Demon's Calling

Chapter 7: Beast's Thirst

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Warning: Angst. When is there not. Sev and Klaith possibility. Draconis is well himself.


"…I want a three foot essay on the effects of Chimeras and their deceptive charms done by Friday. Before I endure any mundane protests, the deadline is set and will not be changed. Chimeras are very commonly found in any text thus, it should not take any abundance of time to complete this task. If you cannot manage your time even for a pitiful three foot parchment then you have no reason being in my class or any other. Dismissed" said Draconis' commanding voice. Cold silver eyes watched passively as the rather large class of seventh year Slytherins and Ravenclaws.

Only three days had passed since he had healed the vampire, Severus Snape, from certain oblivion. The vampire seemed to have recovered nicely considering circumstances, but still, the sickly, fragility of his body remained as obvious as daylight. Draconis knew these men were breaking the creature, slowly tearing him apart until nothing remained but a rabid animal. It was a cruel torture, one that disgusted Draconis and made him want to tear their very bodies to shreds. Yet, he it was not his fight, no, he wanted to know, to see, why – why did this proud creature allow such brutality on his person? Why endure it?

The blond man sighed loudly as if attempting to exhale such questions out of his mine. He knew Harold had his purpose and his reasons but as was custom amongst his people. Harold could not and would not take his chosen one without the blessing of the oldest familiar. And since their father, Lucius, was nothing more than a disgrace to their kind, it was left to Draconis to judge this, Severus Snape.

Harold had apparently become an ever comforting presence to the serpent house, effectively weaving himself into their hearts and their trust. Hopefully, the silver eyed man's judgment could be announced before the perceived battle arrived. Draconis had no desire to be caught within the fight of mortals. Alas, it seemed that this chosen vampire was much more in raveled in this web than he had originally perceived.

As the white winged man left his class to enjoy a bit of silence in his chambers, the loud booming crash of a suit of armor echoed through the hall. Draconis sighed deeply before turning around the corner to see what the commotion was. Soon his eyes fell on the lithe form of the honey eyed Slytherin boy, Blaise, arguing heatedly with a grinning Professor Klaith. Not bothering to come closer as he was already able to hear what was happening he made sure to keep out of site from Klaith's vision.

Klaith, now there was a dangerous creature if Draconis had ever seen one. The man was as much a complexity to the blond as the vampire. For all intents and purposes, Klaith possessed the deceptive characteristics of a humble and kind man. Handsome and soft featured, and yet there was such an inhuman cruelty to his eyes. That it could frighten any demon back to the cold shadows of the nether world. This was a man that Draconis could not predict and yet could read so clearly. There was nothing in his heart but cruel malice and sadistic pleasure for the pain of others. He lusted for pain and bathed in the delights of torture and manipulation. This man could scare the devil himself. Draconis knew to have careful treading around this man.

And yet, his soul focus was to see the vampire suffer, Draconis had seen it when ever he was near the two, Snape's terror, Klaith's sadistic pleasure at instilling it. No, Draconis knew this man for what he was; Hades had no fear of him for he was the epitome of the devil's flames. However, as he heard the conversation between the boy and the beast, he knew that Klaith would be a dangerous enemy in the future if not already. No – Klaith was no fool, and Harold would no doubt have realized it as well.


Blaise, Millicent, and David walked calmly down the far corridor away from there current DADA class. All three of them had been extremely grateful to Professor Malfoy for helping their head of house and had even begun trusting Harold. However, they still remained weary of the blond silver eyed man. The crafty Slytherins did not know what their DADA Professor had done for their head of house but whatever it was had completely cleared the silver poisoning from the vampire's body. Unfortunately, he still looked just as weak and unhealthy as before, worse even considering the burn tracks, that the retching had caused, across his throat were still healing progressively slowly and caused his voice to sound like a hoarse cough rather than its usual silky baritone. The Slytherins all saw the almost imperceptible winces of pain the Professor made when ever he spoke and the tired shadows under the hollows of his eyes.

"Blaise, we should go see Professor Snape…"said David.

"Yeah, make sure he's resting at least a little considering…" continued Millicent.

"I know. We'll find Malcolm after our last class and go see the Professor privately and make sure…"

"Well, well, well, if it isn't our favorite little snake scum trio" announced the mocking tone of a red haired boy. His freckled cheeks accentuated his dark brown eyes, mocking and laced with satisfactory pleasure as he looked down upon the Slytherins. He was one of Klaith's favorite students and the boy was always eager to get the man's approval.

"Yes, Weasley to think, that sentence had more than five words, but then again you can't really count repetition now can you" sneered Blaise.

The red haired boy's face quickly turned from a pale shade of white to a hard red as he shook in silent fury. Then just as suddenly the dark eyed boy smiled maliciously which was then followed by a boisterous crash as a group of his fellow Gryffindor friends and accomplices toppled over a suit of armor and then quickly retreated into the neighboring hall.

"And what pray tell is the point of that?" asked David, bemused by the Griffindors' actions.

"I have no idea what you are talking about" said Ronald innocently.

Blaise and Millicent narrowed their eyes as they studied the red head, "so want to pin the blame on us, passing it off as Slytherin rebellion or just plain malicious intent" said Blaise trying to keep himself from punching the boy.

