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A little bit of Irish luck.

By Starlite1.

Heartland apartment building,



The day dawned clear and bright. With the rising of the sun, Katherine rose, just as she always had done. Within minutes she was under the cool spray of the shower. Quickly she washed her body. As the water doused over her back, she involuntarily winced at the pain that lanced through her shoulder. She finished and rinsed off the soap, before getting out, grabbing her towel, her feet padding on the dark blue tiling back to her bedroom, where a crisp uniform lay neatly on her bed. Draws opened and shut, cupboard doors slid, and she sighed. In the early light, she pulled on her blazer. On the collar, the rank insignia flashed. Her feet were still bare as she once again padded back to the bathroom. A small sigh escaped her lips, as she looked at the face in the mirror. It was not so long ago that a young and disorganized face of a teenager would have looked back at her. Now, the face that stared back was one that had been to hell and back. Her eyes which could never decide which colors they were now showed the pain and suffering from the trip to hell and back. Her fingers deftly braided her dark blonde hair. A touch of lipstick, and she was ready to go. She grabbed her new briefcase, put on her cover and exited her apartment. On the way out, she grabbed a cereal bar from her cramped kitchen. Quickly Katherine got into her Mazda RX 8. Silently the car's wheels carried her along the street. Out along the highway she drove, on into the future. She was ready to face the world again.





When Katherine first entered the office of the Judge Advocate General, She was greeted with the sight of a marine and a Navy officer seated side by side at his desk, both arguing heatedly. Patiently, a man with a bald crown patiently listened as his two officers debated their different points of view. Just as the argument began to become dire, she gently tapped on the door. At the sound of her knock, the two officers spun around. The man stood up behind his desk.

"Commander Katherine Clovier reporting as ordered, Sir!" she said, snapping to attention.

"At ease." The admiral smiled, "I'm Admiral AJ Chegwidden, and these are Lieutenant Colonel Sarah Mackenzie, and Commander Harmon Rabb."

Mac reached out a hand, "More commonly known as Mac."

"And I'm otherwise known as Harm." He added, also extending a hand.

She spoke nervously, "For me, it's just plain Katherine."

"Well, welcome to JAG. Now onto other matters.."

*********** Katherine thanked Tiner, who had shown her to her new office. It was filled with boxes and packing containers, all waiting for her to come along and give them a new home. There was a large window right behind where the desk was already set up. A bookcase lined one wall, with a filing cabinet next to it. A few mounting hooks were up around the room. Yep, she thought to herself, this is going to be fun.


Comdr. Clovier's office,




There was a knock at her door. Katherine looked up from her unpacking, "Come in, please!." She called out. A young man stood at her door, wearing a standard Navy uniform. The rank insignia indicated him as a Commander. His face was young and open, with rusty blonde hair streaked with ginger. He had eyes that were a deep, dark green. They made almost instantly want to trust him.

"Good morning, sir. How can I help you?" she said.

"I'm William Sanders. I'm here about the Colorado case. But it looks as if your busy at the moment..."

"What? Sorry, I haven't even got up to the stage of even considering looking into some of the files which have somehow been stacked up onto my desk, sir." She apologized guiltily.

"Well, it's the thick one which makes other files look pint-size. By the way, could you please drop the sirs, cause they make me feel old. Just call me Will. By the way, if you want, I can come back later, after you've had a bit of a chance to tidy up..."

"Doesn't matter. If you don't mind the mess in here, then we can double up on the effort. You can tell me about the case, and I'll try to create at least a temporary ordered chaos in here. So what are the main points of the case. By the way, take a seat, if you can find one." She suggested.

"I like the sound of that. Now, the Colorado case is, at the moment, a bit of a hellish tangle of insanity. We've been given the job of defending." He stated.

"So what are the mains of the case? I mean, what's brought this up to the stage where it's come to be a full JAG hearing?" she said, pulling out a clock from within a carton perched on her desk. She placed it up on one of the hooks.

