Title: Safe in the Enemys Arms

Author: Queen Serenity

Fandom: Inuyasha

Chapter: Nine The Reason

Kagome ducked down in the water so that only her head was above it, still looking quickly around to try and find the source of the voice that had sounded oh-so-close to her.

Whos there! Her voice called out, but not very loud. After all, she was trying to find out if there was someone nearby, not trying to call every nearby predator to her.

However, her efforts were to no avail. Her searching eyes found nothing out of the ordinary around the stream, and found no person around other than her.

Great, just great, she sighed inwardly. Now Im hearing voices.

Naraku smirked from his hiding place, knowing there was no way that Kagome would be able to find him. After all, he was here now not as himself, but through one of his puppets which meant that there was no jewel shards for the girl to detect.

Back in the castle where his body was, Naraku returned to his consciousness. He gazed down at his palm, where rested a fine strand of raven-colored hair a strand that hed plucked from the head of an unconscious Kagome after hed killed the snake demon.

When he had saved Kagome, Naraku hadnt even really thought about it. Hed simply done it. Seeing the miko there, sleeping soundly, so unaware that her life was in danger, Naraku had felt a quiet rage towards the half-demon who was gone to be with the undead miko, leaving this girl unattended. It was so obvious that this powerful girl was completely devoted to Inuyasha So loyal and trusting.

And look how he repaid that trust. Even after growing up in this world and knowing the dangers that lay there, Inuyasha had left the girl unattended. Right after hed promised to always protect her. Despicable.

Afterwards, though, looking back on what hed done Naraku had realized that he had saved the girl so that he could still go through with his plan. Yes, that was it.

Naraku chuckled darkly. Inuyasha hadnt realized it, but he had just unknowingly helped Naraku a great deal in his plan. The way he had betrayed Kagomes trust had dealt a greater blow to the girl than Naraku himself could have.

Looking down at the hair resting innocently in his palm, Naraku murmured something, and the hair started to glow faintly before creeping up his arm, as though with a life of his own, before coiling itself tightly around one of his own hairs, becoming one with it. The glow faded.

Next, he plucked one of his own hairs and closed his palm around it, closing his eyes as he went into what seemed like a meditative state.

Meanwhile, now back in the puppet, Naraku opened his palm, where his strand of hair now rested.

A few moments later, Kagome didnt notice as a strand of hair crept in a serpentine way across the surface of the water and up onto her head, where it curled tightly about one of her wet hairs, becoming one with it.

After shed returned to where Inuyasha was, Kagome had packed up her stuff, prepared to leave once more. She ignored the pain of her injuries the pain in her mind was so hard to bear that it made the physical injuries seem like nothing.

Right as they were ready to leave, the sun was coming up. Kagome had only had a couple of hours sleep, but she was ready to get going nonetheless. They still had to get to that village to investigate about that demon theyd heard about, and Kagome wanted to get moving. She certainly wasnt going back to sleep, and there wasnt anything to do here but sit and talk with Inuyasha, which she didnt want to do.

And so they set off.

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