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I don't know what you'll think of this fic and I don't know what exactly this is going to be but I just typed out this first chapter so read it if you like. Yeah. Um. have fun!


It was Wednesday and Sora loathed it. He loathed it because today was his first day at the new school. Everyone was staring at him, whispering in hushed voices as he walked past them, trying to find that damned classroom. He had no idea about the building and the fact that he didn't even know which class he was in made it even worse.

He sighed, feeling his stomach twist in nervousness. His first day and he was already going to be late. In his old school he had no problems whatsoever but things changed since his mother got a new job in this new town. They had to move, move from their cosy, if small, house into another small one, which was not cosy at all. It was a shabby apartment but Sora wouldn't complain because he knew how much his mother worked just to get them through. It had been hard for them ever since Sora's father died. It was a stupid car accident and Sora wondered why in the world his father had to be the one dying in that accident and not the drunk who was driving the damned car.

A sudden row of giggles and whispers pulled the boy out of his thoughts. He thought the group of girls was laughing at him, it wouldn't surprise him. After all, he was standing in the middle of the hallway with a lost expression on his face, seeming even more confused than he was. The fact that he was almost one year younger than most of the people here was also making him nervous. Most people born in August would have gone to school one year later but he went anyway and so he was always the youngest in his class. In his old school, this hadn't been a problem but here? He didn't know if his new classmates would accept him. Were the girls already laughing at him? It would just be his luck.

But he was wrong, for the girls weren't laughing at him but giggling and gushing about someone who came striding down the hall.

"Ahh, see, he's got a new shirt! I saw him buy it at this fancy store!" one of the girls exclaimed, getting heart-shaped eyes and a flushed face as she told the story of running into - and there was the name Sora didn't catch - as she was going out for some shopping.

"I heard he's got a girlfriend now, you know, that girl from class B. She's in my drama class," another girl whispered. Immediately a row of surprised murmurs ran through the group. Some girls insisted that it was just a rumour and that their God did not have a girlfriend. Some said that it must be true since the two were always hanging around each other.

"Kairi is her name, I think? But why is he interested in that girl? I mean, okay, she seems like the perfect girl and she's nice and she's pretty and.." A sigh travelled through the group and they all had hopeless expressions at this.

"What a perfect match. Riku and Kairi."

Sora's ears perked up. Riku. He thought he had seen that name somewhere.

'Must remember...must remember...think, Sora,' he told himself, wondering where he could have seen that name. It wasn't on TV because ever since they came here he had no television. The only thing that kept him connected to the outside world was the occasional newspaper he found. Not that they actually got it, they couldn't afford anything beside the most necessary food, but Sora wouldn't complain, no he wouldn't.

And so it struck him, as the girls swooned one after the other and a boy passed them, flashing them a smile that seemed charming, yet empty.

Silver hair that fell gracefully around the line of his perfect neck, a face shaped like something that was not known to man, for it seemed too angelic to be anything from this world. Sora gulped as his eyes wandered up and down to inspect the boy, who was coming closer, even towards him.

The eyes, he noticed, were green. No, they were blue. Actually they were both. It was weird and so mesmerizing at the same time; the way his eyes took in every surrounding color and mixed it into his own swirl of greenish blue, so enigmatic and so perfect, Sora felt paralysed.

"Hey, I haven't seen you anywhere before. Are you new?"

Sora felt like swooning, too, now that he heard that voice. 'Must keep calm, must keep calm,' his mind chanted, forcing him to keep his nervousness down. How uncool it would seem if he just started to squeak and faint like the girls. Nope, he would not be uncool, not in front of this gorgeous.

"Oh God...." he heard himself squeak and felt a sudden rush of blood come to his face.

The angel before him smirked, perfect lips moving in a swift motion.

"Guess that means yes, huh? Troubles finding the classroom, right?"

