Welcome to "The Meaning of Friendship" aka "Trunks and Gohan's Crazy Adventures in a Land Called High School". This was an idea that just popped into my head and I needed to get out. I also needed something to get my inspiration back. I have to admit that my inspiration to write has gone out the window and I think I needed something new to get me back on track because, as you've noticed, "Judgment of the Heavens" is going nowhere fast (I swear, it's just the part that I'm on that I'm not inspired to write) and I needed a new story line.

Anyway, "Judgment" hasn't been abandoned, it's just waiting for the right amount of energy. In the meantime, I've decided to pursue an idea that hasn't seemed to have been used a lot: Trunks (of the Mirai persuasion) and Gohan in high school together. Oh the trouble they could get into.

In order to make this story, I'm going to be taking a lot of liberties. One is that I'm changing the timeline a little and Gohan is going to be going to school only 6 years after Cell, making him 17 instead of 18. Second is that Trunks is 18. I'm completely ignoring the fact that the time he spent in the Room of Spirit and Time aged him at all. The third, and final, thing is that Gohan has continued to train since Cell, as I usually have happen in my stories.

With that said, this story will loosely have plot, and it will focus on incidents of Gohan and Trunks living through the high school experience. Of course, there will be Gohan/Videl romance stuff in here and I have something planned for Trunks (I don't know what yet, but I'll figure that out). This story will be mainly a romance humor with mild to moderate Gohan torture, depending on how evil I'm feeling that particular day.

So, I hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, the incredibly sexy Gohan and Mirai Trunks do not belong to me, as well as the rest of the DBZ universe. They belong to luckier people out there. You know who you are, you bastards...

--------Chapter 1: The Arrival of a Friend----------

It was, as usual, a rather unremarkable Thursday in the lives of the students of Orange Star High. The same boring lectures and teachers passed through the minds and classrooms of the students, presenting them with information that would simply go in one ear and out the other in favor of other, more important information. Like, what am I going to wear/say/do on that date tonight? or, in the case of Son Gohan's precocious and obviously Saiya-jin mind, what's for dinner?

So it was no wonder that, at the precise moment this story embarks on, not a single student in room 2-5 paid any attention to the words of the Health Ed teacher standing in front of them. Only the aforementioned Son Gohan, Saiya-jin warrior extraordinaire and savior of the known universe, was paying the slightest iota of attention.

With a small sigh, Gohan glanced about the room, shoving aside his wonderings of what wonderful meal his mother would concoct for him and his brother later that evening. His keen eyes caught glimpses of notes being passed back and forth and his sharp ears picked up the whisperings of side conversations between friends. The corners of his mouth twisted into a small, bittersweet smirk at the thought of friends.

Gohan had only been attending Orange Star High for about a week and a half, but it was soon established that not many people desired to befriend the young Saiya-jin and those who did were reluctant to bring a new person into their already, pre-established groups of friends. Gohan knew this, but was not too terribly troubled by it. Most of the personalities he had encountered in his short tenure at school were ones he didn't want to be associated with.

But, that still didn't mean that the 17-year old young man didn't get lonely and want for companionship during the school hours, someone his age he could relate too. Gohan sighed again; there was no one alive in the universe that could relate to him. Gohan's unique heritage pretty much guaranteed that he would never fully relate to anyone in the ways he wanted, but he had accepted that fact. But, Gohan was hopeful that someone would show up at Orange Star High that he could be friends with. It was, after all, only the beginning of his junior year and he had a whole other year after that to find companionship. Gohan resigned himself to waiting for friends to come and would instead concentrate on school.

Gohan snorted inaudibly at the thought. He had established early on in the first day that school would be easy for him. So far, everything he had learned at Orange Star High had been review and didn't look like it would be anything but for the rest of his high school career. When asked by Gohan why he was going to Orange Star, the Son family matriarch, a one Son Chi-Chi, answered that going to for a couple of years and getting a degree from a well-known high school would further ensure his acceptance into a good school and provide him with the social opportunities he would need to survive in the real world. Gohan conceded to her point and hadn't asked her the question again. But, still, Gohan was going to need additional study material to keep his mind sufficiently stimulated throughout high school.

While Gohan was musing over where to acquire said study material, a familiar ki suddenly popped into existence. Gohan immediately sat upright, his attention sufficiently caught and turned his head sharply to look out the window. No way, he thought, it couldn't be…

From beside him, Eraser noticed the sudden movement and was curious to know what could spark Gohan's interest.

"Psst, Gohan," she whispered, trying to catch his attention. She liked the young Saiya-jin. She thought he was incredibly sexy, like the rest of the female population at Orange Star High, but had decided against pursuing a relationship with him due to his incredibly naïve and innocent nature. The rest of the female population had decided the same thing, unable to find a way to approach him.

"What?" Gohan whispered back, just as quietly, turning back to face Eraser.

"What's up?" she asked. Gohan gave her a small smile.

"Nothing, just remembered something I have to do." The answer satisfied Eraser and she nodded, turning to face forward in her seat again.

