'Sweet Revenge'

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They're messed up but tis my story

Trunks: 18

Bra: 16

I might add other ages later; but for now, that's all. So on with the story!

Chapter One: "Sick and tired of their consist arguing!"


Deep within the walls of the Capsule Corporation stood two beings side by side. One was a male; with lavender hair; around the age of eighteen. The other was a girl around the age of sixteen; with aqua colored hair going down to her mid-back in low ponytails. But of course; just as any brother and sister do standing side by side do; they bickered.

Both stood in front of a large metal stove; looking down at their "food", or as they called it. The pot that the food was cooking in began to spill upon the floor; burning holes through the once green tiled floor. But it took a while for it to scorch through; a minimum of five minutes. The smoked slowly floated upwards; toward the smoke and fire alarms placed high on the nine feet walls.

The girl jumped back as a big glob of liquid fell near her feet; scorching her new ankle high blue boots. She kicked it off before it could go through, though it did get a good burn mark near her toes; the front part of it melting into the floor.

The big glob of liquid landed near her brother's shoe; causing him to also jump backwards. The liquid quickly spread to where it landed; and also where the young adult used to stand.

The two watched as the pot boiled it even more, sending the liquid a further distant than before. The aqua haired teen dove underneath the wooden table with her brother at her side. They sat in the corners furthest away from this acidy goo.

"Trunks," The girl sneered toward the other being under the table; "You shouldn't have added that last ingredient. Now look what you did."

Trunks, or so the girl calls him; smiled gingerly back at her. "Ah Bra. It was not I who added that ingredient. It was you. You're the one who found it in the fridge; and placed it into the pot."

Bra glared at her older brother, "Stop denying this you idiot! You poured it into the cup and added it into the pot; then you had to go and stir hot sauce into it! Smart move there!"

He opened his mouth the reply; but a bubble of liquid blazed through the table; surprising them both. Trunks fell backwards, letting his hands hold up his body. Looking down, he saw a hole going into the Earth. Right between his legs. His baby blue eyes widen as he quickly scampered toward the door leading into the dining room.

Bra; seeing her brother move from out of the table, rapidly followed. She was hot on his heels; until he fell over backwards; right on top of her. She clawed at his back with her fake nails painted a baby blue color; matching her outfit.

Gradually he rolled off her; rolling onto his two feet. He felt Bra's finger grip the back of his shirt as she hosted herself up. She moved past him as the food fell on the back of Trunks' shirt where her fingers had gripped it. Bit by bit it away at his top, until the front just fell on the floor, having no back to hold onto.

Bra stifled a giggle as Trunks literally flew forward, nearly letting another drop of acidy food land on his head. He landed next to her; looking forward to see what he ran into. Both faces paled a few shades as the backed up toward the rampaging pot.

There in the doorway was an older version of Bra; only with hair a few inches above her shoulders. She wore a mini dress in the color of black; going a few inches above her knee. High-heeled strapless shoes were placed on her feet. Her hands were tightly placed on her hips; indigo colored eyes digging themselves into the teens skin.

Together; they moved in front of the falling liquid food; hoping that the pissed female didn't notice it. Their arms touched in the middle; the smoke had finally made its way up to the smoke and fire alarms. The sprinklers watered upon them all, but at least it stopped the food from frying everything. All the cooking from the pot fell off whatever it had been clinging too, though it fell onto the ground.

The woman moved past them both, seeing what other damage the two had caused. But as soon as her eyes landed on her kitchen's makeover. The birds that had been nesting outside flew up into the sky; and people looked toward the west, the woman had screamed that loudly.

Turning fast on her black heels; she glared at the two young adults. "What happened here? One of you better start explaining before I get your father in here!"

Trunks and Bra exchanged glances before she stepped forward; stepping in some gooey stuff on the floor. Her face turned to horror as she began to speak.

"Well mom; Trunks and I were making lunch for the whole family when he walked over to the fridge. He wanted to add his secret ingredient, and I said no. But Trunks being himself, added it anyway. Then the idiot had to go and add some of that new famous Suicidal Hot Sauce. Mixing them both in; he cranked up the temperature of the stove up to the high. Everything went so wild, food began to splatter everywhere! I tried to turn the stove off, but then the food landed on my brand new fifty-dollar boots and melted it to the floor! I dove under the table with Trunks as my side; then he nearly got burnt and raced for the dining roo-" Bra was cut off by her mother; who had just raised her hand to quiet her daughter down.

