Summary: That stopped her from lunging at him. This youkai, this hanyou had managed to attacked her, bite her, tried kissing her in the girl's bath room all within twenty-four hours time, now he was putting weird ideas of soul mates in her head.

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~ Merely A Promise ~

The only reason why he wouldn't stop, is merely because of a promise

Chapter 1 – A Hanyou's Mark.

A blur of movement, a flash of red and white, a torch clattering on the concrete ground, yellow beam of light flailing wildly and finally stopped. She felt the sharpness of claws pressed onto the base of her throat as the alley was became once again silent.

There was no time for her to prepare, no time to make a grab at the long dagger hidden on the inside of her coat.

Higurashi Kagome looked up with calmness that she didn't feel at a pair of golden eyes staring down at her. One time she was the Hunter, now, the hunted. At least she had been right, this person, the person who she had tracked for over a month was a youkai, after all.

Mission accomplished.


A Hunter, he knew, only a hunter would be able to possess such calmness even at the brink of death. Inuyasha beheld her, a female that could not possible be over sixteen, dark brown eyes, almost glowing cold steel in the beam of yellow light. Black hair pooled about her, highlighted by streaks of midnight blue.

"What's wrong, youkai?"

He heard her ask, not in a tone of genuine concern, but in mockery. Inuyasha checked himself, there was something about her, a familiarity that puzzled him. Had he met her before? On a streets? An alley? It almost felt as though.. as though he knew her.

"Have.. we met before?" He was unsure why he asked, and he certainly didn't think that a taijiya would actually answer him.

She didn't answer.


If the youkai thought he could pry information out her, he was gravely mistaken. Knowledge was the key to this game, Kagome knew, and there was no way he'll find out anything from her. Fingernails sank painfully into her palm as she struggled to hold her glare. An instinctive mask, her eyes, her slightly smiling lips, it revealed nothing.

A Hunter lived to die, die to achieve, she had already achieve something by revealing the identity of a youkai, hasn't she?

Her eyes reverted to face of the youkai, silhouetted by a billow of silver hair that ran all the way to his waist. His golden eyes, a color even rare for a youkai was slightly covered by his white bangs held her own as she watched him draw near, lowering his head until his silky hair slid from his shoulder and brushed against her cheek.

She did not resist, as though held down by a magical force, Kagome did not move even as she heard a ripping sound from the side of her shoulder where the fabric of her black coat was torn open.


He inhaled her lavender scent as his lips moved across the smooth, bare skin of her shoulder. When he met no resistance, Inuyasha slowly, and deliberately bit down, just enough for his canine teeth to break skin, creating two shallow mark on the pale surface. He heard her gasp faintly and smiled, gently lapping the small amount of salty tasting blood that had appeared.

"I knew it was you.. all along.." he murmured quietly to her ears, "you don't know yet.. but you soon will…"

What the?

What was he saying?!

The spell between the two broke then, and Inuyasha jerked up, eyes wide with shock. He had bit her, bit a human who had been a Hunter and tasted her blood. What had he been thinking?! He scrambled onto his feet, lowering his eyes to the girl, he found that she too, had looked back up at him with equal shock and alarm.

He knew very well the consequence in marking her, in the process of biting the Hunter, he had claimed her.. his.


End of chapter 1- A Hanyou's Mark


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Hunter: a group of people that hunt youkais so that they won't hurt normal people, kinda like the 'taijiya' in the original series.

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