Chapter: 1 Bad decisions

I guess neither of us should have done what we did. Beast boy and Robin didn't deserve to be treated like that but they are so frustrating! I mean they are good guys and all but Star and I just didn't feel loved. So we swapped places. Yea I know not the smartest idea but we weren't in the mood for making good decisions. Who would have thought the boys were smart, I mean I never would have thought they would throw our evil scheme back in our faces. All we wanted to do is show them that unless they take hold of what they have it may slip away from them. So this is how the whole horrific story played out.
Flash Back ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Star fire stormed out of Robin's room looking very perturbed knowing that Robin was right behind her. She was storming down the hall way and Robin was pleading with her to forgive him for something stupid he had done. He was only fuel to the fire as she was growing madder and madder. She turned around and in the calmest voice an angry girl could muster she said.

"Robin, I do not wish to speak to you further. Will you please back off?" Robin slinked back into his room pleading for forgiveness as she fumed in the hallway. She kept stomping around when She saw Raven angrily trying to collect her thoughts after Beast boy had pissed her off as well.

"I cant believe him, Azarath, he's so annoying, Metrion, why does he do things like this to me, Zinthos. He comes in here being all nice, Azarath, then he turns around and is a jerk, Metrion, then to top it all off he acts like he doesn't even like me and he walks away, Zinthos." Raven chanted as she voiced her opinion loud enough to cause Star to see what was the matter. As she walked in a picture frame of Raven, Beast boy, Star Fire, Cyborg, and Robin flew at her. She ducked and it hit the wall and broke so Raven and Beast boy's pictures were split. Beast boys half began to glow black with Raven's aura and it ripped a perfect circle around Beast boy and it spontaneously combusted into a million pieces. Star fire looked down at the half with her and robin in the corner. She began to become infuriated and her hand began to glow green with rage. Her eyes began to glow green as well as she shot a star bolt at robins picture, completely obliterating him. This brought Ravens attention to Star Fire.

"Star Fire?" Raven said. Star Fire looked up and her angry expression turned to a cheery yet concerned look. Raven floated over to her bed and patted on her bed, signaling Star Fire to sit next to her. She did so and looked at Raven expecting her to start with her problems. Then again that could take a while.

"Star Fire I heard you yelling at Robin, what did he do?" Raven asked.

"Well, He brought me to his room so we could converse with each other, when he began to make his first 'move' as you earthlings would put it. And while I was speaking he cut me off by kissing me, I did not mind at first until he kept coming at me. Then when I asked him to stop he got upset and when he did not talk to me I left feeling rejected and ignored. Then he pleaded that it was a joke." Star Fire said.

"Well, I think you are lucky, Beast Boy doesn't even kiss me, I can hardly tell he even likes me let alone love me like he claims. He came into my room looking to talk to me and we fell silent, I naturally leaned in hoping to steal a kiss and nice Beast Boy turned mean and turned his head saying that all I wanted to do was kiss him all the time. Which is not true because I have only kissed him once and only tried to kiss him twice including this time." Raven said as she sighed.

"I wish I could be in your place." They both said simultaneously. They both began laughing. Then an evil grin smeared across both of their faces.

"Star are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Raven asked. Raven scanned Star Fires mind before she could answer and found that this plan may work.

"Raven you have read my mind have you not?" Star Fire said with an evil giggle. Raven nodded and rubbed her hands together evilly.

"OK, so we are going to swap places, Star Fire you have to completely ignore Robin, go to painful extremes to stay away from him. Do anything you can to stay away. I know he is clever and tricky but you need to stay away or it will never work. I know you can do this, but even though you can stay away from him you need to make it seem almost as if it were an accident. Make yourself desirable, if you are in a room and he walks in sit there for a minute, if he tries to sit next to you, make up an excuse like I have to use the bathroom and get out of there. But not before you sit there for a minute or two, don't make eye contact but make flirtatious actions. You want him to be craving you; you want to make him do anything to be with you. It will get harder and harder to stay away from him I think you can do it with some work. Mean while, I'll be doing the same thing to beast boy. Now listen closely, this part is important. Star Fire, you need to be as flirtatious as you can be with Beast boy. While you are going out of your way to stay away from Robin, also go out of your way to stay close to Beast boy. If you preoccupy Beast boy and I preoccupy Robin then it will give them less time to bother us, get it? Oh and I'll be letting Cyborg in on this, if he gets suspicious then were dead. If we get to him first then the boys cant pull their best friend you owe me a favor trick." Raven said. Star Fire nodded.

"So, I need to Flirt like crazy with Beast boy and stay away from Robin?" Star Fire asked.

"Exactly, also, if you ever see Beast boy alone go for him, I'll be giving you info about him and you will give me the scoop on Robin. Also, Robin, when not in my clutches, will be looking for you, if he peeks in on you and Beast boy and you see him, Kiss Beast Boy. Make your self, I hate to say it, but make yourself whore-ish. Make it seem like you're a slut but only between Beast boy and Robin. I'll get into detail about this later about what to do and what not to do, but not when Beast boy and Robin are in the tower." Raven said.

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