Sora dumbly nodded since he was too afraid to say anything else. He would just make a fool of himself, acting like a stupid girl seeing her crush. But he remembered now, now that he saw this boy close up. Yes, this was Riku, the Riku. He had read about him in the newspaper, seen a black and white photo of him which didn't do him any justice now that he could see the utter beauty in real life. That boy, the son of the richest man in the city, or even country, he wasn't sure. But he knew that this Riku boy was said to be the most talented kid ever, that he was intelligent, knew how to play the piano and that he had amazing skills at sports. All in all, Riku was perfect, and he was rich, too. He was, probably, everything Sora was not and wanted to be.

"Well, I'm Riku and I think you're Sora, am I right? I've been told to take care of you for the first few days since you're new here. They told me you'd be cute but I didn't think..."

He paused, leaning close to the other boy's ear, while Sora began to blush furiously.

"...you'd be so adorable," he whispered, pulling back to wink and the brunet.

'Nosebleed,' was the next thing Sora knew and before he realized what was happening he was in the bathroom with Riku who was helping him to make it stop. The silver haired boy gently wiped at Sora's nose with a few tissues and brushed some bangs out of the flushed face. He was smiling all the while and Sora would not look up at him in fear he would just get another nosebleed. He was panic-stricken, now that he knew what effect this boy had on him. And the fact that he had not even said a word yet made it all worse. How would he be able to stand school, knowing that this boy was around? He was in his class!

"I guess you're not really talkative?" Riku eventually asked, waving his hand in front of the other boy's eyes to make him snap out of his daze.

Sora bit his lip. He was talkative. He just wasn't right now. He shook his head to say so but then realized that it could have meant the opposite, too.

He finally opened his mouth. "I am talkative! I can talk like a waterfall when I'm excited but I just don't feel like talking right now!" he huffed in a pouty fashion.

Then he blinked. Cursing himself, he rolled his eyes at his childish outburst. Something about this Riku-guy made him feel inferior, and he wanted to beat him. Riku had everything he was dreaming of. He was popular, whereas Sora had never had many friends. He was intelligent, while Sora had to struggle for his good marks. Life had been hard on Sora while Riku seemed to be wrapped in a cosy blanket of luck and glory...

Sora then blinked again, wondering how he could think like that. He didn't even know this boy. He had only read about him in the newspaper, seen him for a few minutes now, but did he really know this boy? He remembered the smile he had given the girls. Charming, yes, but empty in a way. Like a mask he was wearing. But was he really? Or was Sora just making everything more dramatic to give it some sense?

He sighed. This was stupid.

Riku only smiled, and wiped one last time to make sure the bleeding at stopped. He threw away the tissues and patted Sora's cheek as though he was a baby.

"Good boy," he mocked, smirking once again at the blush that came up on Sora's face. The brunet pouted and lightly shoved at the other boy.

"Heh, I think we should go now. I'm school representative and all but we should still be punctual." Without further words he took Sora's hand, pulling him along as they walked out into the halls again. Most pupils were gone now, probably in their classrooms and the two boys hurried into their own classroom. Sora tried to memorize the way since he couldn't rely on Riku forever. He had to get a map of this building or something to find all the rooms on his own when he needed to.

Eventually they arrived at a door and Riku knocked lightly before opening it. As they entered the room, a horde of rabid girls began to screech and faint while the boys either groaned at the outburst or simply nodded in respect at Riku. The teacher, who was a woman around thirty, rolled her eyes but Sora could see a blush on her cheeks.

"Good morning, Riku. I see you've decided to join us?" she asked, trying to sound a little sarcastic but failed as the silver haired boy's charm enveloped her.

"Um, yes, I had to take care of a few things, I'm sorry for being late. This is Sora, by the way and he'll be our classmate from now on," he introduced the boy next to him and Sora noted how uninterested all the girls seemed. They were all focused on Riku and didn't care at all for Sora. He slumped his shoulders a little and looked around to see if there was a vacant seat. In fact, there were two in the back row, but one probably belonged to Riku. The seat next to that was vacant, too, so he would definitely sit with Riku.

