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Chapter 10- Promise

The warm glow, in the palest blue began in her chest and seeped through her veins with each pump of her heart, Kagome inhaled, feeling herself slowly slipping back, letting her body loose control. She watched the hanyou through eyes that had been opened for her, watched his expression change to one of surprise as the blue aura grew stronger and stronger.

"I am here.." her lips formed the words and she heard the melodic voice of her dreams, yet the heart breaking longing was gone.. Kagome closed her mind's eyes.. after all those years, she would give Midoriko some time alone…

Images, like moving pictures flashed by in her mind, images of the priestess clothed in the palest blue standing on that sunlit hill, yet her eyes were no longer on the distant horizon waiting for the one to appear.. This time..

There was..

There was someone beside her..

The man who had resembled Inuyasha so much stood beside the miko, no more the man who had intended to kill her.. his arm enclosed around Midoriko shoulders protectively as the gentle breeze played with her dark hair, carrying the scent of wild flowers that dotted the green hills..

Already, she was beginning to feel lighter, as though the burden that had been imposed on her lightened. Even as she closed herself away from the world, she could feel Midoriko's light fusing with that from the soul in the hanyou.. a blue light fusing with red.. a burst of bell like laugher.. Kagome smiled inwardly as the last of the weight lifted from her, her eyes opened and she was amazed to see the entire room filled with violet light, within that light, a scarlet sphere orbited. Red and blue fused together.. two souls together.. once again..

Are you happy? Kagome asked the space before her. There was no reply, instead, the aura intensified until she was almost blinded by it. Then, as abruptly as it was shown to her, it began to fade until the room was once again dark from the rain outside.

Kagome looked at the scarlet sphere, small and delicate in her hands, she sank to her knees and wept. Deep inside, she knew her job was done.

His youkai senses adjusted slowly and he blinked, forcing the last of the light from his eyes. Inuyasha exhaled, feeling full control of his body again. He gazed down at the weeping girl, resisting the urge to hold her, to stop the trembling of her body.. but will she trust him again? After all that had happened, he wasn't sure if he could trust his own body again.. he almost..


Almost killed her.. if he had not been successful in stopping the soul within him, his claws would be stained with blood.. Her blood! Inuyasha shuddered at the thought, he had been weak, despite all the promised he made, he was weak, so weak that he was unable to stop a human soul from taking over..

He stood up slowly, possibly it was better if he left, perhaps right now, before she could look at him again. Inuyasha turned, his bare foot sliding on the tiled floor and stopped, go! He commanded to himself, better to leave that to hurt her more..

Yet he couldn't leave, he was unable to keep the soul from hurting her before, but at least, he would make sure that she was not alone again..

She felt hands cupping her cheeks, lifting her head up with a gentleness she had never felt before. She did not resist, slowly she lifted her eyes until it met the depth of the pools of gold before her. The hanyou, a small part of her registered this and she wondered why he was still here.

"I.." he murmured, his own voice sounded unsure to Kagome as though she hadn't heard it for years.

"Why are you still here," she said, not as a question, but more or an invitation for him to leave. Everything would go back to normal now, she would pretend that she had never known the hanyou.. after all, there were no more reasons for them to be together.

His golden eyes flicked, as though he had been struck by her words. She said nothing more to intensify this, yet her face showed no emotion. She had her old mask on.

"You.. really hated me.." he replied.

"As would any Hunter," she had plan to tell him this in her old Hunter's voice, yet she was shocked to hear that the words had came out in a whisper, almost full of sorrow. Why.. She asked herself, why regret? The same emotion she had felt within Midoriko.. Midorikos emotions? But.. but the miko was no longer here..


"I she heard him begin, yet instead of continuing, his voice trailed to a stop. From the corner of her eye, she watched his head lower, as though in defeat.

"I.. didn't intend," Inuyasha murmured, yet was there any use explaining? She had answered him in such a manner that left no more room for explanation. She cannot forgive him for trying to hurt her, he knew.. if he had been her, he wouldn't have forgiven himself either..

"Of course you haven't intended," she replied, his head jerked up and a flood of hope rush through him. Perhaps she understands… perhaps she understood his attempt to prevent the soul's act of hurting her after all.

"You.. understand?" He asked.

"You didn't intended to do anything," she whispered, brushing his hand away. "It wasn't you from the beginning, you weren't the one who did all those things to me.. you weren't really the one who saved me that night."

"But we're.. soul.."

"We are nothing," she said, so coldly that Inuyasha fought back a shudder. "Don't you get it.. our meeting was a mere coincident, if the soul of Midoriko's lover had not been inside you, we would have never met."

Inuyasha said nothing, the hand that had been brushed away hung loosely by his side, he formed a fist with it, so hard that the nails bit into the palm of his hand. She was right, he knew, their meeting as just coincident, she had no reason to consider him as anything. There were really no reason why he should feel..


Feel those emotions that had formed, unknown to him that night she was attacked by the rogue youkai..

The emotions that made him take the blow.. made his blood boil at the thought of her being hurt..

Kagome felt tears welling in her eyes again. Those works had meant to hurt, to hurt him the way he had hurt her.. for allowing the soul take over, for allowing the emotions that hurt her form. She didn't understand, why didn't the feelings go away, even when she knew it wasn't him.. why should she have feelings towards him when all of his action, from the very moment she met him, were not really his? It wasn't Inuyasha who had saved her, or bitten her but the soul that took over him.

Yet those words.. they had meant to hurt him, yet it was hurting her so many times more..

Watching the down cast expression on his features, watching the movement of his hand.. she wanted to deny everything she had said.. to.. to..

But I am a Hunter! She cried out to herself.. those emotions.. they were very wrong.

She was so foolish..

The rain outside continued, how long had he been in her home? She wondered vaguely, others would come for her soon, perhaps for another mission. She didn't want him to be caught.. Yet why would she give a damn whether he was caught or not? Kagome was suddenly angry with herself. Why would she care whether he lived or died?

She heard him move, heard the ruffle of his red haori as he stood up, there were no more words, nothing more from him. He was leaving her.. perhaps never to return.

Don't.. regret.. again.

The phrase rang out in her mind and she looked on at his turned back that seemed so familiar.. so similar to the one in her dream.. Had that been what had happened to Midoriko.. two people unable to express their feelings? She had wondered why Midoriko had not returned the man's call.. yet now..

Was she doing the same as what Midoriko had once done? Rejecting the feelings that was building up inside?

Don't regret again..

"I.." she said in a voice so small that she wondered if he had heard, his ears twitched and he turned, looking at her inquiringly. Kagome glanced out the window at the raindrops hitting the pathway..

"It's still raining, you'll get wet…" she said, forcing her voice to sound casual, yet she knew there was no stopping the overflowing emotions that seeped into her voice, her eyes, her movement. She gazed up at the warmth in his golden eyes and her lips formed the word..


The End

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