Kenshin wasn't always the greatest guy; he was in the center, why? They say he was violent but no one really sees this. Kaoru was there because of her "temper" she always noticed him. The way he acted the way he talked, dressed (all black), his bad temper at times. She just wants to help him. He seemed so. helpless at times; it just made her so upset. A little love won't hurt right? But what happens if that little caring turns into a simple crush. But then that so called simple crush makes you fall in love?

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I'm alone, cold, forgotten,

I want someone,

Can you care for me?


Can you hold me?

I'm so alone,

Will you please stay with me?


Just place me somewhere in your heart?

Just a little love,

Not much,

Just hold me,

Just till its warmer.


You don't have to love me, just care.

I feel so alone.

So lonely,

Can you care for me?


I think I love you.

Can you forgive me?

I didn't mean to.



Kaoru walked into the room, barely anyone was there just like usual: Just four other kids. And then there he was, Himura Kenshin. Everyone feared him, there are rumors going that he beat up a teacher. He was so beautiful, it was amazing, the crimson hair about to his mid-back. Then he had those magnificent tawny eyes that watch your movements.

Kaoru was always curious if they were contacts, more rumors, some say they are some say there real. It's a wonder. Really what if she asked him? What would they say? Would there be rumors about her? Does it really matter? Rumors are rumors; they don't matter!

~*3rd period*~

Kenshin was in black nothing else; well then again there was the scrunch that was dark purple, it was worn down from use over and over again. Kenshin noticed the raven-haired girl watching him with curiosity ever since their first. At first he thought it was another girl that looked at him for his "body", but instead she stared at the other features, like personality.

And then there was that annoying brown haired ditz that hung around him like he was the perch and she was the bird on it. She would ask him if he had a girlfriend and if he didn't have one he would become hers. Then again who would go after that excruciating of an excuse of a human? Keh, Satin himself would die before that ensues!

He let out a low growl as she wrapped her disgusting arms around his shoulders. "Oh, Kenshin your so handsome! I would love it if you could become my boyfriend!" She ranted on causing Kenshin's anger to rise to the next level. Kaoru noticed this and was about to tell her to leave before Kenshin did it himself.

"Get off me you disgust whore! I would never become your boyfriend even if my life were endangered! I have never been so violated in my life from one lowly girl as you." Kenshin hissed. His anger getting the better of him his ranting went on, " I wouldn't even become a acquaintance of yours, not even a secluded one. I rather die then see your fucked up face near me again."

Slamming the door behind him Kenshin walked steadily, out the school door to head to the hellhole, or AKA "home", it wasn't even worth calling home! Kenshin stopped to hear footsteps, great a teacher, turning around he was quite surprised to see the raven-haired girl.

"K-Kenshin," she panted, she had to admit he was quick on his feet after 10 seconds of shock wore off she went after him. "Are-are you okay?" She asked her face flushed and a bit of a pained expression.

"Yeah, I guess so, are you? You look a bit out of it." Kenshin said smirking at her expression as she stuttered.

"Um, yeah of course I'm all right. Ha ha, why wouldn't I?" Kaoru asked with a nervous laugh.

"First off, your blushing, second your laughing, and it doesn't sound natural." He listed off, he was witty, dressed in black and it ticked her off.

"ARGH!" Kaoru cried frustrated with Kenshin already. "Your so, so ah! I can't even finish a sentence!"

"You just did." Kenshin said with a witty remark.

"Shut. Up." Kaoru said glaring.

"So, Why are you here? Did the teacher send you?" Kenshin asked picking up some pebbles and throwing them at the school. Kaoru quickly knocked them out of his hand.

"Actually, I came here on my own accordance. I'll get in trouble, but not as much as you, you called Kina Masao a whore!"

Kenshin got out a cocky smile and looked at her, "Yup I definitely do." He said like it was no big deal. Kaoru just gapped at him. And mouthed 'your crazy'. "Thank you."

"I'll just have to drag you to school." Kaoru said sighing at the image and winced at the thought how heavy he was.

"I think it would be the other way around." Kenshin teased at Kaoru who blushed and gave him a playful punch.


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