"Ah, well, Riku, I'm glad you're here. So, let's sit down and begin with our lesson." She smiled sweetly at Sora and gestured him to sit down with Riku. They obeyed and Sora waited after Riku took seat next to a girl who was surprisingly calm instead of squealing and giggling like the others.

The teacher began to talk about something but Sora wasn't listening. Probably not the greatest idea in the world but he couldn't care less at the moment. He was more interested watching Riku and the girl, as they scribbled notes and passed them to each other. Riku smiled occasionally, shaking his head slightly while the girl gave him some looks, which Sora could not really identify. Either she was mocking him or admiring him, he didn't know.

Then, after the teacher had finished the boring talk and went to the task of writing on the blackboard, a few pupils started to whisper and chat with each other. Sora smiled at this. At least some things were still the same as in his old school. Riku and the girl stopped passing notes and began to whisper to each other, too. Sora looked at them, wondering if it would be rude to listen to their conversation. He felt a little excluded but noted that Riku was glancing at him out of the corner of his eye more than just once. It seemed he was checking if he was still there or something.

Sora shrugged.

"I heard you were overrun by your groupies yesterday?" the girl whispered, chuckling slightly as she saw Riku's annoyed face.

"Kairi, please don't remind me of that again," he muttered, casting another short glance at Sora before turning back to listen to the teacher.

Sora raised his eyebrows. So that was the girl, Kairi. The girls in the halls had been talking about her. How perfect she was.Well, she did seem okay, different from most of the girls here but was she really Riku's girlfriend? Sure, they seemed to be close but they didn't seem like being an item and in Sora's opinion, they didn't even match. Of course they were both nice and somehow different from the others but he would have taken them for siblings, not a couple.

Riku noticed Sora's frown as he glanced at the boy and turned his head.

"Something the matter?"

Sora immediately tensed, attempting to shake his head but he was stopped by Kairi's voice.

"Aww, see what you've done?" she playfully scolded and tapped Riku's shoulder.

The silver haired boy turned back to her and blinked. "What? What did I do?" he innocently asked, holding his voice low so the teacher wouldn't turn around. The girl gave him another one of those looks Sora couldn't decipher and Riku rolled his eyes.

"Oh please," he muttered. Kairi chuckled and shrugged.

Sora was confused. These two seemed to talk without talking at all. Were they some kind of telepaths or something?

Riku turned back to him and gave him a smile. "You'll get used to this all. Just take a few days to adjust but I promise you this school is really fun."

Sora knew Riku was trying his best to do his job, to 'take care' of him to make sure he would adjust to the school. It was his job as school representative, obviously enough.

"Yeah, sure," he answered, reaching into his bag to take a sheet of paper. He scribbled something, crumpled it up and passed it over Riku to Kairi.

The silver haired boy raised his eyebrows as he found himself excluded from this message and frowned.

"Hey!" he exclaimed as he saw Kairi giggling and nodding at Sora, who smiled back at her.

The teacher turned around and a few students stared at the three teens in the back row.

"What, Riku?" the teacher politely asked.

The silver haired boy winced. "Whoops..." he muttered, then shook his head. "Ah, nothing. I'm sorry." He lowered his head, smiling sheepishly at the woman who immediately melted at the sight.

"Aww, that's okay, Riku." She turned back to write on the blackboard and Kairi and Sora rolled their eyes. The girl gave Riku a light punch and snorted.

"Mr Perfect is even taking over the minds of teachers. Shame on you, you charming monster," she joked and Riku rubbed his temples in annoyance. Sora chuckled. Charming monster, yes, that was what he was. Too charming for his own good. Too perfect to be true. Everyone would fall for him, no matter if they were girl or woman, boy or man.

Everyone would fall for him, and Sora had the feeling that he just did.

- To be continued? -


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