Chapter: 18

Evicted from fuzz

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Ravens cold lifeless body lay dead on the floor. The fans had fled and every last vicious Beast boy had walked away receiving their prize as victors. Her face was flushed yet vague shadows of bruises remained on her pale face. Her legs ripped and torn to shreds were bloody and beaten. Her eyes were closed and her cheek was still damp from tears of frustration. Her hair was frazzled and spread across the ground. Though her body was dead her soul was alive and full of life.

It struggled inside her body searching for a way to free itself. Her mouth slowly opened and black ooze seeped out. Staining her teeth it spilled to the flooring forming a puddle of shining black goop. Once it had finished seeping form her mouth it began to take shape. She stood once more, a ghostly transparent figure. She looked her hands over and smiled. Just before she took flight staring at the sky she heard a voice.

"Stop!" It said. She turned to look and found it was the same man and woman before.

"We told you the alternative was worse than death." They said in unison.

"Never for one minute did I ever wish I could die to escape the hell that was my love killing me slowly. Eating me alive was better than taking the coward way out!" ghost Raven screamed at them angrily flying towards them. They held up their hands shielding themselves form her.

"We are not here to argue, we are here to escort you." The little man said looking up to her. Her face fell into a dumb look.

"Escort me? Escort me were?" Raven asked. They smiled lowering their hands and turning. Raven followed them out of inquisitiveness.

"Well Raven. When you first came here you did not listen." The woman said.

"I listened. What did you say that I did not hear?" She asked.

"You took the hard way out of this land. You thought that if you died you would never see Beast boy again so you automatically said the alternative. You would not listen to reason and would not listen to what would happen if you died or if you won." The small man said.

"What are you saying?" She asked regretting her decision.

"If you died, witch you did. Then you will return to the world you originated from in your body with a small penalty from the lord. But if you died in the alternative, you will return to your body, however it will stay in the same condition. Then you will be dropped off on your planet near death. You are lucky you died, if you had lived, you would have to stay in Fuzfuzz." The small woman said nodding her head.

"Oh, so all I have to do is go back home in my torn and shredded body? No penalty? Do I get my eaten organs back?" Raven asked.

"There is no penalty, for your injured and beaten body is penalty enough. And the organs you lost are replaced along with enough blood to last you about another hour of slow death if not treated." The man said.

"Oh." Replied Raven. As they walked through the deep fog Raven soon saw an outline of a palace; a huge silver palace. They walked in as Raven marveled at its beauty. She looked around at the shiny walls and floors, the chandeliers, and hundreds of servants. She found herself lost but the people infront of her seemed to know what they were doing. She followed them into a large room, huge mahogany doors behind her.

She found herself staring down their lord, the god so precious to them. Every one bowed to the lord and Raven followed. The small man began to talk to the lord in a strange tongue. She was confused but just watched them exchange words and occasionally glance over to her. She would smile and they would begin to talk once more.

In a few minutes she was beginning to float. The man and woman had turned to her and the lord watched her ascend through the ceiling. She found herself falling into her dormant body. Her eyes fluttered open and her muscles flexed sending a ripple of pain radiating through her body. She shivered sending more signals of throbbing pain through her being. She opened her mouth to say something and still more sting filled her person.

She closed her eyes and lay perfectly still as she felt the blood she needed and the organs she was missing return to her body. She could feel her body lifting from the ground but could not see what was happening from the excruciating pain searing through her. She could not move and could not feel anything but stabbing ache. Her body disappeared in the air and she felt herself falling slowly. Towards the ground her body was descending. She could feel the atmosphere thickening, and becoming easier for her to breathe.

Soon she could easily breathe and the pressure on her chest had vanished. Her legs and arms flailed in the wind and drops of blood were falling slower than she was. She could feel her body slowing as if some one was trying to stop her from hitting the ground as hard. She didn't know were she was landing, but as long as she could be cared for and return to her love she would be fine.