"Perhaps a bit of both, no?" came the silky deceptive voice of Professor Klaith as he rounded the corner of the very same hall that the group of Gryffindors had run away to.

"Klaith" spitted Blaise spitefully as he glared hatefully at the light haired man.

"Professor, I caught them defiling that suit of armor, even knocked it down" cried Ronald eagerly sending out accusations however, the bright smile on Klaith's face told the Slytherins that the moronic red head need not go to so much trouble.

"Why thank you my boy…."

"You can't possibly believe that rubbish!" cried Millicent.

"Hmph, such crude behavior, I would have thought better from my dear Sevvie's house" said Klaith grinning from ear to ear.

"Why, you no good son of …"

"Why temper, temper Mr. Zabini, since you are so eager to disobey the rules. A detention will be in order no? I have so been looking forward to seeing you in one of my detentions Mr. Zabini, I must thank you for such an opportunity" Klaith could barely keep from licking his lips as he practically drooled in delight. Ronald stood next to him content with his Professor's praise.

"You can't get away with this!" cried Millicent baffled at the injustice that was occurring "you know it was that moron who did it, you probably even saw his band of friends running pass you!"

Klaith let out a chilling boisterous laugh "why Ms. Bulstrode surely you aren't suggesting that Ronald here was capable of tipping that weighted armor by him self. It is only logical that you are the perpetrators and are trying to pin the blame on this poor innocent boy."

"Innocent, the only thing innocent about him is his…." David immediately cut off Blaise's comment by placing his hand over his mouth and whispered into his ear "don't you'll only anger the bastard and he'll take it out on Professor Snape again" Blaise nodded slightly, as he forced himself to calm down.

"Ronald, run along now, I will deal with them" said Klaith.

"Yes Professor!" said Ronald as he grinned nastily at the group of Slytherins and ran off down the same corridor as his earlier friends had done.

Klaith stealthily stepped towards Blaise, all the while grinning maniacally. He slid the side of one thing pale finger down the side of Blaise's face causing the boy to shiver unconsciously.

"You dear boy shall have detention with me tonight at eight o'clock, the rest of you will have it with filch. I do believe you will learn your lesson by the night's end."

Blaise felt bile rise from the depths of his stomach but stomped it down firmly not wanting to demonstrate weakness to the abomination before him. He stood trembling slightly as the thin finger lined his collar bone from his slightly open shirt, and then the finger vanished as Klaith turned on his heel, with a throaty chuckle that was darker than the pits of hell, and swept away from the group slowly disappearing from sight, leaving three thoroughly shaken Slytherins behind.


Draconis listened intently as the conversation drew to a close. His cold eyes narrowed on the retreating form. It was blatantly clear to the blond haired man that Klaith had anything but good intentions for the light haired boy.

Shaking his head slightly, Draconis turned and calmly walked away from the scene, what was to happen on this night he could not interfere. Fate would take its course until his role was called upon, until then the blond haired man would do nothing.

"Harold, forgive me. I have no control of this."


As the day grew dim so did the moral of certain Slytherins. Blaise continued valiantly to show defiance despite the sly lustful smiles that Klaith would send him. The honey eyed boy feared what was to come in this inevitable detention but would not give the bastard the satisfaction of seeing his trepidation.

Millicent and David had tried to console him and tell him that it would all be alright. When they mentioned Dumbledore, the light haired boy could not help but laugh at his friends' desperate attempt. Headmaster Dumbledore, now there was a joke in the making. The man had completely taken to Klaith as soon as the man entered the castle walls. Dumbledore, he was one of the greater accomplices in Professor Snape's tortured existence and the man had no pity for anyone but those who were favored by Klaith. It was strange to Blaise, but it seemed as if Klaith had the Headmaster in the palm of his hand. To Blaise Zabini, Albus Dumbledore was just as much of a danger as Klaith himself.

"Blaise, Blaise!" cried David

Blaise suddenly snapped out of his dazed thoughts realizing that dinner had long ended and many of their peers Professors were exiting the great hall.

"Shit. It's time to pay the piper as they say" growled Blaise.

"Oh stop being a pessimist. He can't do anything to you out there and if he does, just make sure you carry your wand and blast him the moment he tries something. If anything you can make it look like some dark creature attacked him" said David as he gave his nervous friend a small squeeze on his shoulder.

"That's true isn't it? Never mess with a snake; you'll liable to get bitten" Blaise let out a hearty laugh even though his eyes still bared traces of tension.

"Besides, we'll leave a message with Malcolm. Like that he can inform Professor Snape of where you are, just in case" said Millicent.

"Yeah… I wonder the Professor is anyway, he wasn't at lunch or dinner today. Frankly I haven't seen him all day."

"No worries Blaise. I heard from the third years that he was teaching class today, so he probably decided to try and get some rest. It hasn't been an easy couple of days for him you know."

"Yeah I know David."

"Don't tell Harold ok. For some reason I think if you do Professor Malfoy might show up and I don't trust him that much, even if he did save the Professor."

"I don't think Harold is a threat either but Malfoy, I still don't know about him. Especially, if he has a relation to Luscius Malfoy" said Millicent. The others nodded in agreement.

Waving his friends off to their own detentions of the night, Blaise made his way to the outer doors of Hogwarts where an over zealous Klaith waited with minimal patience. Blaise had no idea how utterly helpless he truly was.


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