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It had been several months since the incident that had ended up with Kai in hospital and Boris in jail, and the nightmares had all but vanished. They remained, but were much less vivid and occurred very rarely.

He didn't drink coffee anymore; the beverage had caused him more than enough trouble for one lifetime. However, he had become fond of drinking coke every now and then.

Kai had warmed up to the others a little... Make that very little, but it was still an improvement. He did, however, avoid answering their questions about his past and the nightmares that had plagued him at all costs.

Sometimes he still had those nightmares, but they were nothing compared to what they had been before. No, now they were rare, short incidences that left him feeling slightly disturbed. They were rarely more than black dranzer's red eyes searing into his soul for a moment, followed by the faint smell of smoke, nothing more.

Kai was currently sitting on the balcony railing of their hotel rooms, legs dangling over the side as he ran a finger over the visible, however small, scars on his arms before turning his hands over. He stared blankly at the palms of his hands, but not really seeing them.

Though everything seemed to be back to normal, Kai still couldn't get over the feeling that had been brought sharply into focus throughout the incident. His hands were the ones that had touched, launched, that had freed Black Dranzer, allowed it to do so much evil. The blood flowing through his veins also flowed through Voltaire's. The small scars that littered his skin were each a symbol of how every punishment from Boris had brought Kai one step closer to being exactly what Boris wanted.

Kai felt as if his hands, his very soul, were contaminated with something that could be removed. He couldn't help but hate himself, how impure he felt he was.

He couldn't stop feeling so tainted. It was as if there was still something inside of him, something he couldn't put his finger on, that kept him that way...


Night had fallen now, casting everything into its shadows. Kai looked up at the dark sky for a moment, but made no other movement.

He knew the darkness; it had hidden him in its folds many times. Hiding him, offering safety. But it also hid other things, dangerous things. The darkness that so readily offered him sanctuary was willing to turn on him whenever it got the chance. Then, later, it would return, leaving Kai in a cycle he hadn't had control over.

All darkness was the same, no matter how you looked at it. It was like him, unable to pure itself, unable to come forward and have its shadows washed away.

The darkness was Kai, tainted for all eternity.

Kai clenched his hands into fists, eyes narrowed in disgust towards himself. It wouldn't matter how much he changed, how much he tried to make up for past incidences, his hands were stained. They would never wash clean.

In his own eyes, he would always be tainted.

And Kai hated himself for that.

Forcing himself away from the subject, Kai allowed his mind to wander as he got off the railing, walking back into the room. The air was warm against his slightly cool skin, making goosebumps rise a little. Kai could hear the sound of the TV blaring in the next room. He could only hope it wasn't a horror movie, or he'd have to put up with a bunch of sniveling children that couldn't sleep and, inevitably, be too tired to train tomorrow.

Children... Yes, that's what they were, a group of children who, unlike him, could live under the fantasy that the world was wonderful and perfect. Well, okay, maybe he was exaggerating a little... Maybe.

Kai sat cross-legged on his bed, closing his eyes a moment.

He certainly didn't expect to see a pair of glowing, red eyes glaring at him from the darkness, or hear a familiar screech. Much like Dranzer's but much, much sinister.

Garnet eyes flashed open in a flash, and Kai gasped for moment. His panting subsided as he scanned the empty room. He must have dozed off and had a bad dream... Yes, that was the explanation...

Satisfied, Kai turned around from where he sat to watch the dark night's sky through the window, wondering just how long the program the others were watching was.