Summary- Seto and Ryou are too lonely people. What if one gets the others name for a school project? What happens when after the project they get together as a couple? What happens when Bakura wants Ryou for himself and will do anything to get him even if it means lying?

Two Simple Wishes

By: MissPatriciaPotter

Chapter One

Ryou was currently sitting his desk. Around him other people were chatting with their friends, and trying to finish their homework before the class started. Ryou was not like them. He was in his favorite class English. The reason he loved English was because he could loose himself in the beautifully written works by other authors. Ryou was one of those people that always had their homework done. Plus it was always done correctly. He was one of those people that got the highest marks in the grade and was favored by most of the teachers. Yes Ryou Bakura seemed to have it all, but he didn't. He wanted something that everyone else had, a friend. It wasn't asking for much was it? Ryou was just asking for someone to listen to him when ever he was down, someone he could call to just talk, and to tell things to. Ryou was alone; he hid himself behind his schoolwork. It was what he considered his safe haven. He was sort of not alone here. Sure he had no friends, but at least the teachers talked to him. Ryou was always smiling, but behind that bright simile was a life full of anguish. You see everyday Ryou had to go home to an empty house. There was nobody there to ask him how his day was or comfort him when he was feeling like the whole world was against him. His Father was an archeologist, who was always at digs. Ryou rarely saw his Father. When he did it was only for a couple or days or something like that. Ryou's Mother had died of cancer when he was younger. His sister died too. Ryou was alone and he knew it.


Seto opened his locker and grabbed his English binder, along with the book they were reading in English class. Once he gathered that all up he headed to his class that he was already late for. The reason he was late was because something had happened to one of the computers so they had to call the boss to sort out. Seto hoped the teacher was not there yet. He did not want to deal with a teacher yelling at him. Seto walked into the open door and took his spot that was beside Ryou Bakura. The teacher was not there and Seto breathed a sigh of relief. Seto took out the book that he was supposed to be reading and began to read.

About five minutes later the teacher came into the room. She was one of these teachers that you did not want to get mad at. It was one you would always hand in your homework or suffer the consequences. Other then that the teacher was one who was one of the best, and really knew what they were teaching. The teacher's name was Mrs. Ray. She was about fifty but did not look it. She often wore a skirt that went down to her knees, and black high top shoes. Her shirt was a white blouse that had long sleeves. She always wore her soft brown hair up on top of her head in a bun. She walked towards her desk and sat down. She then began to take attendance.

" Bakura, Ryou" Mrs. Ray called out.

" Here" Ryou replied in his usual quiet voice. Mrs. Ray smiled and continued to take the attendance. Soon all the names had been called out and the absents had been marked.

" Now class" Mrs. Ray said after attendance had been done. " We are going to start a project. Now this will involve writing but it will be minimal. The project will to be to write one wish down, and then each person will pick one. You as the wish maker will try everything in your power to make the wish come true." Mrs. Ray paused for a minute and then continued " is there any questions." Mrs. Ray asked with a simile.

One girl that sat in front of Seto raised her hand. She was known as one of the popular ones. The one's that everyone had to copy.

" Yes" Mrs. Ray said while pointing her finger to the girl.

" Well, I was jus wondering how far can the wishes go. I mean not many people may able to make my wish come true." The girl finished with a smirk and then she glanced to the back. Apparently the girl had a crush on a certain someone that was sitting in the back. If that was not far enough she licked her lips and gave the person a quick simile then turned around to listen to what Mrs. Ray was saying. A middle finger could be seen pointing toward the girl.

" That is an excellent question" Mrs. Ray said. " These wishes have to come from the heart. They can't be something like I want a million dollars or something like that. They have to come from the heart, something that you want and you don't have but you can't buy it either."

Mrs. Ray handed out pieces of paper. They had on the following.




Ryou was pondering what to write. What if one of the popular kids got his wish? What would happen if they made his life a living hell? What would happen if someone who really cared got his wish? What would happen if his wish came true? Ryou wish was to get at least one true friend. One that actually cared about him. One that would listen to all his problems. It was something simple, but something some people could not commit to. Some people rather liked to go behind people's backs and talk about them. They totally ruined the person's reputation. Ryou had that happen to him, he could not trust anyone more. He had lost that a long time ago. The ability to trust came easy to some people but others it was hard. For Ryou it had been shattered into many pieces by so called friends. In other words trust came hard to him. Ryou picked up his pen and wrote in his neat handwriting

For my wish I would like a friend.

Meanwhile someone else was thinking about their wish. Seto Kaiba was sitting straight up in his chair staring at the paper before him. What would he wish for? Sure he had everything a person could ever want, but he wanted something else. Something that money could not buy someone to listen to him. A friend. Not some person hired only for the sake that they were getting paid to. Everyone else felt he was so lucky because he owned his own company and had a lot of money. That was not true, he was forced into becoming a coldhearted businessman. Seto picked up his pen and wrote in his small neat business like writing:

For my wish I would like a friend.

Authors Notes: I don't know how well that was. I wrote this a while back when I was bored in science class. On another note I will need a beta reader for this story, so please e-mail me at or . Umm so please review. Thanks for reading.