Cloud: Greetings fools!!!

Cagri: Do you always have to be dominant?

Cloud: Yeah

Cagri: ;Smiles; I like that

Cloud drags her off.

Inuyasha: Since they're busy I'm gonna do this, enjoy the story ;ears twitch; ewwww. Anyways, this has a Highlands song in it called Knight of Dublin, you've probably heard it if you listen to folk music ;Moans are heard, Inu takes a broom and slams the wall with it; Keep it down!!!!!!!! It took Cloud forever to actually find the lyrics for this song since Darby Devon never actually wrote them out, but it was worth it. I hope I said that right, who's Sarby Gebon anyway?

Final Chapter: Loyal Knight

Oh I remember, I recall

Where the land so green, the grass so tall

Where once he pledged his love to me

For a loyal knight was he...

The storms were raging on that night

We awakened from the stranger's might

And through those chamber doors he came

Please come and help your king

I watched him leave, I watched him go...

As through the stormy night he trod

Riding high and strong, and mighty steed

I whispered, "Please, come back to me"

And the fairies cried for me...

It's been eight months or even more

Since I've heard the news, I cry no more

I've seen the vision in my sight

A stranger called the Devil's Knight

I ran out to the ocean side

His horse so still, his eyes so bright

The hills were startled by my cries

The knife cuts deep, I cannot die

And the seabirds cried for me...

And when our loyal knight came home

He found her dead, he found her gone

And from that day he walked alone

For a loyal knight was he...

Inuyasha laid a flower at Kikyo's grave. He smiled, "Kagome is Kikyo without the bonds." He walked away, taking one last glance at the grave, a wind blew, telling him it was almost time for the final battle.


"Nonononono, not like that, you look like a girl trying to run like that!!" Yelled Inuyasha to Kagome.

Her new puppy ears twitched and she let out a growl she couldn't manage while she was human, this aroused Inuyasha, but he didn't have time to think about that, "I am a girl Inu!!!" She yelled back. Inutaisho, Yusuke, and Hiei watched from the side, Inutaisho and Yusuke trying to hold back a wave of laughter that was threatening to surface.

"Ok, but I'd rather call you a woman," he said with a wink, she blushed and turned away.

"Gag," said Inutaisho.

"Tell me about it," responded Yusuke, Hiei at his side with a smirk.

"Let me show you how to do it," he said while walking over to her; he grabbed her arms and put them behind her back, "If you wanna run really fast then you have to have your arms behind you."

Kagome nodded and took off, she came back around and reached Inuyasha, leaving a dirt cloud behind her, "Pup, time," said Inuyasha.

Inutaisho clicked his watch and looked at it, "Uh, five seconds."

"A hundred yards in five seconds?!" Kagome's jaw dropped. Inuyasha grinned.


Yusuke stared at the bright shards, "All over a jewel, all this death, all this reincarnation and adventuring and heroism, all over a jewel."

Inutaisho sighed, "I know, even if it does have the power to help them become immortal or rule the world, what would they do with it? They would only destroy themselves in the process."

"Greed is a strange and powerful force, it guides even the most strong-willed," said Miroku.

"Feh, it only makes people stupid," was Inuyasha's opinion.

"I can't believe it's almost over, how will the well stay open?" Asked Kagome.

Inutaisho grinned, "Simple, wish so on the jewel and you're done."

"That is if we get out of this alive," said Hiei.

"Hey, what do you mean by that?!" Yelled a shocked Kuwabara.

Kurama sighed, "It's quite obvious, Naraku has much more power then us considering how many shards he has obtained, we only have a small fraction."

"It's not going to be easy," said Yusuke.

Inuyasha smirked, "I like hard."


The large group treaded warily and cautiously, this was it, every single one of them could feel it, Inuyasha suggested Sango and Miroku stay behind. Inutaisho looked nervous, "Hey, what about baby me... and Shippo?"

"They will be fine under Keada-sama's and Botan's care," said Kurama.

Inuyasha grunted, "Kurama is right, we shouldn't be worrying about those things, only how we're going to defeat Naraku."

Kagome's ears twitched, a melancholy look absorbed her features, she was lost in thought. 'How will this turn out? What if someone dies, what if we all die, how will they tell the children, it's not like this is some fairy tail, this is real life.'

Inuyasha stopped, "We rest here, then we move to Naraku's castle," he said, turning, "This is the point of no return, if any of you want to I suggest you go back now!!!" No one even flinched or thought of doing such a thing as abandoning their friends, Inuyasha nodded firmly, "Good, let's set up camp."