From the other side of Eraser, Satan Videl watched the scene with a careful eye. Out of all the girls at Orange Star, she was the only one who still pursued Gohan, but in a completely different way than most females would think of when presented with the incredibly attractive Son Gohan: she wanted to find out every little secret that Son Gohan possessed. There was something about him from the first moment she laid eyes on him that struck her and it wasn't his looks. There was something hidden behind those innocuous eyes that spoke of greater things and Videl wanted to know what they were.

That and the fact that she noticed very distinct similarities between Son Gohan and the mysterious Gold Fighter that showed up the first day of school. Just that knowledge was enough to keep her hounding after him, attempting to ferret out his secrets.

But, if she had learned anything in the last week and a half, Gohan wasn't one to be intimidated into revealing his secrets. She would have to be subtle in her investigations, a tactic she despised using because it usually required her having to get close to a person and Videl wasn't a very open person to begin with. But, if that's what it took, Videl would attempt to become friends with Gohan.

Health Ed continued to go by at a snail's pace and, now, Gohan was anxious to get out of school to investigate his findings, a strange hope rising up in his chest. Lunch couldn't come soon enough and Gohan was faced with the dilemma of whether or not to cut school during lunch. Gohan's sense of what was right won out in the end and he decided to stick out to the end of the day, even if it killed him.

And, to Gohan, it felt like it almost did. The rest of the day couldn't go by fast enough and Gohan had to keep himself from bolting out the door like a bat out of Hell. But, blessedly, school drew to an end three hours later and Gohan was out of Orange Star like a shot. He quickly gathered his things from his locker and ran up the roof, taking off so fast that no one would have been able to spot him.

He raced towards West Capitol, fully intent on getting there. He reached Capsule Corporation, his final destination, in less than 20 minutes, landing inside the complex and racing inside, intent on reaching the ki he had felt so suddenly earlier in the day, a ki he hadn't felt in 6 years. Pushing his way into the central living room, his suspicions were confirmed. A familiar, purple-haired teenager sat with Bulma on the couch, chatting excitedly. Gohan broke out into a huge smile.



Several minutes before, Mirai Trunks sat talking to his mother, albeit his mother from another dimension, when he picked up on Gohan's ki and was pleasantly shocked.

Damn, his ki has grown since I last saw him. He's obviously been training in the years since Cell, Trunks thought. He smiled as he realized the speed at which Gohan was traveling at; someone was obviously in a hurry and Trunks knew his final destination. Trunks waited patiently, explaining to Bulma what he was doing there and the obvious accident that had put him into the future of the alternate dimension.

It wasn't long until Gohan showed up, almost falling as he ran into the room, his shoes skidding on the hard surface of the floor. Gohan looked at him with face that screamed disbelief and surprise before crying out his name. Trunks stood up and walked over to Gohan, giving the young man an enthusiastic hug.

"Gohan, my man, how are you doing?" Trunks asked. Gohan completely ignored his question.

"What are you doing here?" Gohan asked and, after further scrutiny, added, "And why do you look the same as you did after the Cell Games?" Trunks smiled, a certain sadness in the gesture.

"I've come to live here to be with family; in my world, my mother just died. An unavoidable accident." Trunks paused to look away for a second, burying the memories of coming home to find Capsule Corp a complete wreak and no traces of Bulma's ki anywhere in the world, before looking back up at Gohan.

"And, as why I look the same it's because only a couple of months has passed since I returned from the Cell Games. But, as to why the time machine decided to spit me out in this time of this dimension, we're still trying to figure out. But, it appears we are now about the same age."

"Yeah, well you're still a little older than me," Gohan reminded. Bulma chose that moment to speak up.

"Well, that was quite the entrance, Gohan," Bulma smirked. Gohan smiled widely as he glanced over at his self-proclaimed surrogate mother, much to Vegeta's irritation.

"Sorry, Bulma, but I've known Trunks was here the moment he arrived and it was Hell waiting through the rest of school to come over," Gohan said, hoping that it would explain his excited behavior not two minutes ago. Bulma laughed it off.

"It's fine, Gohan, it was just amusing," Bulma said, gesturing to both Trunks and Gohan to join her on the couch. Both teenagers complied, sitting across from Bulma on the L-shaped couch. A sudden though popped into Gohan's head the moment he sat down.

"Hey, where's the other Trunks and how is he dealing with this?" Gohan asked. Bulma rolled her eyes.

"Well, he's in the gravity room with Vegeta. I swear, that man will never stop until he's beaten you, Gohan." Gohan smiled; Gohan had kept up with his training over the years and Vegeta had never been able to break the barrier that Gohan had effortlessly done 6 years ago. Bulma sighed and continued.

"And, as for what the other Trunks thinks about this, he thinks that it's pretty cool that his time twin has made an appearance and is staying."

"The only thing now, is how we're going to be told apart," Trunks said, trying not to cringe at the thought of what awful names could come up in the attempt to find a way to tell them apart. Fortunately, it was Gohan who had it.

"Well, when you two are in the same room, we could always call you Mirai to distinguish you," Gohan supplied, "Seeing how you are from the future. And when you're apart, we'll just call you by your name." Both Bulma and Trunks nodded.

