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-----------Chapter 3: PE Mayhem----------

The next morning, Trunks all but crawled into his seat. Gohan, Videl, and Eraser were already in their seats, chatting about nothing in particular. All three raised eyebrows at Trunks' haggard state as he plopped down into his seat and allowed his head to land on the desk.

Gohan, Eraser, and Videl looked over at each other. Videl pointed up at Trunks with her thumb and shot Gohan a questioning look. Gohan shrugged and turned around to interrogate the half-asleep Saiya-jin hybrid.

"What happened to you, Trunks?" Gohan asked. Trunks lifted his head from the desk and looked down at Gohan with half-lidded eyes.

"You remember yesterday when dad wanted to see me?" Trunks asked; Gohan nodded, and Trunks continued.

"And you remember what you said about dad teaching me my heritage?" Once again, Gohan nodded, though Eraser and Videl were confused and curious about what heritage Trunks was talking about.

"Well," Trunks continued, "Guess what I did until 4:00 in the morning?" Gohan raised his eyebrows in surprise.

"And, what did you learn?" Gohan asked, eager to see if Trunks had learned anything interesting. Trunks sighed and brought up a hand to rub his eyes, hoping that the action would help him wake up.

"More than I wanted to about dad's history," Trunks said. Gohan nodded in understanding, suddenly a bit subdued; he knew more than he wanted to of Vegeta's colorful past too.

"Nothing that you can help with, however," Trunks said, referring to the learning of Saiya-go, "He said he'd get to that in a few weeks." Gohan chuckled.

"Well, hopefully he won't keep you up until 4:00 in the morning anymore," Gohan said.

"Yeah," Videl said, speaking for the first time, "You look like shit." Trunks just glanced over at her.

"Thanks," Trunks said sarcastically. Videl gave him a mock sweet smile, causing Eraser to laugh at her expression.

"You're welcome," Videl said with a voice as sweet as her smile. Gohan had to suppress a laugh at Videl's tone, biting down on his lip to do so. Trunks was about to come back with a snapping retort when the homeroom teacher walked in, cutting off all conversations that were currently going on. Gohan turned and gave Trunks a supporting smile. Trunks smiled back and spent the next three hours trying to stay awake until he could get his hands on some coffee.


The only sound to be heard was the shuffling of clothing as both Gohan and Trunks changed for gym. Gohan had brought the pants to his navy gi and a gray T-shirt while Trunks wore gray sweats and a white T-shirt. Both outfits covered up the muscles of the two young Saiya-jins as they stood in a secluded corner of the guys' locker room where prying eyes couldn't see.

Wordlessly, they both placed their clothes into an empty locker and walked through the silent locker room to the front door; everyone else had left and gone out to the gym, leaving Trunks and Gohan behind. Trunks sighed with apprehension.

"Well, this is it," he said. Gohan nodded.


"The moment of truth."


"The moment where we could be labeled freaks."


"The moment that the rest of our high school careers rests on."


"Are you ready, Gohan?" A brief pause.

"Nope." Trunks sighed in agitation, turning to look at Gohan, who appeared to be sweating bullets.

"Come on, we gotta go out there."

"Trunks, I'd rather face Frieza again than go out there. This moment was on my mind all last night, picturing possible scenarios and none of them were good. Can't we just ditch?" Gohan asked hopefully. Trunks cocked an eyebrow.

"Son Gohan, the poster child for academic honesty suggesting we cut school? Gohan, I'm shocked," Trunks said, "We have to go out there. We won't be able to avoid PE all year." Gohan sighed; he knew Trunks was right.

"Ok," Gohan said reluctantly, "Let's go." Trunks gave Gohan a firm push out the door and followed him out, joining the rest of the class on the bleachers as they waited for their teacher to come out. They took seats next to Videl, who immediately noticed the ashen look of fear on Gohan's face.

"What's wrong with him?" Videl asked Trunks. Trunks shrugged.

"He's just a bit frightened over his performance in PE," Trunks said. Videl thought she understood.

"It's ok, Gohan," she said to the scared young Saiya-jin, "You can't be perfect in everything. Not everyone is cut out to do martial arts." Trunks almost burst out laughing. Son Gohan, not adept in martial arts? The concept was totally foreign to him. For his entire life, Gohan had been his mentor in the martial arts, an infinite well of knowledge in the area. Trunks laid a hand on Gohan's shoulder.

"Yeah, Gohan, not everyone's cut out for martial arts." Gohan could hear the phony comforting tone in Trunks' voice and turned, giving him a sharp glare.

Yeouch, if looks could kill, Trunks thought as he removed his hand from Gohan's shoulder. Videl looked over at Trunks and Gohan, a curious look on his face. She could hear the sarcastic tone in Trunks' voice and saw the glare on Gohan's face.

