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Mimi Tachikawa surveyed the scene from her position at the doorway. She almost didn't want to enter. But what would be the point of coming all the way from New York to Odaiba if she bailed now?

Closing her fists in determination, she noticed that her left hand felt oddly empty. Almost always that hand had her son's own tiny hand closed in it. Her two year old, Jamie. The man in her life. The single only person she could trust. But he wasn't here tonight. He was at home, being babysat. Mimi felt like a part of her was missing.

Her dress swayed slightly in the draught. Tai had wanted formal for this reunion. Ten years since Davis and the gang had finally defeated Myotismon. Felt like fifty. Mimi was wearing a long pink strapless satin dress. Tulle under the skirt made it stick out a little way, and diamantes traced the neck and hemlines. Her waist length chestnut hair was pulled up in a loosely pinned messy bun.

Mimi bit her glossed lip, and her fingers began playing with the silver and diamond choker around her neck. She couldn't do this. She had to leave. She was just about to flee when Yolei spotted her.

"Mimi! Is that really you? You look fabulous!"

Yolei hadn't lost any of her vocal ability. The purple haired woman left Ken's side and rushed over to where Mimi was now stuck uncertainly to the spot. She was trapped now. She had to live out the night. That was her goal. Live to see morning's light. Breathe, Mimi, just breathe. Yolei was balancing a baby on her hip. It couldn't have been more than five months old. Yolei herself seemed to glow. She was dressed in a black ball skirt and a dark red bodice. Mimi smiled slightly. Always a good idea to wear dark colours around young babies. She remembered that all too well.

As should Yolei, really. This was her third kid. Mimi wondered where the other two were.

As if hearing her thoughts, Yolei said, "Oh, Michaela and Reece are with Ken's mother tonight. They love staying with their grandmother. But I just couldn't leave Erin. She needs to be with mummy."

Yolei had married Ken the day after she had turned eighteen, and they'd had Michaela, their first child, nine months later. Reece was born a year and a half later, and now they had little Erin. Ken was head of some extremely influential company that Mimi couldn't remember the name of. He often had to go on business trips, but he refused to ever be away for the weekend. He claimed he had to return to his loving wife and wonderful kids, and that they were so much more important than his job could ever be. Mimi smiled. Those two had just been meant to be. Not like herself and another digi-destined.

While Yolei chattered on, Mimi found herself scanning the room. There were TK and Kari, Kari looking lovely in a white chiffon dress with long flared sleeves. They were together as always. Engaged, in fact. Kari had the diamond band around her ring finger. TK had spent a whole two years worth of savings on that ring. He'd wanted his love to have the best. Mimi looked down at her own hands. Nothing. He'd always said he'd marry her one day. But that was before.

TK was at university studying to be a journalist. He had the promise of a job at a high prestige newspaper on graduation. Kari was the same uni doing a design course majoring in photography. She was coming top of her year, but she didn't care. She was only there to be close to TK.

Davis was standing nearby, rearranging his Armani suit. Mimi couldn't help grinning as he watched TK jealously. Davis had started his 'Noodles, Noodles, Come Get Your Noodles!' cart four years ago. Then it had been a small, localised business, and Davis had to run everything himself. Nobody would have guessed that now it would be an international, multi-million dollar corporation. Davis had everything. A penthouse apartment with the best view in the city, complete with spa and swimming pool, a special edition Ferrari, and a ski lodge in Aspen.

Well, almost everything. The only thing he really wanted was tied to TK. Poor Davis had never been able to understand why Kari had chosen a guy with only half a degree and a hundred dollars to his name, over a millionaire who could give her anything she could desire.

Mimi's eyes continued to scan. They rested on Izzy, Joe and Cody. The three men, all dressed in identical suits, were standing near the bar, laughing. Izzy was another hugely successful member of the group. He had modelled a system that linked the Digiworld to the real world when he was sixteen. Then at eighteen went to work for the Relations with the Digiworld sector of the UN. Now he was head of that department, and an obscenely powerful young man. Joe was, as everybody had expected, a doctor. He worked for Odaiba hospital, and regularly performed miracles. He was dating a nurse named Amelia, and it was rumoured that he was going to propose to her. Cody was a barrister. One of the best in the region. He was very highly sought after, and because of this, very wealthy. He was still short, but nobody noticed any more.

Moving on, she saw Tai. Standing with Sora and Matt. Good old Tai. Always the dramatic one, he was dressed in tails, complete with top hat and cane. He was a diplomat. Who'd have guessed? After being identified as the leader of the original digi-destineds, he had been offered the job. He'd had to cut his hair though. The currently held belief was that old hairstyle had got stuck in the door on his first day, and it had needed a trim so that he could fit through the doorframe.

Nearby was Sora. Mimi had to admit that her old best friend was looking great. She was wearing a midnight blue velvet dress. She was a part time tennis instructor, and spent the rest of the time taking care of her child. Ben. He was about the same age as her own son. They could be good friends. Yeah, right.

And standing there, his arm loosely wrapped around Sora's hips, was Matt. Damn that man. Damn him to hell. How could he do that to her? How could he have the nerve? He was a rock star, but it didn't mean he could treat ordinary people like dirt.

Mimi sighed as she looked back at herself. Everybody had been so successful in achieving their dreams. That is, everybody except her. Sure, she had money. Her dad was a millionaire, for goodness sake. But it wasn't enough. She'd wanted to be a movie star. Famous. One of the big celebrities of Hollywood. But she'd failed. What was she? A single parent. And a hostess for a cooking show. So what if her show was number two, right behind Jamie Oliver, in the ratings? It wasn't the same, and it never would be.

It had taken her five, long, back-breakingly hard years to land that job. It had only got worse after Jamie was born. She couldn't do that any more. She didn't have the strength. She wasn't able to struggle through the crowd of wannabe stars. What made her any better than them? Nothing, that's what. Most of them were younger, prettier and without her responsibilities. They didn't have a two-year-old to take care of. So why would anyone hire her over them? They wouldn't.

"Mimi? Mimi? Hello? You there?"

Mimi blinked a few times then smiled. "Sorry Yolei. Must have spaced a bit."

Yolei just grinned back. "It's okay. Come on, let's re-introduce you to everyone."

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