'Sweet Revenge'

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Trunks: 16

Bra: 18

Goten: 17

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Last time: The person snarled something into her face as Trunks smiled nervously, "Hehe... hi dad."

Chapter Three: Bra Has A Diary

Trunks laughed nervously again, peeling her arm away from his grasp. Standing up straight, she brushed over her clothes to get all the wrinkles out. Tightening her ponytail, she smiled at him again, cocking her hand to one side and squeezed her eyes shut.

Vegeta crossed his arms and grunted at his 'son.' Saiyan men did not wear skirts and did not wear their long hair in ponytails while skipping to the kitchen. Okay, so she didn't skip, but she probably thought of it.

"What happened to you?" He sneered at his daughter, cocking an eyebrow at her. Moving in the path of her exit, he corned Trunks.

"Well..." Trunks stroked her chin as if she had a beard and leaned up against the wall, "I don't really know. Yesterday, I was a guy, and now I'm a girl. I think mom did something.."

Smirking, Vegeta walked into the kitchen, turning around in the doorway, "Report to the gravity room in an hour for your daily beatings, or as you call it, training."

Gulping in a breathe of air, Trunks nodded her head. Letting out the air she had breathed in, she literally ran into the kitchen, but was once again booted out.

"Why can't I ever get through!" She whined out loud, stomping her feet once at a time and crossed her arms with a pout placed on her lips.

"Sayians do not whine. Besides, your training starts now boy.. girl.. err.. brat." Vegeta brushed passed her now in his blue spandex outfit with the white gloves and boots.

Trunks whirled around and yelled after him, "But that's fifty eight minutes early! Goten's coming over too.. Dad? Dad! Are you even listening to me?"

Letting down her ponytail, Trunks shook her head wildly. Placing a few strands of hair that had fallen into her face behind her ear, she skipped off toward the gravity room.

About five minutes later Trunks was stretching out with her father. After stretching out for about ten minutes, she got into her fighting stance.

Smirking again, Vegeta copied the stance.

"Give it your best shot. And let's hope you can still go super saiyan." Vegeta laughed, launching himself at Trunks.

Seeing him out of the corner of her eye, Trunks jumped backwards and blocked his attack. Throwing him a punch of her own, she nailed him in his stomach. It didn't even faze him.

Growling, She punched him repeatedly in the stomach. It still didn't faze him.

Taking his hand, Vegeta formed a blue ki blast in his hand. Launching it, he laughed again, watching his 'son' dodge it, then get whacked with another by her father.

He kept launching them, and blocked everything she could throw at him. She kept getting thrown back into the wall because of ki blasts, punches or kicks.

Concentrating on him, her fist turned bright red as she threw it into his stomach. It knocked the wind out of him, causing him to fall to the ground.

The fist turned back into a pale color as they both stared at it, blinking in surprise. Trunks was sent hurling backwards as her father exploding into his super saiyan form.

"Ow.." Trunks rubbed the back of her head, holding in the little tears that had sprung into the corner of her eyes. She had bruises across her arms and legs with a black eye. Her hair was a mess while her blue training gi had rips and tares in it.

Wrapping a white towel around his neck, Vegeta walked out of the gravity room without even consenting Trunks about it.

Taking the hint, Trunks gathered herself up and walked out of the gravity room too. Scampering down the hall Trunks proceeded into the kitchen, but once again, landed flat on her butt.

"God damn it!" Trunks swore, standing up.

Looking around, she spotted clothes from Old Pag; a boys store. There in the doorway was his mother, standing in a red mini dress with a yellow scarf around her neck with a glare on her face and hands on her hips.

"What did I just hear out of your mouth young lady?" Bulma nearly screamed at her, grabbing some of her various bags off the floor.

"Darn?" Trunks shrugged her shoulders, slowly backing up towards the stairs.

Shaking her finger, Bulma tightened her glare, "I don't think so. Go to your room, no ands, ifs, buts about it. Got it? Get it? Good."

Stopping, she raised an eye brow. "Mom, it's get it, got it, good."

"I don't care! Up to your room now and do not come out until I say otherwise!"

Trunks did as she was told. Slamming the door shut, she pounced on her bed and screamed loudly into the pillow, rolling over with it smothered into her head.

Rolling off the edge of the bed, she sat there for a few seconds before throwing the pillow across the room. It hit a picture of the two siblings hugging and smiling towards the camera. The picture lay in ruins by the window sill with the glass shattered across the floor.