There was definitely something going on, something not being said. Videl didn't know what it was, but it had something to do with what she had said. Had Gohan tried martial arts before and it hadn't worked out? Or was he more skilled than he let on? Videl didn't know what it was and it bothered her. From beside her, a voice drew her out of her thoughts. Videl turned to see Sharpener looking at her expectantly.

"What?" Videl said. Sharpener sighed in annoyance.

"I asked you if you were going to help Kawakami-sensei teach martial arts this semester," Sharpener repeated. Videl shrugged.

"I don't know. If he wants me to, than, yeah," Videl said. Sharpener gave another annoyed noise and Videl scowled at him as he looked away. She knew why he was annoyed and his annoyance pissed her off. It was like he thought he had exclusive rights to her. Videl knew he had been trying to get her to go out with him for the past three years, but she let it slide; they had been friends since 1st grade and she didn't want to ruin that friendship.

But she didn't approve of Sharpener's recent behavior during the past few days. Videl knew the reason was the appearance of Gohan and Trunks taking away all the attention previously devoted to him by Eraser and Videl. Videl could only roll her eyes at his childish behavior; she had thought him better than that, but it was apparent that she was wrong.

Typical teenage male, Videl thought with an inaudible snort. Another sound, once again, dragged Videl out of her thoughts. She looked over to see Kawakami-sensei entering the gym. All the students hushed as he drew up in front of the class, dressed in a white gi and holding a clipboard.

"Hello, class," he called out in a gruff voice, "I hope you're all excited to begin our martial arts segment. There are a few of you who do not need my training." He looked pointedly at Videl and Sharpener. "But you still may learn something new, so don't think you'll be able to slack off this year. Some of you I don't recognize and I know I'll be getting to know you as the year goes by. Now, I will be testing most of you.

"For those of you who I've had the pleasure of teaching, I will be testing for any progress you might have made since I last taught you. For those of you who have not had me as a teacher, I ask you if you have had any training in the martial arts and, if you do, I will ask you to show me what you can do. Is that understood?" The whole class nodded their affirmation. Kawakami-sensei smiled in satisfaction.

"Good, then let's get started. I will start with the students who I have not had before." With that, Kawakami-sensei looked at the clipboard in his hands.

"Ok, apparently the only two students I don't know here are Son Gohan and Briefs Trunks. Son Gohan, do you have any martial arts experience." Gohan started at being called without notice.

"Um, no, I don't," Gohan stuttered, almost gagging at the blatant lie issuing from his mouth.

"Ok, that's fine," Kawakami-sensei said, "How about you, Trunks?" Trunks didn't think he could speak the lie he wanted to, so he just shook his head. Kawakami-sensei nodded.

"Well, I'll be showing some basic moves after I test everyone else, so you can pick those up rather easily." For the next 45 minutes, every student, except for Videl and Sharpener, were tested for their aptitude in the martial arts. Gohan and Trunks just cringed at some of the bad forms and sloppy movements they saw. Soon enough, Kawakami-sensei was ready to begin teaching. With a single hand motion, he called up Videl to help him demonstrate.

"Ok class, we're going to be starting out with a simple series of punches followed by a side kick. Ready Videl?" Videl nodded, knowing what Kawakami-sensei wanted. She bowed at her teacher before executing three slow punches, all blocked, followed by a side kick, also blocked. Both Trunks and Gohan were impressed at how precise her movements were. Her motions may have not been that complex, but they were performed with an ease and precision that the two teenage Saiya-jins hadn't seen in many people outside of the Z-senshi.

After the demonstration, Kawakami-sensei explained all the movements, including the blocking. He then called up students in pairs, walking them through the simple steps until they could perform it reasonably well. Finally, he called up Trunks and Gohan.

"Talk about a challenge," Gohan muttered sarcastically.

"Yeah, if father could see us, he'd kick our asses to Vegetasei and back," Trunks said, equally as quiet, as they approached the front of the class.

"Well, I assume that you know the drill by now, having watched everyone else do it," Kawakami said, "So let's see how well you can do it and I'll walk you through after." Trunks and Gohan faced each other, trying their hardest to assume sloppy forms. They actually managed to do it somewhat convincingly for their classmates.

"Ok, Trunks, you attack Gohan with the moves I've shown you," Kawakami said, motioning for them to start. That's where things went horribly wrong. Trunks punched once, twice, and a third time, putting all his energy into throwing loose punches. Those Gohan was expecting. But, it was the fourth one that hit him in the stomach that caught him off guard. Gohan threw a glare at a sheepish-looking Trunks.

Trunks then pivoted and delivered the side kick. Unfortunately, at that moment, Gohan's instincts kicked in and, instead of blocking, he grabbed Trunks' foot and twisted, causing Trunks to spin and fall. Before landing hard, Trunks lashed out with his arms, knocking Gohan's legs out from under him. Gohan was so caught up with berating himself over his action that he wasn't prepared for what Trunks did and fell hard, landing on the floor.