'I never should have tried to trick him. I should have treasured him since I met him.' Raven thought. But she had no strength. She could hardly think with out the dull throbbing pain flaring up again. She just let herself fall slowly and let the darkness envelop her. Beast boy was again unable to sleep and made it harder for himself by getting out of his bed. He walked slowly, eyes half lidded from exhaustion, walked down the long dark hallway. It was a hazy summer night the thick hot air clinging to Beast boy's skin.

He made his way down the hallway and into an enclosed elevator. Though the tower was air-conditioned the heat was relentless. His skin screamed and cried sweat. The heat in the elevator was almost tangible. As the large metal box lurched to the top he listened to the wheels turn and creak. The light flickered and a fly buzzed bit by bit around his head. Beast boy looked at the slow fly but felt no need to swat it away. He was plagued with worry and depression.

He had a one-track mind focused only on her. No matter how hard he tired he could not rid himself of her memory, pleading him to listen. He refused to hear her out and continued to pull her along until she was gone. In a flash his world had fallen into confusion, and within minutes depression. No one and nothing could pull him from it, and it remained that way. The elevator screeched to a halt at the top level. The doors opened gradually and Beast boy stepped out into the air-conditioned hall.

He walked down the hall his bare feet padding lightly on the carpeted floorboards. He made his way to the staircase clad in only his plaid boxers. He toddled up each stair his hand resting on the rail. He reached the top and saw a door peeking from the wall. He turned the knob and stepped into the hot night. He looked out into the horizon. There was no moon tonight, which only made Beast boy feel emptier. The sky was vacant and the sky was several colors. Night was slipping into day before Beast boy's eyes.

The dark blue was receding towards the shadows of the west, hiding from the sun. The east was beginning to lighten as the sun clawed its way into the sky. A light gray color flooded his vision. The dull gray seemed to fog his senses and a light mist settled in on him. This brain was fuzzy and he couldn't think strait. He smiled, ecstatic that Raven was removed from his troubled mind.

However he heard a noise. He recognized that voice, that scream of pain. His hypnotic state of mind crashed around him as he realized that was the same scream he had heard before. "Raven." Beast boy said silently. That small noise from the heavens had pierced through the fog and smashed the peaceful mind of Beast boy's. He stood still ears perked for any noise. Not another sound was made. He moved on the edge of the balcony searching the foggy gray sky for any signs of a levitating Raven.

He stood there waiting for anything for quite some time. When he realized it must be his mind playing tricks on him. He walked back to his seat and sat down. The chair clung to him as he set him self upon it. Slowly his eyes began to close and his muscles began to loosen. Eventually his body and mind began to give way of the nagging feeling of fatigue. His eyes were closed and his body was loose draped over a chair.

Slowly a figure high in the sky descended toward the tower. It inched closer until clearly it could be seen it was Raven. Though black and blue her figure was distinct. However, beast boy was fast asleep catching up on the hours he had missed. The hands of the lord were almost visible carrying Raven down to earth gently. The lord set her down tenderly on Beast boy's lap.

The slumbering Beast boy welcomed her warm body as the air began to chill outside. He propped her up on his arm as he held her tightly to his body. Though Beast boy embraced her he did not really know she was there. As the hands of the lord began to climb to the heavens they stopped. The lord knew how limited Raven's time was and all her hard work would be wasted if they both slept her life away.

The hands slowly fell down to her level lifting her out of his arms. They fell limp at his side as if she was never there. She was raised a few feet into the air then the hands disappeared all together. Her body came falling down onto Beast boy's lap crashing into his legs. Beast boy awake with a start his eyes snapping open and his arm rising in the air defensively.

Raven awoke gradually from the pain shooting through her body. She opened her eyes despite the twinge of throbbing pain and saw green. She smiled and closed her eyes before they could even focus. She blacked out once more losing herself to a sea of cold black.

Her eyes opened slowly revealing large blurry blobs. She saw white, blue, green, black, and red. She blinked a few times and heard slurred words. Though it was incoherent she knew she had to be with people. After blinking a few times the blobs began to take shape as five figures. The slurring soon formed into words but Raven couldn't process them, nor did she care to.