Everyone was sleeping, except the two half demons of the group, Kagome's now gold eyes reflected the camp fire, her head resting on Inuyasha's shoulder.

"Don't be afraid." Kagome blinked, looking up at her mate in confusion, "Don't be afraid," he repeated, "It's... what my mom taught me, she said that in times like this you have to suppress your fear."

Kagome melted in sorrow, "When did she say that?"

Inuyasha sighed, "After the village heard about my father's death, they... burned our house, my mom woke me up and the smell of smoke flared into me. I remember that I was crying because my nose hurt, and then next thing I know mom covers me in my haori and tells me not to be afraid. I heard her screaming and yelling, I didn't find out till I was older that they'd raped her, when I was older I hunted them down."

"Inu... yasha." She tightened her security hold and her eyes watered, "I'm sorry, I never knew."

Inuyasha stroked her hair, "I shouldn't have brought it up," he said, kissing her forehead.

"We set out tomorrow," said Kagome as she silently cried for Inuyasha, her dog ears twitching to the left when he shifted.

"I know, Kagome... if we don't make it through this."

She shushed him, "Don't worry Inu, it'll be over soon," at her own words she burst into tears. Inuyasha kissed her and wiped them away.

"Soon," he repeated, luring her onto the ground. That night they expressed themselves for what could be the last time, that night, for the first time since her father had been struck by disease... she wept for worry over death of the man she loved.


The group stood in front of the barrier, Inutaisho sighed, "This is it dad."

"Do me proud pup," he said, "It took us forever to catch Naraku's scent and find his castle, it's not going to be in vain."

Inutaisho nodded and they both drew their Tetsusaiga and plowed the barrier, a slight gap opened and the group was lured through one at a time. Naraku's castle disintegrated and in the middle of the crater stood the villain, Kanna by his side. "Naraku!!" Yelled Inuyasha.

Naraku smirked, "I see, if you want this to be the showdown then so be it, you have been an impatient half demon."

Inutaisho drew his gun, "And you're not exactly a prize yourself freak!"

Yusuke stepped forward, "I don't know you much, but you seem like a coward, hiding behind your castle walls while you watch others suffer!!"

Hiei's fist glowed black, "Your time has come you sad excuse for a demon!"

Kurama lashed his whip and narrowed his eyes, "This will be over in a matter of time."

Kuwabara stepped forward and snarled, "You're pretty boney for someone so powerful!!!"

Naraku began to walk towards them, "I have had enough of this nonsense, you will all die by my hand."

Kagome stepped forward, "We're not afraid of you Naraku, no matter what idle threats are waiting to happen, no matter what you throw at us, you'll always be brought down by us, and your only fear is to face that fact."

"Silence you insolent wench!!!!!" Naraku hurled his arm forward, just when the tree-like substance was about to hit her it split in half, "What?!" Howled Naraku.

Kouga smirked and cracked his knuckles, "Kagome may not be mine, but you aren't touching her while me and the mutt are around."

This time two tentacles launched forward, one almost hit Kagome and the other sent Kouga careening into the barrier, Kouga got up and dusted himself, "That was a cheap shot," he muttered.

A blue explosion sounded and Naraku covered his eyes, when all was calm Sesshomaru stood in front of the group with the Tokijin prepped, "It seems I am late, we have a score to settle Naraku."

Inuyasha growled, "This isn't your business Sesshomaru."

"I am prepared to make it so Inuyasha, and I suggest that you help me."

Inuyasha sighed, but nodded firmly, the brothers launched forward at Naraku, Sesshomaru dodged a tentacle but Inuyasha slapped into the barrier with a scream. Inutaisho fired bullets, but it was like shooting a monster made out of sand. Hiei drew his sword and launched forward, flipping back after taking off a few tentacles. Kurama was having a weed waking job of his own as he lashed his whip left and right, trying to keep up with the enormous monster. Kuwabara was slashing left and right with the spirit sword and Yusuke's fists were flying. Kagome was having just as much trouble with the large beasts, with every slash of her claw and fire of her arrow there seemed to be more and more tentacles coming out of Naraku.

"This isn't working!!!" Yelled Yusuke.

"Fools!!! You intrude on my grounds and try to defeat me, this is the price you pay!!!" Naraku proceeded to pick up Kanna and swallow her in a disturbing manner, and the tentacles only kept coming.

Inutaisho looked to his left and to his right, they had formed a circle around the beast, "Mom, get by me." Kagome bolted to his side, making sure to dodge the tentacles. "Yusuke, Hiei, Kurama, Kuwabara, you all play sports right?!"

