The Venom of Tomorrow

By: Bolt Lightning

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Chapter 2 - Birthday Blues

The neighborhood of Little Winging was silent on the night of the thirtieth of July. The residents of this area were not awake and were sleeping peacefully in their beds before they had to go to work the next day. Several of their children were awake fooling around and doing things that would disgrace the families if the information ever came out to the public but the parents were blissfully ignorant of this. Truth to be told several of the families new what their children but they did not care what happened as long as the neighbors did not find out. Each family strived to best their neighbors in anything from how expensive their car was or how pretty their flower beds were and would not let the neighbors see anything that could cause any gossip. In Number 4 Privet Drive the Dursleys were all nestled snug in their beds but there was one soul who lived with them that was not. The young boy no the nearly full-grown wizard awake on that street was none other than Harry Potter.

Everyone in the Muggle world believed that he was a juvenile delinquent and an all around bad egg who went to St. Brutus' Secure Center for Incurable Criminal Boys (Sheeewwwww...wipes the sweat from his brow that comes from saying incredibly long words that do not really mean anything to the story) thanks to his only living relatives. Every year they strived to make his life a living hell and Harry seriously doubted that he would be able to ever get a job in the muggle world even if he had tried. No one wanted to befriend the "lazy lag about" let alone give him a job. Alas, I have gotten off of track talking about his relatives. The importance of this day was that it was his birthday and he was the only one that lived on Privet Drive that would think of it as more than just another day.

Before Harry began attending Hogwarts he would not have expected anything for his birthday and may have even forgotten it a couple of times. Now that he had friends and a surrogate family it was a day to look forward to as the presents that he received told him that he was not forgotten, that he was not a freak, that he was not the boy who lived, that he was somebody and that he had people out there who he could depend upon no matter what. The clock stuck twelve and he looked out of his window expecting to see a flock of owls heading toward him any minute now but there was only one approaching speck in the midnight sky.

Hooting, the lone owl flew through the window that the teenager opened and landed on his bed. Hedwig was inside of her cage since he would need to send the owl to the order in the case something possibly fatal were to happen, such as death eaters knocking on his front door. At first Harry believed that Dumbledore had once again forbidden owl post to him just like he did the summer before but when he opened the letter and the parcel attached he knew that this was not the truth.

Dear Harry,

Happy Birthday. Well at least I think that July 31st is your birthday. The trip to the Department of Mysteries at the end of the last school year was simply marvelous and truly invigorating. I hope that we can do it again. Daddy and I are going to go to Africa to search in the several of the jungles there for the elusive Crumple Horned Snorkack. See you in September.

Luna Lovegood

P.S. Are you planning on continuing the D.A. this year?

Pissed off was not the only word that could be used to describe Harry as he ripped open the paper to pull out a necklace made of macaroni and string. The owl had already left not waiting for a reply and if it were not for the fact that his uncle was liable to take his stuff away he would have yelled, screamed, and threw the rickety chair that sat in front of his old broken down desk through the window. Beyond furious Harry launched the "jewelry" out into the night as far as he could throw and it ended up hitting the window of the house across the street.

"Some friends I have. They can't even be bothered to remember my birthday after all the time that we have known each other for Christ's sake. A crazy girl that I have known for barely one year remembers what everyone else seems to have forgotten. I know there is no damn restriction this summer or Luna's owl would have never been able to make it here. Even Remus, the last of the true Marauders, has forgotten that this was my birthday. Well I say to hell with them and to hell with the Order of the Phoenix," muttered the boy who lived to himself under his breath as he plopped himself down on the mattress and laid back.

Knowing that there was something positive that he could do with his anger he made his way over to a pile on the floor and picked up the barbell, added several more weights than what he normally had on it and began working out swearing that he would make them pay forgetting him in this suburban hell hole. One day he would get his revenge. First though he would have to pay them all back for everything that they had done for him in the past so that he would not feel obligated to NEED to pay them back in the future.

Time seemed to fly by and before he knew it he could hear the Dursley's getting up for another day. (The sounds of agony from the floorboards sounded like they might have given way to the massive pressure, which in all actuality they probably would one day.) Deciding that it would be good to actually eat a meal with the "family," Harry made his way downstairs and sat at the table awaiting the company. Several minutes later aunt Petunia made here way into the kitchen where she totally overlooked her nephew as she began cooking the enormous breakfast for her "growing boy."

Harry was sitting at the table in the kitchen and literally twiddling his thumbs when his uncle walked in to set down and read the newspaper. It was thus a shock to see his nephew sitting at the table when the freak had barely left his room all summer. Vernon's face turned purple with unsuppressed rage that his wife was slaving over the stove while the kid lounged around doing nothing.

"What do you think that you are doing BOY!? Sitting on your sorry arse while we slave over you! You ungrateful piece of trash!"

"Good morning to you too uncle Vernon. You do not mind me sitting here for breakfast do you?"

Uncle Vernon got even madder and one could swear that steam was coming from his ears. Aunt Petunia turned from flipping the pancakes in the skillet and began to open her mouth to speak. It was obvious that she was on the side of her husband since she despised magic so but before she even began Harry started up again.

"You do remember my friends from the train station do you not? Then you also remember the threats that they made to you at the train station. If that is not enough then you should know that they are watching this house as we speak."

Both of the adults looked around the room and Petunia closed the curtains after looking though the window. Neither of them liked their nephew but they did not want those other freaks to come around. That one that had visited them on that midnight of Potter's eleventh birthday was bad enough.

"Maybe it would be a good idea to remind you that next summer I will be seventeen and allowed to get kicked out of school. Hagrid, that big bulking man who visited that stormy night oh so many years ago did not even get to finish his third year at school," a look of dawning horror crossed Petunia's face while Vernon stood there not comprehending it yet, "By now I have had twice the education that he has had. I do not like you and you do not like me so at least we have that straight. You could say that if you scratch my back then I will scratch yours."

"Okay boy, let us hear it," Vernon spoke with a growl.

"Aunt Petunia has heard of the horrors that Voldemort inflicted before he was struck down," after seeing her nod he continued, "what you do not know is that the people that are watching this place want me to fight him. ME! They say that they are here to protect me but the real reason is that they are here to protect themselves. I am supposed to kill the bastard but I know that I cannot do that and I want out. This is where we get to the proposition. Uncle Vernon, while you are gone to work I want you to pick me up a decent running motorcycle and get me books so that I can get my permit (A/N: I know that this is what it is like in America. As I have no clue what it is like in any other country I will go by this. Anyone with a permit can ride a motorcycle by themselves but to have a passenger with you requires a license.), and find out and write down the directions to the music shop that was right beside the leaky cauldron that you took me to before." (A/N: I do not think that they did but let us say for all purposes in this story that they have.)

Uncle Vernon began to sputter and begin to refuse but before he could the boy who lived continued, "In return I will give you anything that you want. I can brew a potion that will make Dudley loose all of that weight, I can give Aunt Petunia a fertilizer that will make her flower beds envied by everyone around for their beauty, and I will make sure Uncle Vernon that my shadow will never darken your doorstep again as long as you are alive."

A grin spread across their faces as they realized how much that this would benefit them. It would cost a bit for the motorbike but other than that they would be free of the boy, have a healthy son, and every woman in her Flowers Guild would look up to Petunia.

Vernon held out his hand and taking Harry's, shook it once and said, "You have a deal."