"Hey, that's not a half bad idea, isn't it mom?" Trunks said, turning to Bulma to see her approval. Bulma shook her head.

"No, it's not. I think it's a pretty good idea." A sudden grin appeared on Gohan's face.

"Hey, if Vegeta mad that there's another person in existence who's stronger than he is?" Gohan asked, noticing that Trunks' ki was still significantly higher than Vegeta's. Trunks laughed.

"Yeah, a little. I mean, it's different for me because I'm his son, but it still irks him to no end." Gohan got a good laugh out of that bit of information.

"So," Gohan said, changing the subject, "What are you going to do with your time now that you're here?" Trunks shrugged.

"I don't know, really. I've thought about going to school. I mean, in my time, mom home taught me until the android threat was too much for me to be home schooled while trying to take care of it. So, I'd like to finish my education." Bulma smiled, having not known that until that moment.

"That's wonderful, Trunks. Gohan over here is going to school as well. Maybe you two could attend school together." Both Trunks and Gohan smiled at each other, both finding merit in the idea. Trunks nodded.

"That sounds pretty good, mom. I'll look into it." Gohan smiled, hoping that Trunks decided to go to school with him. He stood up and looked at the mother and son pair.

"Well, I better get home. I have homework to do and mom'll be wanting me home soon," Gohan said as he adjusted his school bag. Trunks and Bulma nodded.

"See you later, Gohan," Trunks said.

"Drop by any time," Bulma reminded. Gohan smiled.

"I will," Gohan said, "Oh, and Trunks, tell me when you've decided on the school thing, ok?" Trunks nodded.

"Sure thing. I'll let you know soon." Gohan nodded his thanks.

"Great, bye guys!" With that, Gohan was out the door and well on his way, praying that Trunks would go school with him.


Friday and the weekend had passed without any word from Trunks on whether he was going to Orange Star or not. Gohan knew he could still attend high school since he was still only 18, just a few months older than Gohan.

Sure, 18 is a little old for a junior, but not by much, Gohan thought as he flew to school on Monday morning.

"I hope he decides to come here," Gohan muttered to himself, "He didn't say anything yesterday when we sparred, but he was acting a little funny, like he had a surprise or something." Gohan shrugged it off as he landed on the roof.

"Oh, well. All will be revealed soon." With that, Gohan entered the building and proceeded down to his classroom. He quickly reached his seat and took out the required notebook for his first class. People milled about around him, holding friendly conversations as they discussed their weekends. Gohan smiled, knowing that a similar kind of conversation was finally within his grasp and there was a person who Gohan could relate to on everything.

We're the only half human, half Saiya-jin teenagers in the universe, Gohan thought wryly as he set his bag underneath his chair and readied himself for the beginning of class. Class started in short order, the wild-haired homeroom teacher stepping into the class room and setting his bag down on the table.

"Good morning, class. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend," the middle-aged man spoke. A few grumbles rose from the class about the weekend not being long enough. The teacher smiled at that; the same response every time.

"Well, I'd like to start out this morning with something special. We have another new student." Gohan's heart stopped in his chest. Was it Trunks? Gohan scanned the area with his ki and didn't find anything, but that didn't tell Gohan anything; Trunks could be suppressing his ki.

"Apparently, we have another genius on our hands. He scored a perfect on the entrance exams, just like our own Son Gohan back there," Gohan blushed at the compliment, "And I hope you all make him feel welcome. You can come in now, son." Everyone's eyes turned towards the door and it opened, Briefs Trunks walking slowly into the room, displaying not a hint of nervousness. Decked out in a pair black jeans, a tank top, and his Capsule Corp, jacket, Trunks looked like he had not a problem in the world. Gohan smiled; the school year just got a whole lot more interesting.

Around him, he could hear the words "dork", "geek", and "cutie" floating around. Apparently, a whole lot of the girls found Trunks' looks to be very appealing while the guys harbored the same prejudice for anyone that scored well on a test.

"Hi, everyone," Trunks spoke in his soft baritone, "My name is Trunks and I'm happy to be here." Apparently, that was all Trunks was going to say.

"Well, I suppose that's enough of an introduction," the teacher said, "You may take that empty seat up there at the end in the second to last row." Trunks turned to the teacher.

"Thank you, sensei," he said before turning to move up to his seat. He tossed Gohan a smile as he took his assigned seat, the seat right behind Gohan's.

Videl watched as the purple-haired student made his way up the stairs, a look of suspicion on her face; it was a similar suspicion that she felt towards Gohan, but minus the denied attraction she felt for Gohan. She saw the familiar smile in Gohan's direction and wondered about it. Her eyes widened as Gohan extended his hand behind his head, palm up and Trunks high-fived it quietly. Apparently the two new kids knew each other and she was going to find out how.


So, pretty good idea, huh? Those two boys are going to drive Videl completely bonkers by the end of this. I'm beginning to wonder if Videl torture is intrinsically woven in to Gohan torture...I think so...well, anyway, tell me what you think! Hopefully that'll get me to write faster. You know what they say: flattery'll get you everywhere! FateChica out.