The blobs cleared further into people. They were fuzzy but she recognized them from somewhere. She could make out the sentences and knew the voices but her brain could not tell her whom these people were surrounding her, concerned of her health. The first person she recognized was closest to her. He was the green blob and his name was Beast boy.

For a moment her mind began to panic and she frantically tried to move the limbs that would not move. But when she felt a reassuring squeeze in her hand from said blob she knew she was home. Next she figured out the red blob was Starfire, and the blue blob was Cyborg. The black blob was Robin, and the White blob, that was barely visible apart from the walls, was a nurse.

All of them were smiling and the room seemed filled with love and concern. The nurse mumbled something into Cyborg's ear, he nodded and she left the room. She smiled weakly to every one and their apprehension filled eyes relaxed. Raven opened her mouth to speak but coughed instead. She looked down to find her arms and legs patched up and wrapped in cloth. Her body was wrapped from her breasts down. Beast boy, who was standing next to her, looked worried when she coughed. She just smiled up to him and saw him lighten up a bit.

"Raven, we were all so very worried for your safety. When you are well we will find who did this to you." Starfire said determined. Raven smiled at her readiness.

"Starfire, I know who did this to me, and it could not have been prevented." Raven said in a hoarse voice. Each of their eyes widened in shock.

"Who did this to you? Was it Slade?" Robin asked eagerly. Robin shook her head, which was just about the only thing she could do with out pain building up within her.

"Slade had nothing to do with it. Fate did this to me, and in an impossible way to sum it up in a few sentences, my worst nightmare did this to me." Raven said slowly with difficulty. Beast boy squeezed her hand sporting an IV.

"Raven, take it easy." Beast boy said worried. She nodded her head and closed her eyes.

A few days later Raven was in her room lying on her bed staring at the ceiling. She had told the titans the whole story and didn't see Beast boy the rest of that day. She was still bed-ridden but was getting healthier by the day. She knew some how the lord had something to do with her quick recovery. It was late and since she came home her sleeping pattern had changed to consist of hardly any sleep.

She lay there free of blankets and a thin layer of bandages over her body. The night was chilly and she was cold but refused to pull the blanket on top of her. She heard her door open slowly and she thought it was Cyborg coming to ask if she needed anything like he did every hour. She turned to see a shadowed figure and ignored it looking back up to the ceiling.

"Cyborg, I don't need anything but time." Raven said slowly in a monotone voice.

"Could you use some company?" Beast boy asked. Raven was surprised to hear his voice and she quickly sat up looking over to him. Beast boy walked from the shadows and Raven's mind ran to the arena. She remembered when all five Beast boy's began to eat her alive. She then flashed back to the present and watched him walk to her bed. He sat down next to her and looked expectantly into her eyes.

"Do you want company?" He asked her again. She smiled.

"Of course." She said slowly. She grabbed his hand and lay down pulling him with her. Beast boy lay down next to her on her bed his head close to hers.

"Raven, before you...left you were trying to tell me something. I was ignorant and would not listen. What was it?" Beast boy asked sadly regretting that day. Raven smiled and looked deep into his eyes.

"That's what I wanted to talk to you about. Beast boy, I was wrong to ever try to mess with your head and be with Robin, just to make you jealous. I was going to tell you that I had learned at Cinder blocks to appreciate what I have. I would never want to leave you or lose you. I love you Beast boy." Raven said her words full of love and devotion. Beast boy smiled widely.

"I am sorry I would not listen. I love you too Raven." Beast boy said linking his heart to hers. She placed her delicate bandaged hand on his cheek. He leaned in towards her slowly his eyes slowly closing. Raven closed the gap quickly smashing her lips against his. A surge of electricity jolted through their bodies as they made contact. Beast boy's regrets just melted away and Raven's pain vanished. They kissed the night away in each other's arms.

End of flash back

So not only was our idea bad in the first place, but it just got worse. An innocent joke leading to my death and resurrection, which I still don't think Cyborg believes is real. But we all learned a valuable lesson, though that sounds cheesy. Star and me set out to teach them to hold on to what they love, but I ended up learning that lesson the hard way. So it just goes to show you, you never know what could happen. Who would have thought...?

The end!