Kuwabara laughed nervously but all of them understood and nodded, "Dad, wind scar at Kurama!!" Inuyasha blinked, "NOW!!!!" Inuyasha could only comply.

Kurama slashed the wind in half and flipped through the closing gap as it formed a ball, Hiei's fist glowed and he pounded the oncoming wind ball at Kuwabara. The now black ball was in turn pounded from Kurama to Yusuke. Inutaisho nodded at the spirit detective. Yusuke put his hands together and charged, "Haven't used this in a while, Spirit Wave!!!" He yelled, the energy blasted from him enveloped the ball, which was sent flying towards Kagome and Inutaisho.

Inutaisho nodded at his mother, she prepped her bow, and him his gun. An image flashed in his head, the girl he meant before he came back, the one named Jessica. How surprised lady Keada was to see the son of her two pupils. How his mother examined him after she had awoken from her state of shock. How they had found the last shards, journeying together, laughing and fighting along the way. Before he pulled that trigger... and before Kagome released her arrow... Inutaisho smiled, a genuine, true smile, not the goofy and cocky ones he had been giving the whole time. The bullet and arrow entered the ball and it was sent flying at Naraku.

"NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" The cold voice was shrill and thick with terror as the demon imploded from the massive energy. Everything faded, and the dark miasma clouds in the sky parted ways and disintegrated.

"It's over," said Inutaisho, falling to his knees with a smile. The group followed suit, laughter and celebration ensued. A family reunited, Inuyasha hugged Kagome to him tightly.

Inutaisho holstered his gun and waved as his image faded, he had changed the ways of time for the better. The group stared at where the enigma with the colt .45 had stood, he would be back, it was just a matter of time.


Epilogue: 6 Months Later

Everything was set, on the bride's side there was her mother, Souta, Gramps, Sango, Shippo, Botan, Kagome's three perky friends from school, Hoja, and Kouga. "Man, there is some weird people at this wedding," whispered Eri.

"Tell me about it," said Hojo as Kouga glared at the four of them, he had to wear a tux, he was not at all pleased to remove his finely sewed fur.

At the groom's side there sat Sesshomaru, Rin, and Jaken. Rin was throwing around and playing with a giggling Inutaisho baby. There also sat Yusuke, Kurama, Kuwabara, and Hiei, who had a look of disapproval etched on his features. Miroku had been chosen for the role of best man. Sango stood and walked to the right of the alter; seeing as she was the maid of honor. The church bells rang loudly and wedding music was being played, but our dog eared hero was arguing with a hostess, "What do you mean she ran off?"

"She was in quite a hurry sir, might be another runaway bride."

"Shit," cursed Inuyasha, this was NOT going as he planned at all.

Kagome ran frantically up to them, "Sorry I ran off honey, but we can't have a wedding without the veil." Inuyasha rolled his eyes, but not before grinning evilly.

"LET ME GO!!!" Cried through the church as Inuyasha dragged his mate up the isle, the music faltered but started once they made it to the alter and Kagome straightened her dress out in a huff. "You're impossible."

"And you love it."

The priest took his place, "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today, in holy matrimony, for the union of two people(A/N Not sure that's how it goes)."

"Do you, Inuyasha Zetusko, take Kagome Higurashi to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have, hold, and cherish, till death do you part?"

"You bet your ass I do." Kagome blushed.

The priest looked slightly appalled, but continued nonetheless, "And do you, Kagome Higurashi, take Inuyasha Zetusko to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have hold, and cherish, till death do you part?"

"I do."

Miroku and Sango walked forward and handed the rings to them both, they walked back as the couple slipped the rings on each other's fingers. "You may now kiss the bride." Applause erupted through the church as the half demons locked lips. Kagome's mother was crying and hugging Souta so tight that he couldn't breath.


"I'm not good at throwing."

"Sure, and I'm not a half demon, now get up there," said Inuyasha, shoving her up on stage with the bouquet. Kagome sighed and threw it into the crowd of women, who scrambled frantically for it. In the end Sango emerged from the riot victorious.

"A ha!!" Cried Sango triumphantly, then she stared at the flowers just realizing what she had done. She turned to Miroku in the crowd, who only winked and walked away, she blushed when a fit of giggles surrounded her.

Inuyasha walked over to Kagome, "So, this is a wedding, it sounded boring when you explained it."

Kagome gasped and her ears twitched cutely, as did his, "Are you saying that I'm boring?"

Inuyasha grinned, "Hell no," he said, kissing her before she could respond.


Cloud: God, this is so cool.

Cagri: I never thought you'd finish it.

Cloud: Proved you wrong.


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