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The sunlight's shine reflects off the water, casting the ruins in an eerie glow...the ruins of Zanarkand.

Zanarkand...a city destroyed over 2000 years ago...rebuilt and destroyed once more a millennia ago...the home of my ancestors.

I never imagined the place to look like this...even though my ancestors described it to me themselves.

I turn my head to look at them, sitting around a campfire as they contemplate their fate. I can't blame them…I'm doing the same thing myself. But it's still quite odd to see them over there when I've been able to summon them during my journey. It sort of messes with your head...if you think about it enough.

They've told me that there are two sides to this is real, and one is a dream.

The thing is...sometimes I have trouble telling the difference. Which reality is real? Which reality is the dream?

I've been told this is my story...but I've learned during my journey that this is not just my story...

This story belongs to everyone that's fought and died to make a difference in Spira.


Final Fantasy X-3

Dreams and Nightmares


/After the Destruction of Sin/

I slapped the hand of my old man in jubilation.

We'd done it.

Yu Yevon had been defeated, and Sin had been sent, as well as all of the aeons. I felt great that I had made such a big difference in a world I knew so little of. Auron, Braska, and my old man started the plan to change for the better over ten years ago. We just finished the job.

Speaking of we...

Suddenly, Braska said, "Well, let's go on. My wife should have food ready for us on the Farplane."

Braska dissipated into a bunch of pyreflies, returning to the Farplane where the sent go to rest. Auron simply dissipated without saying anything. My old man - Jecht - laughed as he shook his head.

"That Auron…once a tight-ass, always a tight-ass." Jecht then dissipated into pyreflies. I chuckled to myself as I started to disperse into pyreflies as well.

I was heading for the Farplane.


/Over Two Years Later/

I sat down in shock.

I had whistled.

And she had heard me.

Even three weeks after I had whistled to her, I was still in shock. It had been a long time since I had been so close to her...

Wait, perhaps I should explain a bit.

Over the past two years that I've been here on the Farplane, I've lived in this small little village in a valley. This place isn't the same part of the Farplane I saw in Guadosalam, but it still boggled my mind all the same when I first came here. Water cascaded down all sides of the valley, settling down at the bottom. The village sat on an island of grass and trees.

By the way, this valley was big...REALLY big. About as big as Kilika Island. And the island in the center of the valley was about as big as the blitzball dome in Luca. The outer ring of the island was short, green grass with flowers, while a ring of palm trees surrounded the village in the center. You know, the kind on Besaid and Kilika.

The huts were pretty much exact copies of the ones at Besaid, but some of the Al Bhed who lived there had more 'machina-ized' (as some of the residents there put it) huts. Thankfully, there were no hostilities between the former followers of Yevon and the Al Bhed (especially since it had become wide-spread knowledge that the religion of Yevon was false).

The sky always had the sun and the moon, shining brightly forevermore. One half day, one half night. One half of the sky a pure blue, one half a midnight black with shimmering stars. The border of the two halves was a blazing orange-red, signifying the sunset and the sunrise. Two columns of water rose from the valley, so that way there was never any flooding. To be honest, it was like living in an art painting.

Over the years, I've gotten occasional glimpses of events happening in Spira…outside of the Farplane. I had seen a few blitzball games on occasion, but nothing much beyond that. However, in the past few months, I had started to see some startling things.

First was the founding of the Youth League and New Yevon. At first, I wasn't that worried about it; after all, people liked to form groups all the time. Then, Auron told me something that worried me.

"Groups with opposing ideals often oppose each other."

That's when I tried to keep tabs on Spira all the time. That's when I finally noticed her.

Yuna...not a day went by without me thinking about her. I could still remember the pain I could sense from her when she went right through me…and I still remember how full of shock and disbelief I had when she said those three words.

I tried to tell her those words as well.

But I had already crossed too far. I couldn't say anything. I tried to say something, but the words couldn't escape my throat.

I could only hug her...and nothing more.

After I caught a glimpse of her, I still felt her pain. I regretted ever not being able to say the three words she told me.

Over the next few months, I tried my best to keep tabs on her. I noticed Rikku was with her, along with some other girl with silver hair. Unfortunately, I couldn't keep a glimpse on her all the time. She moved from place to place too much to keep a constant bead on her. Plus, trying to keep tabs on events in Spira was exhausting.

Then, three weeks ago, I felt her closer than ever before. She was She was here. She was in the Farplane.

When I felt her, I whistled. Louder than I ever whistled before.

She came closer.

I whistled again.


Even louder.

Still closer.

So loud, my old man complained I was going to break his ears.

