The Venom of Tomorrow

By: Bolt Lightning

Notes: This story will be posted on I plan on working on this story for a while so that I do not get so tired by only working with one. It does become a bit bothersome to only type on one story. I cannot use all of my ideas and I find that it tends to be harder to write. This story WILL have a sequel so I also have to work with that in mind. Enjoy…

The Dawn of a New Age

Harry Potter lay on a lumpy mattress in the smallest bedroom at Number 4 Privet Drive staring at the pealing paint on the ceiling. It was just two days after he had returned "home" to his "loving family" and so far he had not been forced to do any chores whatsoever. It seemed as though the threats made by Mad - Eye Moody along with Tonks and Remus had gotten through his aunt and uncles thick skulls. Now they would not even look at him and he could not help but think that this was some sort of improvement.

None of this mattered to the teenager and he could care less what his last living relatives did. He had seen death before and could not help but think in some morbid way that it was attracted to him like moths to a flame. Many people that the black haired teen knew had died not because of their acquaintance with him but because they were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Harry admitted to himself that he was never that close to Sirius and the pain was not as hard to deal with as one would think. Long ago he had dealt with his feelings about death. Crying in his cupboard while trying to imagine what his mom and dad would be like if they were still alive was the only time that he mourned death and that was shortly before his enrollment in Hogwarts.

Still, it tore at his heart to lose another person who could have become something like a surrogate father to him. One had to wonder how many lives would be lost in this war that was just beyond the horizon. He was tired of being pampered and treated as though he were a piece of china that was about to break.

Professor Binns and Nearly Headless Nick had probably already told the headmaster about the conversations that he had with them that took place shortly before the end of the year. Everyone who was present saw how down in the dumps he was those last days of the semester. Most thought that it was just because Sirius had died but it was not. He had made a foolish mistake that caused his godfather's life to be taken prematurely and that only seemed to intensify the pain because he fell into the trap set by his nemesis. What was witnessed at the end of the year by staff, students, and friends was nothing but self-loathing mixed with sorrow.

Breaking out of his reverie he sat up on the bed and placed his bare feet on the cool wooden floor. Times were going to get rough and he knew that right now he had hardly any skills. Once Voldemort came to put his neck on a pike he had no way of defending himself. It was not like speaking with snakes would help him because the bastard could speak with the cold-blooded beasts as well and heaven forbid if he lost his wand. God life was just peachy king.

"Well, I might as well get started on my homework," he spoke to thin air as he grabbed his Transfiguration textbook along with several roles of parchment, a quill, and a bottle of ink.

Several hours later and an essay completed he sighed as he blew on the parchment to dry the still fresh ink. The assignment was "Describe human to animal transfiguration and the difficulties therein" with a two and a half roll minimum. Harry swore that the old woman was a slave driver. She was not as ruthless as Snape, was the head of Gryffindor and a little partial to her own house (especially when it came to the Quidditch cup), but she was still a slave driver in her own right. Stretching and yawning he made his way downstairs to the kitchen to put together a bite to eat. The Dursleys were all huddled around the television watching some sort of stupid game show where people ate gross stuff to try to win money. Nobody had bothered to call him down to dinner not that they cared if he rotted away or not as long as they did not get into any trouble. After making a sandwich and cleaning up the mess once he was finished he made his way back to his room to turn in for the night.

Remembering that he had been told to write to the members of the Order every three days he picked up a piece of parchment and began to make the letter before he fell asleep.


How is everyone? I am sure that you are all fine. Not much is going on here since the discussion at the beginning of summer at the train station and the Horse, Hog, and Pig have behaved. You can expect the next letter in three days.

What will come will come and I will be ready for it when it does...


The next morning Molly Weasley was shocked to see Hedwig fly through the open kitchen window as she was making breakfast. Hermione was well as the rest of the Grangers were staying at Grimmauld Place, as it was the safest place for them now that dark times were on their way. It was common knowledge that the two Gryffindor sixth years were best friends with Harry Potter and would thus be likely targets. Walking over she untied the parchment from the snowy owl's leg. After being released from her burden she had taken off out of the window again without waiting for a reply. The plump red head could not help but think that this was odd behavior from the owl as it usually waited for a reply to take back to her master. Shaking her head she opened the letter and began to read.

The days wore away and within a week Harry was finally finished with his homework. Well, almost all of his homework with the exception of potions. Professor Snape's assignment was "List and describe the ingredients and procedures used in the creation of the Draught of the Living Death and tell both the positive and negative aspects of its use." Of course the assignment was not in any of the potions textbooks that Harry had and he knew that he had a snowballs chance in hell of ever stepping foot into Diagon Alley this year. IF he was allowed he knew that he would have a full entourage of Order members tagging along.

Bored out of his skull at the lack of absolutely anything to do he did the only thing that he could think of which was to begin reading his books again. Starting with his first year transfiguration book he made a startling discovery. There were at least six chapters that they had never gone over. Spells and wand movements were told that he had never seen in the class. Checking the other years he noticed that this was a trend. Each year they would get a brand new book with brand new spells yet they never finished. (A/N: This stuff really does happen and it begins to piss you off when you buy and hundred and eighty dollar book and only go through nearly nine out of thirty four chapters.)

Slowly but surely he began to understand Transfiguration a little better. Setting down the fifth year book he prepared to start on his charms texts when he noticed that he had several new additions to his room that made it a little more cramped than it used to be. It seemed as though Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia had decided to get their "Darling Duddleykins" a brand new weight set and had loaded the others in here. There was a weight bench and several cracked weights. Seeing nothing better to do he went over and began to lift weights. After all, book smarts cannot take you everywhere. Getting into a regular routine he never really noticed the time begin to fly by. He was not very muscular but was better off than what he used to be and he understood all of his subjects better (all except for Divination which made absolutely no sense to him whatsoever). One thing that Harry hated the most of all was that he was still very short for his age and could be classified as a midget.

Five foot four inches was NOT very tall. Hell, he knew of second and third years that were taller than him. He had to look up at everyone he talked to. Harry swore to himself that as soon as he got to Hogwarts he was going to drink some Skelegrow. Ron thought in fourth year that Hagrid had just gotten hold of a bad batch of skelegrow when really his burly friend was a half giant. It pissed him off to no end that he could not reach the top shelf on a bookcase. Things were beginning to look up for Harry as he matured. That would all change on his birthday.