"Mom." Trunks swiftly moved in front of Bra looking at his mother; "That's not how it happened. Bra and I had been making lunch; but she poured her secret ingredient in. I admit I did add the hot sauce; but it was in the recipe. I also did raise the temperature up; recipe. But then everything did go wild because Bra poured more of the ingredient and hot sauce in; putting the stove past high. Then everything she else said was true."

He glanced at his sister from the corner of his eye; her eyes baring into his muscular back. Shoving him to the side; she glared at him. "Mom! He's lying to you."

"Am not!" Trunks protested against her word; shoving her back.

"Yes you are!" Bra yelled at him; stomping on his black training boot with her melted blue one. She repeatedly stomped from his left foot to his right until he reversed her by shoving her back.

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

Trunks and Bra's face were inches apart; their fist's clenched at their sides. Bra was on her tipsy toes; her nose brushing Trunks'. Each sneered into the other's face; hoping to bring them done and win the battle. The war was of those two was just beginning.

"ENOUGH!" Their mother's roar of surprise made them stop their arguing to look at her. She was fuming; and they could tell. "Both of you to your rooms! No one comes in there; and no one comes out until your father or I say otherwise. If I learn of see either of you two breaking the rules there will be consequences! Now go!"

With that said; or rather shouted; they headed up a different stairwell to a wing of the house. Luckily, they were the furthest wings apart.

The aqua haired woman plopped down into the nearest chair, dodging whatever was on the kitchen floor; or at least what was left of it. Placing her head in her hands; she sighed loudly. "I swear one of these days I'm going to do drastic measures for those two. I'm sick and tired of their consist arguing!"

"Moooom!" A shrill cry came from an upstairs wing. Her daughter stomped into the kitchen; her blue jean shorts cut up to the knees; with a blue shirt that read 'The Cutest Kitten's Have The Sharpest Claws' in black shiny letters was now covered in bright red paint with little splotches of green here and there. Her hair was also bright neon green.

"Look what Trunks did to me!" She yelled at her mother; pointing up to her glowing neon hair. "He bobby trapped me room so when I opened the door all the red and green paint would squirt onto my clothes while the bucket poured down onto me head!"

Getting up from her chair; she wiped Bra's face with a towel. Sighing; Bulma spoke gently to her daughter. "Take a shower; put on new clothes. I'll deal with Trunks."

But as she walked out of the kitchen; the princess of all Sayians brushed shoulders with the prince of all Sayians. She stomped up the stairs, he trampled into the kitchen.

There was Trunks in some black pants with a white tee shirt with little smiley faces drawn on with crimson red lipstick. On the back of his shirt was 'Revenge' written in all capital letters in the same lipstick color. He looked at his mother with his blue eyes; a deep low growl escaping from his throat.

"Look what she did." He said calmly, clenching her teeth shut. "This was the outfit with the least number of little red smiley faces on them drawn by the saiyan princess herself."

Sighing again; Bulma ushered him out of the kitchen toward the stairs. "Put on some of your father's clothes. I'll buy you new ones today, and deal with your sister."

Gradually, she walked down the hallway and into her lab. Grabbing the radar; she went through the double glass doors of Capsule Corp's main buildings. There she opened up a yellow helicopter . Opening up the drivers side; she hopped in.

Turning it on, she pushed the pedal and took off toward the north; where the first dragon ball lay. After about a ten minute ride, she set the jet down gently. Climbing out, she pushed the button down for a closer look at where the ball was hidden. Stopping at the trunk of tree; Bulma strained her neck looking up. There in a nest was the seven-starred ball.

Bulma grabbed the first branch and hosted herself up. She continued this until she reached the branch below the nest. Poking her hand through it; she grabbed the ball. But as she did; her heel slid of the end of the tree; causing her body to come tumbling to the ground.

After laying there for a few minutes; Bulma was back on her feet. Climbing back into her copter; she was once again off in search of the dragon balls.

Landing the yellow jet in a cornfield, she walked over to a haystack. Raising an eyebrow; the aqua haired genus groaned. Ascending into the haystack; she began to throw handfuls of hay out of the cart. Handful after handful was thrown until no hay was left in the cart. She had been throwing hay for two hours now.

