the owner of the voice came speeding through the hallway and into the living-room--Taichi was frozen in place. He was unable to breathe. His lungs tighten and his chest began to hurt.

The dark-colored hair; the bright dark-eyes. How could it be? Taichi wanted to cry out at it; tell it to go away. Then it turned and looked him straight in the eye...

"Holy hell!?!" Taichi yelled jumping out of bed. His head and heart was pounding; the sweat just poured off his body. He caught his breath, and then it hit him--no one came in to see what was going on. Looking up at his closed door, he waited. He wasn't sure how long he waited, but he figured pretty damn long enough.

Throwing himself at the door--he opened it as quickly as he could.

"Mom! Dad!" he yelled, breaking the silence. "Hikari!? Are you guys there?!"

That was all he needed. He ran out into the living-room and pulled on his shoes as quickly as he could. Grabbing his house key and nothing else; he fled the apartment as quickly as he could. He only glanced back anxiously as he was about to enter the elevator. But, something crossed his mind and he decided to take the stairwell instead.

Taichi dashed down the stairs--jumping four or five at a time. When he reached the bottom he stumbled and fell forward to the floor. He laid there and caught his breath.

"You moron," he said aloud. "What the hell--where's Yamato?"

When he heard footsteps, Taichi was out of the stairwell and the building before he could even blink.

He wandered around for a while not quite sure where he was going. He kept his head ducked down to steer-clear of the strange glances he was getting. Their whispers were kind of obvious too. He cursed himself for being so scared. He'd been so scared that he ran out of the house with nothing on but his pajamas--which happened to be boxer-shorts and a t-shirt. It wasn't exactly shorts-weather... Actually, it was a little chilly.

Taichi found himself at Koushiro's complex. Then he found himself standing in front of his door--the name-plate glaring at him from it's spot on the door. He knocked but no answer. After waiting a few minutes, Taichi knocked again just to make sure. When nobody came to the door Taichi sighed. He wished he knew what time it was.

Sighing, Taichi decided to go home and at least put some clothes on. He was tired of freezing to death.

Opening the door, Taichi was met by his younger sister. "Where've you been?" she asked, then looked at his attire. "And, why did you go out looking like that?"

Taichi glanced around the apartment suspiciously. "How long've you been home?" he asked. Hikari shrugged. "Did anything weird happen?" She shook her head, and put her hands on her hips.

"Why? Was something weird supposed to happen?" she asked back, her eyes narrowing. "Again--where've you been, and why are you dressed like that?"

"Um, I just needed some fresh air," Taichi said, easily walking past her where she'd cornered him by the door. "And, I didn't feel like getting dressed... Don't worry about it, it wasn't you out there looking like this." Hikari sighed.

"No, but I bet you'll catch a cold now."

Taichi stuck his tongue out at her, and plopped down on the couch--sighing heavily. "Where's mom and dad? I thought you went with them..."

"I did--mom went to the store, and dad wasn't feeling well--he went to take a nap."

The whole day was turning into a big weird--thing. Taichi was really starting to wish that Yamato wouldn't have disappeared. At least with the invisible boy around Taichi didn't feel so... crazy.

"How ironic," he said aloud to himself. Hikari laughed and the brunet glared at her.

"Do you even know what that word means?" she asked. He scoffed at her.

"I used it right, didn't I?" Hikari shrugged.

"That doesn't mean anything."

Taichi rolled his eyes and ignored her. After he thought about it--it didn't make sense... Why would he be there? The brunet hadn't lived in the apartment all his life; only for a couple of years. Okay, more like nine years, but that shouldn't matter.

When his mother got home Taichi went to bed, he told his family that he wasn't feeling very well. That was enough for them to leave him alone. He laid in bed for hours before finally dozing off. He'd fade in and out of unconsciousness jumping every-so-often. He sighed frustratedly and turned over onto his stomach. He stared at the wall for a few minutes before his eye-lids got heavy. 'I'll close them for a few minutes,' he thought to himself.

A few minutes turned into a few hours.

He sat up in bed after getting the much needed sleep. Taichi stared at his room for a good five minutes before actually moving. Getting up, he opened his bedroom door. He stared into the black hallway.

"Mom? Dad?" he called lightly not knowing if they were asleep. But, hadn't his clock said that it was only 7:30pm?

Then he got that feeling again. The hairs on the back of his neck were standing up. What was going on? Taichi was sick of this. He stopped breathing when he heard that voice again. It was saying something different this time.

"Ya-ma-to? Why-are-you-hiding?"

'Oh yeah, same voice,' Taichi thought. Then it registered what it'd said. Hiding? Huh?

The brunet looked down when he felt something cold touch his hand. He stared into dark, familiar eyes. "Why-is-he-hiding?" It said. "Are-you-hiding-him? Why? Why-are-you-hiding-him?"

Taichi felt the sensation that he was falling. He was falling back, but he couldn't twist his body to see where he was falling--he just fell blindly. Then the sensation just stopped--abruptly.

His vision was blurry, but it was gradually coming back into focus. He stared at his sister who looked frantic. He couldn't hear her voice, but he could see her lips moving. She was shaking him.

"Stop," he finally said, and she did so.

"Are you okay?" she asked. Taichi nodded, his hearing miraculously returned.

"What happened?" he asked and she shrugged shakily.

"You just fell backwards. I came in here to see if you were awake, and you were just standing there. I grabbed your hand when I realized that you weren't breathing, and then you just fell backwards." Hikari stopped for a few seconds before adding, "I was worried that you had gone into shock or something--the way you were just staring at me."

Though, Taichi stopped listening before she'd even started. 'Why am I hiding him?' he repeated. 'I didn't know I was hiding anybody.' This was a little too surreal for Taichi.

It was about time to go have a chat with Izumi Koushiro--again. Taichi had a feeling this was more than just any ol' imaginary friend. Which, by-the-way, he thought was all crap anyway. It just sounded good--since it's better than saying, 'oh this invisible guy that I like to hang out with.'

Though, imaginary friend wasn't all the great either. Hell, Taichi just wanted to know where Yamato went and why this little thing was deciding it was his fault. 'Why would I hide Yamato?' Taichi thought. 'It's not like I actually could anyway.'

"Taichi, are you listening to me?" Hikari's voice rang-out, slicing through his thoughts.

He sighed. "Not really, no. Hope it wasn't all that important." She growled at him and stalked out of his room. "Sorry," he said a moment later.

There was still one thing that really bothered Taichi. Why was this little boy haunting him? What bothered him even more was the fact that he resembled Taichi in so many different ways. Right down to big brown bush that grew atop his head.


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