Then, as sudden as she had come...she was gone.

I stood there in silence, hoping I could feel her again. But I couldn't. I fell on my butt, heaving for air. Apparently, whistling as loud as I could was more exhausting than I thought.

But I knew. I could feel that she was looking for me. I was going to do my best to make sure she knew where I was.


/2 Weeks, 4 Days Later/

After the day I felt Yuna, I've started to get weird feelings. I feel like…I'm in two places at once. Also, the Farplane's started to feel...darker, and more foreboding. It's very unnerving.

I've told Braska, Auron, and Jecht about it. Braska said that he had suspicions that the feelings I were experiencing were coinciding with the darkening of the Farplane. Auron only shook his head and said, "Even though it's been called the Eternal Calm, I doubt it will remain that way." My old man just said that I'm going crazy...what does he know anyway?

Soon, even the part of the sky that was stuck in day was becoming darker and blanketed with dark clouds. Now even my dad was convinced: something was happening to the Farplane.

Then, one day, the Farplane began to quake. Braska, Auron, and Jecht had left the valley at the crack of dawn (in other words, whenever they woke up). Everyone wondered where they went, but I knew they had gone to wherever the quaking was.

Soon, the quaking got stronger, and my feelings got stronger with them. I was beginning to feel anger...sorrow...and loneliness. I knew they had to be someone else's feelings...because they sure weren't mine.

Soon, the quakes stopped…but I felt those feelings becoming stronger. Particularly my anger. I was on the floor, clenching my chest from the pain I felt...and I sure wasn't having a heart attack.

In a matter of minutes, my feelings finally gave way to relief. I took a deep breath and stood shakily on my feet as I saw a group of pyreflies converge behind me. They became Braska, Auron, and Jecht. Braska seemed happy, Auron seemed stoic (as usual), and my old man seemed...very jubilant.

I asked them where they went. My dad grinned and jovially replied, "Looks like your girlfriend's saved Spira again." As the three of them marched back to the village, I couldn't resist the urge to smile. Judging from what his father had said...Yuna had stopped something bad from happening.

"Wait to go Yuna," I said to myself as another group of pyreflies flew into view. This time, the person they formed caused me to gasp in surprise. It was the little boy in purple robes…the fayth of the Bahamut summon. The fayth that had been a primary factor throughout my journey. And now, he was standing right in front of me.

Talk about déjà vu.

"Um," I waved at him. "Hi." Meekly at that. Boy...this was awkward.

Then, his eyes clouded by the shadow of his hood, he spoke. "She has asked to see you."

I suddenly froze...because I knew what he was talking about. Yuna.

"Do you wish to see her?"

I looked at him like 'Are you kidding me?'. I nodded my head eagerly as my heart started beating faster and faster. I was going to see her...

The fayth nodded. "Very well. We, the fayth, will use as much power as we can to give you a real body to wake up in. However, I can't make any guarantees. We fayth are strong, but bringing a dream to life takes a lot of strength..." His tone suddenly became somber, and his head was tilted if he was looking at the ground in shame. "And after this whole ordeal, I do not know if we have that strength."

Now was not the time for you be moping, pal! I wanted to see Yuna! "Look...I just want to see her. Even if I come back as a dream...and fade away the next day..." Man, that would definitely bite. "I wouldn't mind. If I can't be by her side forever…then just me stay long enough to say three words to her." Speaking what was in my heart only seemed easy around Yuna, or Rikku (because under that hyperactive exterior, she's quite understanding. Plus, she's easy to talk to!)...and perhaps Auron. But to anyone else? It wasn't exactly easy.

The fayth, thankfully, understood me. Guess it was because I was once one of their dreams. "Very well then. We will try. Clear your mind of everything except the place you wish to awaken at."

I nodded and sat down, curling myself up into a little ball. I just found it easier to 'clear my mind' this way. I pulled my head up one more time to look at the place that had been my 'home' for the past two years...only to see Braska, Auron, and Jecht.

Yuna's dad waved goodbye. I smiled back. Auron simply nodded. I understood that gesture to be his way of saying 'Good luck.'. My old man cupped his mouth with both hands and jokingly shouted, "Don't you die again you crybaby!" Auron glared at dad and elbowed him in the ribs. Jecht looked at him as if asking 'What'd I do?'.

That's when I laughed. Even though the 'crybaby' comment sounded demeaning, it had become sort of an in-joke between me and my old man. There was no malicious intent behind it...for all the good it did for my head.

So much for clearing my mind.

The fayth glared at the three before calmly asking, "Lord Braska. Sir Auron. Please direct Sir Jecht away from this place."