The entire class watched with silent amazement at what happened. Was it a fluke or intentional? Gohan sighed deeply as he lay next to Trunks, his head by Trunks' feet. From by his own feet, Trunks' voice reached his ears.

"Gohan, you are such a bastard." Gohan propped himself up on his elbows and looked over at Trunks, an eyebrow raised.

"Excuse me, but my parents were married. How about yours?" Trunks drew in a hissed breath.

"Ooh, touché, but a good point," Trunks said. Kawakami-sensei walked over to the two teenagers lying on the ground, not even out of breath, and looked down at them.

"What was that?" he asked, curious to know. Gohan and Trunks exchanged a panicked glance before Trunks thought up an explanation.

"Um, it was something we saw in a kung fu movie," Trunks said hurriedly. Kawakami-sensei nodded in understanding at their excuse. Trunks sighed and looked over at Gohan, who was shooting him an ugly look. Trunks knew that look. It screamed, "That was the best you could come up with?"

"Well," Kawakami-sensei, "Just don't try those types of moves again. You're lucky you guys didn't get hurt." Trunks and Gohan both had the same thought to the teacher's words.

Hurt? Yeah right. They got up, clasping hands to help pull each other up. They walked back over to their seats and sat down, trying to ignore the look Videl was giving them. She didn't buy their excuse. She had been watching martial artists for years and they looked they had practiced martial arts before.

But why would they lie? Videl wondered.


The end of PE couldn't come with fast enough. And, with the end of PE, came the end of school. Videl caught up with Trunks and Gohan at their lockers, ready to question them on their activity in PE.

"Hey, guys," she said, catching their attention. Trunks and Gohan turned to see Videl approaching them.

"Hey, Videl," Gohan said. Trunks just gave her a nod.

"So," Videl said as casually as she could, "What was that all about in PE?" Trunks and Gohan froze for a brief moment and looked at each other before looking back over at Videl.

"Nothing, really," Trunks said, "Just something we saw in a movie."

"Yeah," Gohan agreed, "We were just playing around." Videl noticed in that moment that neither of them could lie to save their lives and they knew it. Both Gohan and Trunks knew that Videl wasn't convinced with their lie. But, Videl was somewhat satisfied; she was almost 100% sure that they were lying and that was half of what she wanted to know. She would just have to be patient to find out the other half, the reason why they lied to her. Videl tossed them a smirk.

"Well," Videl said, "Just be careful next time you want to try something like that, ok?"

"Ok," Gohan said as Videl opened her locker and rifled through it for a few moments. A few seconds later, she closed it and gave them one last smile.

"See you tomorrow," Videl said.

"Bye, Videl," Gohan called out as she walked away.

"Yeah, see ya," Trunks followed up. When she was out of earshot, Gohan turned to Trunks with a relieved look.

"Well, at least she didn't press us for information," Gohan said. Trunks nodded with relief.

"Yeah, she's really persistent when she wants to be," Trunks remarked. Gohan closed his locker door and turned towards Trunks.

"Hey, PE got me all worked up and I need a spar. Wanna come to my house with me and spar. You can also stay for dinner, if you want. I'll just have to call my mom to tell her she has another Saiya-jin for dinner." Trunks smiled at Gohan's offer.

"Sure, that sounds good. I could also use the spar. I was hoping to get one yesterday with father, but he just wanted to talk about our heritage instead of fighting. And, yes, I would like to stay for dinner." Gohan smiled back.

"Cool, lend me your cell phone so I can call home," Gohan asked. Trunks drew out his cell phone and handed it over to Gohan. After a quick phone call to home, where Chi-Chi gave her approval to have Trunks over for dinner, Gohan handed the phone back to Trunks.

"You can come over," Gohan said, "Mom has no problem with it."

"Cool," Trunks said, "It's better than eating food made by mom's kitchen robots." Gohan smiled.

"Which is, of course, better than eating your mom's cooking," Gohan said. Trunks considered Gohan's words for a moment.

"True," he said after a bit, "But the kitchen robots make everything to the exact conditions of the recipes. The food doesn't have much character to it. Not like your mom's cooking." Gohan smiled at the thought of his Chi-Chi's culinary abilities.

"Nobody cooks like mom," Gohan said, "No one even comes close. But, anyway, let's go." Trunks closed his locker and started walking next to Gohan as they made their way through the crowded hallway, completely unaware of the mass of girls watching them walk down the hallway. They escaped the confines of the school hallway unscathed, however, and ducked around the corner of the building. Wordlessly, they took off into the sky, flying at full speed towards the 439 mountain area.


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