"Well, the fact that there were numerous casualties.. I really need to go through from the start. About two months ago, the U.S.S Colorado was out on standard duty in the Gulf...

USS COLORADO, on duty in the Gulf.

Location Classified

12 December, 2003.

1200 Zulu

"Hey, Mike, how long is it until we're due back at base?" Captain Sam Strathown asked his first officer, a grin pervading over his tired face. Six months in the Gulf never did anyone any good.

"32 hours, 45 minutes and 30 seconds as of..now, sir!" Lt. Comdr. Mike Richardson the communications officer called out as the bridge raised a cheer. The first officer Kyle Varian looked up with small grin.

"Good to hear. Now let's continue home, straight and true." Captain Strathown ordered. The Colorado's bow slowly began to pull it's bow away from the coast of the gulf, and began on the course home. He turned as he went towards the hatch, "and if you don't mind, I'm going to get a quick cup of coffee. You have the bridge, Number one."

"Aye, Sir." Varian said. She took her place in the command chair, her blonde hair bouncing as she sat down.

Half an hour later, sirens were blaring out across the ship. Captain Strathown ran up onto the bridge. "What the hell?"

Varian quickly jumped out of the command center, and headed back to her post at engineering.

"the hell is two missiles on an intercept course, Sir. And as for arrival time, we've got less than two minutes!" reported Tammy 'Click' Crolleini , the radar expert on board.

"Where did they come out of hiding from?" he demanded.

"haven't got a clue, sir."

"That's just great. Just great." The captain walked over to his chair, and sat down, before almost instantly standing up once again.

He came up behind Click, "Well, what do you suggest that we do, then? Sit here and wait to die? Sit here and wait until some guy decides to blast us over to kingdom come?"

Click fixed him with a glare that could have killed, "Never, Sir. I believe that the best course of action for us would be to take evasive maneuvers, no matter how futile that they may seem. If we don't then we won't stand a chance anyway."

"Well then, keep on moving this great floating brick! I really don't want to see the water littered with the flesh and blood of the Colorado."

"Aye sir."

The entire ship began tense, wired, as the great motors slowly turned. Click's hands went white as they gripped onto the edge of her console.

There was a blast that blinded..

And silence....

"And the took what amounted to around the power of a few tons of TNT in the form of twelve separate warheads. Half of the crew was lost, or died later as a result of injuries. Now, our job is to find out what went wrong. So if the command crew i.e. if there was any fault in the way that Capt. Strathown, Lt. Comdr. Richardson, Comdr. Varian or Click had done anything wrong." He outlined.

Katherine looked at him in puzzlement, "Click?"

Will looked up in embarrassment, "Lt. Tammy Crolleini. She's a radio whiz, the daughter of Italian immigrants, about five foot one, blonde hair that can't be controlled, and an attitude to match, her identical twin is Comdr. Varian, and they're one hell of a full on pair. Both are devious as anything, and the only reason that Click isn't a commander is because of the extra training that she took on top of the engineering that they both took. Varian had been married, as you can tell by the surname.." he drifted off at her look, "What? I went to the military college with them."

"Yeah, right." Katherine said with a raised eyebrow, "Anyway, if you don't mind, I would like to keep on getting this into some kind of order. But can you tell me anymore about each of the primary crew members?"

"Sure Now, as for the Captain..."

Lunch came and passed, accompanied by boxes of Chinese take-away. As well as pictures and prints, tables and timelines were placed on the walls. Shelves became filled with books, brass knickknacks, and piles of files. An old vase took pride of place on Katherine's desk, right next to a file that looked as though it could have burst at any moment.

As the afternoon progressed onwards, the stack of boxes lessened, but the heap of problems only got higher.

Will was leafing through a booklet of papers, "Hey, Katherine, take a look at this! Have you noticed-"

From across the other side of the bullpen, there came a cry. A door slammed shut, and a slim, dark hared in a Marine uniform just about raced out of the JAG headquarters. Not a soul dared move.

For the first time in what seemed like an eternity,

Sarah Mackenzie was crying.

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