I could barely stop snickering - let alone stop laughing - as Auron and Braska practically dragged my old man away. When they were out of earshot and out of sight, the fayth turned back to me. "Now, start over again."

I did the same thing as I did before. My mind became a blank...except for the one place I wanted to awaken at. I wanted to awaken at Besaid...I wanted to awaken at Yuna's home.

I could feel my body becoming lighter - was I floating? - as the fayth began to work his magic on me. Since my eyes were closed, I couldn't see all of the pyreflies coming from my body as I disappeared into nothingness.

I was on a winding road that spiraled straight upward. I remembered this place. The Road to the Farplane: the path that the Sent had to travel in order to reach the Farplane. It was more of an annoyance than anything else; there were virtually no fiends (if you did encounter one, you had better run like heck), and the place was so dull that you got bored REALLY quickly. I sure did on my trip through.

"Oh well," I muttered to the darkness around me. "Here I go." I broke off into a run, dashing up the spiraling road, jumping onto airborne platforms as necessary. Just as I thought I would be on a lonely walk back to Spira, I saw two people coming my way.

They were jumping onto the platform I myself had just jumped on. The one who had jumped on last was a girl that reminded me of Yuna. The differences began with the brown hair; it went down to her waist. She also wore a black skirt, and a blue blouse with white trimming. She was also carrying something that looked like…a microphone? Huh?

The one who had jumped on first had his back to me (I could tell it was a guy from the wardrobe and the build...hey, I can read people too!), as he had caught the girl when she jumped. My jaw didn't drop to the floor because of how similar his outfit was to mine.

That happened when he turned around.

He looked...just like me.

Judging from how wide his eyes were, he was surprised too.

We both regained our composure as we continued walking our own ways. When we crossed paths in the center of the platform, I glanced into his azure eyes and he glanced into mine. A thousand words were exchanged between us with that glance.

Who are you?

Who are you? name is Tidus.

And I am Shuyin.

Heh...I know this sounds kind of stupid, but-

I know. We look alike.

Heh...yeah.'re heading back to the realm of the living.

How'd you guess?

No one who has been sent goes backwards on the Road to the Farplane...unless they want to become a fiend.

Ha! Not me! I've got a legitimate ticket back to life!

I must have a reason for wanting to go back.

Uh...well, you's because of-

A girl.

Hey, how'd you know?

Because I was in a similar situation with her. I can tell from the look on your face that you have a girl to return to.

You mean that girl with you?

Yes...her name is Lenne.

She kind of looks like my girl. must mean the girl who defeated me.

Wait a moment...did have anything to do with-

I was the one responsible for the Farplane's instability.

WHAT! But why?

...for one thousand years, my feelings for Lenne and my anger against the people of Spira remained on the realm of the living. I was once the shadow that those feelings had become after a thousand years. I watched as people destroyed themselves before the monstrous Sin appeared...and even though they tried to repent during the 1000-year reign of Sin, they started destroying each other almost immediately after the Eternal Calm began. I had had enough...I was going to use the machina Vegnagun - the same machina I almost used 1000 years ago against Bevelle - to destroy Spira. But I was proven wrong by your friend...and with Lenne's help, she stopped me from making a fatal mistake.

...okay, so you're saying that you remained as an Unsent for over 1000 years...whoa hold on, this is a little too much for me to handle.

I can understand...almost everyone I encountered as an unsent was driven to madness when coming into contact with my feelings - let alone comprehend them.

...okay, I think Yuna can tell me more when I get back.

I wish you luck.

I just wished I knew why we looked alike...wait...


I'm a dream of the fayth, and you're the real thing...I am the dream of their memories of someone from Zanarkand...wait! That means-!

You are me and I am you.


Heh. I was wondering why you seemed so familiar.


You are who I once was, it seems. Much of my memories save for those of my time with Lenne have...become murky.



Oh...bye me.

Shuyin laughed when our eyes separated. Lenne looked confusingly at him as I stood silently. They both walked on, going the way I had just come. Even after they were out of sight...I still stood there in shock.

"I just talked with myself...boy." I sighed out of exasperation as I continued walking along the dirty road. One thing was for sure...when I got home, I had a LOT to talk about with Yuna.

When I reached the end (or beginning) of the road, I saw something that wasn't there before.

A big pool of shimmering, blue water.

Jump in. Then you'll awaken.

The voice of the fayth in my head told me to jump in. I shrugged and looked into the seemingly shallow puddle of water. What the heck? I've seen weirder!

"Cannonball!" I jumped in with the cannonball jump, and the pool made a giant splash as I was submerged.



