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NOTE: You should read Platy's MarySue Mockfest2003 before you read this; otherwise you might not understand some of the characters, and some of the things that are written.


Once upon a time there was a goddess.  This goddess had two children, both of whom were rebellious, and made their mom's job much harder.

Celestina Windbreaker, Goddess of Mary Sues, was the oldest.  She tormented her mother with her actions (although not necessarily on purpose—only sometimes—but it was in her nature; it was her very being that made her do the things she did.  However, it was her personality that made her enjoy it).

One day she went too far.  She did one too many tenth-member Fellowship stories, and the Goddess of Canon (her mother) cracked down on her.  Celestina was grounded.  Celestina was going to plot her revenge.  Someone might be sorry, and Someone might be made to pay…

Chapter One

Celestina Windbreaker, the Goddess of Mary Sues, was boring a hole into the wall with her deep, dark purple with just a hint of gold in her eyes eyes.  She had just been grounded.  *She* had just been grounded.  She had just been *grounded!*

Celestina was amazed.  That had never happened before.  Okay, so maybe she had been grounded once…or twice…or five or six…million…times, or more, but she conveniently forgot that minor detail.  It didn't sound as good as saying she'd never been grounded.

So anyway, she had to find a way out of this dilemma; find some way around it.  In this case, it meant sneaking out of the house when Mom wasn't there (figuratively speaking.)  And what better time to do that when she was not there?  (She was checking on something relating to canon.)

Ms. Windbreaker decided to look for another 'Sue.   A different 'Sue.  But the Fellowship would not get 'Sued.  No, she was afraid enough of her mom to not try to mess with the Fellowship for a while.  For a while.

She left her heavily perfumed, meadow of wildflowers bedroom, which had butterflies of every color imaginable to man (and some that weren't) and went to her office.

Celestina sat down in her nice, padded, leather swivel chair and took out one big (and by big, I mean hugely thick and fat) file.  And then she started on the task of looking through the file for the perfect Mary Sue.  It was going to be a long day…

A/N: Okay, humor/parody is NOT my forte.  I've just decided that.  I know this is kind of short, but it was the perfect place to end it.  I couldn't make it end, otherwise it really wouldn't work.  Oh well.  If it's too short, then you can always review, and tell me…(hint hint)