Pushing herself off the ground, Trunks moved back over to the pile of clothes on the ground. Picking up the skirt she had worn before, she slipped off the now ruined gi and threw it onto the bed. Pulling over the skirt, she threw open the window.

It was on the second floor, and the fall wouldn't be that bad with a bush underneath. Attempting to stick her head out the window for some fresh air, Trunks' head smashed into one of her mothers new 'saiyan proof' walls.

"Argh!" Trunks cried out, throwing herself back onto the bed. She needed to get out, she needed some fresh air to think, just to get away.

"Hmm.." She sat up on the bed and looked around the room. How in the world did Bra escape every now and then. She looked around the room again, then laid back down on the bed, sprawling all over it with her arms and legs as far as they could go.

Then she spotted something in the far corner. Raising up from the bed, Trunks grabbed her nearby red chair, dragging it over to the corner.

Stepping on it, Trunks shoved whatever it was up. Liking this, the new saiyan princess released a smile, something she hadn't done all day.

"Perfect! A vent." With that said, Trunks crawled through the small space and headed straight. Coming to a dead end, she turned to the left, then to the right and headed straight forward again.

Spotting another vent, she saw looked down. There was Goten sitting on the floor of Bra's new room with Bra standing with his back to Goten.

Letting out a laugh, Trunks clambered over the vent, knowing her brother saw her out of the corner of her eye. He had to get out of there after seeing him leave the room.

Coming upon another vent, she once again peaked through it. Her grandmother was busy rushing back and forth checking on her tea and brownies.

"Ow!" Trunks all the sudden cried out, moving her hands up and down. Someone had turned on the heat to the highest point, and it was burning her hands and legs.

Quickly moving about the maze, she came on a another vent. No one was around, a perfect sign. Slamming her fist into the vent, it popped out and made a loud noise clattering into the floor.

"What was that?" Someone said out loud, peaking her head from the darkness. It was Bulma in one of her secret labs. All she saw a blur of colors before heading back into the shadows of her work.

Gulping, Trunks put her feet on the other side of the gap, shoving her hands away from the side. She tumbled for awhile in a small ball before falling out from a gap in one of the vents.

Getting up, she appeared to be in an empty storage room. After she was on her two feet, Trunks through open the window. Waving her hand out to make sure it was ok, she tried to fly, but her body fell and fell before it connected to something, face first. At least it wasn't the hard, cold ground. Instead, it was a fully bloomed thorn bush.

Twisting over out of the bush, Trunks pulled all the thorns out from her clothes. Trunks slapped her forehead and dragged her hand down the face.

Digging into one of her pockets, Trunks pulled out an A3506 capsule. Throwing it out, a bright red car with green and silver strips going up the side appeared in the blue smoke.

Pulling out bra's license from the glove compartment, she placed it in one of the cup holders. With the roar of an engine, she was on the road, getting away from the house.

Trunks pulled into a small shopping center and capsuled the car. She walked over to a small shop and opened the door, listening to the ringing of the bell. She quickly signed her name to a list and sat down, looking at a magazine.

"Son, Bra." Someone called out, as Trunks stood up.

"Is that you sweet stuff?" The woman asked, twirling her short brown hair in her finger.

The lady motioned for Trunks to sit down and she pulled up something around her body.

"What do you want done?" She woman twirled her around so she was facing a large mirror.

"I want it cut up to here." She motioned to her neck right below her chin. The lavender hair was shampooed and cut, then blow dried.

After paying the bill, she threw the capsule down onto the ground again. Setting off back towards her home, Trunks blasted the radio and sang along with it, laughing and screeching with her scratchy voice the whole way home.

Going back to her room without getting caught, Trunks jumped down onto the end of the bed, the mattress sliding a little off the edge of the bed.

But of course, she slid head first off the bed, crashing onto the floor. Sitting up, she pushed the mattress back in place, noticing a very tiny lump where the mattress was.

Moving to the other side of the bed, Trunks pushed the mattress up a bit, revealing a corner of a black book. Grabbing the book, she pulled it out and sat on the bed.

looking down at the cover of the small book, Trunks let a smile form onto her lips as she let out a very strange, revengeful laugh.

Opening the cover of the book, Trunks lay down on the bed.

"I still Can't believe Bra has a diary. And I'm going to read it."


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