A pyrefly floated in the blackness. Then another.

I awoke underwater. I feared I hadn't gone anywhere.

I stretched and looked see the surface over a dozen yards away. The sunlight was shining through the blue waters.

I was in the ocean. I smiled happily as I began swimming towards the surface.

Then...I broke through.

I looked around and saw Besaid Island up ahead. I smiled as I watched some people on the beach - was it the Aurochs? - run for Besaid Village when I emerged. Looks like I was going to get a large reception.

I whistled loudly. That should get everyone's attention. I began swimming as fast I could for the shoreline, and when I got to shallow water, I stood up, letting the cool liquid fall out of my hair and back into the ocean.

That's when I heard something coming. The sound of something unmistakable. The sound...of an airship.

I turned around to see an airship come through a cloudbank, colored a blazing red. As it got closer, it looked like one of those old 'cars' I learned about in history class back in Zanarkand (even I had school you know!). Looks like whoever made that airship wanted it to be retrograde.

As it got louder, I suddenly realized it was coming straight toward me.

Uh oh.

It made a quick swerve to the left, skidding through the water to a stop right in front of me. I gulped as it hovered high above me and the hatch began to open. I saw brown-haired girl in a white top and some rather short shorts jump and run toward me.

She looked rather familiar...but Yuna? Wearing that? Surely-

Then I saw her eyes. One green. One blue.

It WAS Yuna.

I stared at her in surprise as she leapt into my arms and gave me a crushing hug. I responded with a strong hug of my own. The hug that Yuna and I were unable to feel when I felt so good.

She kept her hold on me as she quietly - as if she were almost afraid of my answer - asked, "Are you for real?"

Boy, go ahead and throw me a tough question right when the game begins. I didn't even know if I was a dream...or real. "I hope so."

We separated from our hug, but I kept my hands on her shoulders as I looked imploringly into her eyes. I hoped she believed me...I had come too far. "Do I pass?"

Yuna smiled as she simply nodded. That was enough for me. I hugged her again as she said, "You're back."

"I am back." I moved my arms from around her back to her neck as I spoke - with more conviction - "I'm home."

Yuna smiled as said into my ear, "Welcome home." She moved her arms around my back and hugged me as tight as she could. Wow. I didn't remember Yuna being this strong. I looked back at the airship hatch to see an orange-blonde-haired girl with a rather skimpy outfit and a silver-haired girl in black leather. They were both...giggling?

"Hey! Get a room, you two!"

Yuna and I broke our embrace to look for the source of that voice. I already knew who it was...I could never forget an accent like that.

Sure enough, Wakka was standing on the beach along with all of the denizens of Besaid. Man, the population seemed to have doubled (dare I say tripled?) while I was gone.

Wakka waved and happily shouted, "Whassup?"

"Who asked you to watch, Wakka?" I shot back at him. The widening of his eyes indicated that he hadn't been shot back at for a while. Well prepare yourself Wakka! I'm back!

I looked to his left to see Lulu, smiling (Lulu? SMILING?), and holding a purple bundle. Was that...a baby?

"Hiya!" I turned around to see the one who had yelled...and it was the scantily clad girl with orange-blonde hair. There was no mistaking that cheery, upbeat voice either. That girl was Rikku. Good grief...every time I saw her, she wore less and less clothing.

Okay, enough with the dramatic wait. I wanted to see Wakka, Lulu, and everyone else now! I took off in a run, Yuna holding onto my hand as I burst off through the water towards the beach.

That's when Yuna ran faster and started pulling me.

"Wha!" I would have never expected Yuna to run faster than me. A drastic change in fashion, a five-foot-long ponytail (which I just now noticed when she ran ahead of me), a jovial attitude, and increased speed and strength? "You know? You've changed!"

She glanced back at me and smiled before yelling, "Well, you missed a few things!"

By 'few', I knew Yuna meant 'a ton'. "I wanna hear everything!"

Yuna smiled as we reached the beach. As we were swarmed by everyone there - and Wakka gave me a gigantic bear hug - I felt a major flood of relief wash over me. The wanting was gone. I was finally back with Yuna. The two years of wanting spent in the Farplane was over. No matter how much of a paradise the Farplane was, it didn't compare with here. With my old friends. With Yuna.

I was finally home.


To be continued...

Next time...

Chapter 1: Reunion Tour


Yuna relays her journeys as a sphere hunter with Tidus. Tidus reacquaints himself with Wakka, Lulu, and Rikku, and he introduces himself to Paine. It's a welcome-home bash for Sir Tidus!

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