Blinking twice, she cocked her head to one side. "But I got rid of all the hay.. But there's no dragon ball." Crawling down from were she sat caused her to slap her forehead. "Oh course! I was sitting on hay!" Grabbing the ball from the bottom of the hay sack; she smiled. "Two down! Only Five to go!" And then she went back into her copter; and took off toward Ginger City.

Bulma landed in the park and capsuled up her car. Walking into a candy shop, she looked up to see the six star ball on the lid of the newest candy out; Razzy Liquid, the liquid that can be any taste and turns into candy as soon as it enters the mouth.

Walking up the counter, Bulma grinned at girl who was working the cash register.

"May I help you?" The young teen asked; her violet eyes glistening in bask light of candy shop.

"I was wondering how much that container over there was for sale for." She pointed to the Razzy Liquid container; the dragon ball glistening as it was looked upon.

"I'm sorry, but you can only buy the candy." She girl shrugged her shoulders and looked at Bulma with an apologetic look in her eyes.

"Not even for five hundred zeni?" Bulma flashed the money in her hand, placing it down on the counter and pushing it forward.

Her violet eyes went wide as her face was greeted with a smile. She hurried over and grabbed the Razzy Liquid and placed it on the container. "Good day miss. Pleasure doing business with you. Please come again." Bulma grabbed the lid and ran out of the store, not even looking back as the teen called she forgot the candy.

Racing towards the park, the aqua haired woman nearly dove into fountain just for the dragon ball. Gripping the ball; she smiled. There was the two star ball in her hand. Shoving it into her pocket; she rushed into her jet and towards Satan City where the five star ball awaits.

Jumping out in yet another park, Bulma rushed over to a bush. After finding nothing, she rushed back over to another. Still nothing. Growling slightly; she went from bush to bush, ignoring all the weird and unusual stares she was receiving. Finally her hand gripped the ball from being smashed back in a small bush between several branches; she looked down at her hand. Cuts covered her hand and arm with little trickles of blood going down it. Nothing she couldn't handle.

Smirking, Bulma quickly hurried into a bedroom shop. There, on a bed post was the three star ball. Making sure no one was around with glances to the side, Bulma snatched the ball from its place. Rushing out the door, she set off alarms, causing the security guards to chase after her.

Her eyes widen in surprise. She, Bulma Brief, was being chased after by the cops. She turned sharply of one corner, and ran a red light. She turned sharply again and drove up onto some random person's driveway and turned off the jet. The police cars went whizzing by.

Turning it back on, she drove over to her best friend's house high in the mountains. The last dragon ball lay within the house of 'The Sons.

After hours of flying over in the copter jet; Bulma knocked on the door. There, a young man with raven colored hair opened the door.

Smiling, Bulma looked at him. "Looking good Goten. Is your mother home?"

"Yeah she is. In the kitchen." He moved out of the way and back into his room where all his homework awaited him.

Bulma entered into the kitchen and tapped Chichi on the shoulder. "Chichi, can I have your four star ball?"

Chichi jerked around, nearly dropping a bowl full of who knows what. Her eyes were wide, but her face had a big smile on it. She was wearing a pink apron that read, 'Kiss the Cook.'

Placing the bowl on the table, and wiping her hands on the apron; Chichi nodded. "Sure, let me get it." With that, the wife of Goku and mother of two children walked out of the kitchen. A few moments later she returned with it in her hand. "There you go."

"Thanks." Bulma walked from the kitchen out into their yard. There she placed all seven dragon balls together in the center. "Shenron! I call on you!"

All the ball's glowed a faint orange as it shot up in the sky, forming a huge dragon. His eyes glowed red as his body wrapped around the clouds. "You have awaken me from my slumber. You may have two wishes."

"I wish that Trunks Brief was a six teen year old girl, and that Bra Brief was an eighteen year old boy!" She yelled to Shenron.

"Your wish has been granted. You have one remaining wish."

"I wish I was the only one who can reverse the last wish I just made." Bulma yelled out; knowing her kids would be smart enough to try to gather the balls again in six months. The dragon's eyes glowed a deep red before returning back to it's original color.

"Your wish has been granted. I bid you farewell!" With that, the dragon disappeared back into the balls before they all floated into the sky and scattered across the Earth in round stones.

Returning home hours later; Bulma slipped into bed. It was a quarter after midnight. Oh how her kids would have a big surprise in the morning.


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