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Kagome Higurashi was riding in a car with her mother, grandfather, and little brother. Kagome's family was taking her to the mountains for a sking trip as a nine-teeneth birthday present.

Kagome's long raven hair was pulled back in a loose pony-tail at the nape of her neck andd her soulful brown eyes were sprakling with exitment.

"Sota, would you stop that already?" Kagome asked as she glanced iritatedly over at her little brother who was poking a feathered ink pin in her face. He had been doing that for the past thirty minutes and it was REALLY getting on Kagome's nerves.

Sota gave his older sister an innocent look. "What I'd do?" He asked.

Kagome frowned at him and stuck her toung out at him. "You are SO immature." Kagome mumbled as she leaned back in her seat.

"At least I'm not a big headed girl who gets all giggly when she sees a guy she thinks is cute!" Sota retorted, also sticking his toung out at his sister.

"Would you two cut it out back there?" Mrs. Higurashi asked with a chuckle. 'I swear, we haven't even been on the road for an hour yet and their already at each others throats.' She thought as she manuvered the car around a patch of ice in the road.

It was the middle of winter and the night before the Higurashi family had left for the mountains it had sleeted and left the road icey.

In the front passenger seat Kagome's grandfater was looking through his 'sacred scrolls' and mumbling to himself. "Sometimes I think I'm the only one who has any sense at all in this family. No one else packed scrolls. What if a youkai attacked?" He mumbled to himself.

Kagome leaned up between the seats. "Don't worry, grampa. You know as well as I do that youkai and other magical beings don't exsist anymore." She said as she smiled fondly at her grandfather. 'Grandpa may be a little senile, but that's why I love him.' Kagome thought as she sat back.

Grandpa returned the smile that his grandaughter gave him. "I know, but it never hurts to be prepared, my dear." He said as he put his scrolls away.

Kagome smiled and looked out the window. It was beginning to snow again and she watched as the snowflakes slowly floated from the sky to land gently on the cars windows.

Kagome sighed in contentment and closed her eyes. 'Maybe I'll take a nap.' She thought as she leaned her head back. The thought was short lived though as she felt something feathery brush against her nose. Her eyes snapped open and she snatched the feathered pen out of her younger brothers hand.

"Hey, give that back!" Sota yelled as he made a grab for the pen. Kagome held it above his head so he couldn't reach it.

"Not untill you promise to quite bothering me with it!" She retorted as she tried to push her brother away.

Sota swatted at Kagmoe's hand and knocked the pen out of it and under the passenger seat. "Thanks a lot, Kagome." He muttered and glared at his sister.

Kagome laughed lightly at her brothers expression. "Hey, its your own fault for bothering me with it in the first place." She said as she ruffled Sota's hair.

Sota tried to keep an angery expression on his face but soon, he too, broke down and laughed with his older sister. "I guess your right." He said as he unhooked his seat belt.

"What are you doing?" Kagome asked as her little brother scooted out of the seat and on to the floor.

Sota looked up and held a finger to his lips. "I'm getting my pen, what does it look like I'm doing?" He asked as he ducked his head down to look under the seat.

"If mom catches you she'll skin you alive." Kagome warned and looked at the back of her mothers head. Their mother had a stricked ruled about wearing your seat belt while in the car and if she caught you not wearing one you'd be grounded for weeks.

"Why did it get so quiet back there all of a sudden?" Mrs. Higurashi asked as she glanced in the rear view mirror. Her eyes widened when she didn't see Sota sitting in his seat. She whirled her head around and glanced on the floor.

"Sota, what do you think your doing? Get back in your seat right now!" Mrs. Higurashi scolded her son.

Sota got off the floor with a sheepish look on his face. "I was just trying to find my pen, mom." He explained as he sat back in his seat, not hooking his seat belt.

Mrs. Higurashi frowned at her son and opened her mouth to say something but was cut off when the car suddenly skided on a patch of ice and swerved sharply to the right. Mrs. Higurashi whirled her head around so that she was facing forward and jerked the steering wheel in the other direction.

The car spun around wildly. Kagome and Sota both grabbed on to the edges of their seats and screamed. Kagome was gripping the seat so tightly that her knuckles were turning white.

The car spun around three more times then finally bounced to a stop right in the middle of a curve.

Every one was silent, each person trying to obsorve what had just happened.

Mrs. Higurashi took a deep shuddering breath. "Is every one alright?" She asked as she turned around in her seat to look at her children.

Kagome and Sota each had a look of fear on their faces, but they were slowly turning to ones of reliefe. "We're okay, mom." They both replied at the same time.

Mrs. Higurashi gave her children a shaky smile and her kids tried to return it.

Suddenly, Kagome's eyes widened in fear and her smile disappeared completely. "Mom, watch out!" she yelled and threw her hands up to cover her face.

Mrs. Higurashi whirled around in her seat only to come face to face with a huge semi truck barreling right towards them. Mrs. Higurashi tried to start the car, but the engine just wouldn't come to life.

The semi truck honked its horn and they could hear the squeeling of breaks as the truck driver tried desperatly to stop his truck from hitting the Higurashi car. But the truck driver attemps were in vain as his truck slammed into the car.

Kagome was kolted forward in her seat. She was scared.

The truck pushed the small car down the road, rolling it on to its side. Kagome;s seat belt snapped in two and she fell to the roof of the car. 'Please, let us get out of this alive.' Was the last corherent thought Kagome had before she hit her head roughly on the car door and passed out.


The first thing Kagome noticed when she was in semi conciousness was a lot of people voices were around her. She couldn't remember what happened exactly, she just knew that she had to see her family. She tried to open her eyes but a searing pain shot through her entire head, causing her to moan in pain.

Now that Kagome was more aware of what was happening, she realized that her entire body hurt. She moan again in pain.

Instead of fihgting to stay awake, she fell back in unconciousness, thankful for the reliefe from the pain that the blackness gave her.


Sometime later, Kagome awoke again, but she couldn't open her eyes, so she relied on her other sences to tell her where she was. She could hear the beeping of some machine and she could feel some sort of tube running out of her arm. She was wearing some sort of scratchy matrial and her right leg was being supported in the air, her ribs hurt terribly.

'Whats going on? Where am I? And where is mamma, grandpa and Sota?' Kagome thought, trying to control the panic that she felt welling up in her chest. She tried to push herself into a sitting position but found that she couldn't with her leg being supported in the air.

She brought her hands up to her face and felt her head. There was gauze wrapped all around it. 'Well, that explains why I can't see.' She thought as she began to unwrap the qauze.

She slowly pulled it away from her face and fluttered her eyes open. But she couldn't see anything. She brought her hands up to her face but she couldn't see them either. All Kagome saw was blackness.

She tried rubbing her eyes but all that succeded in was causing her to cry out in pain as a sharp pain ran through her eyes. "Whats going on?!" She cried out in panic.

Kagome heard the scuffling of foot steps and turned her head in that direction. "Who's there?!" She asked, her voice high and squeaky from panic.

"My name is Dr. Fujico." A feminine voice said gently.

Kagome felt a cool hand take hers and she relaxed slightly. "Could you tell me whats going on, please? Why can't I see, where am I, and where is my family?" Kagome asked as she grasped the doctors hand tightly.

Kagome heard the scraping of a chair being pulled. "Kagome, do you remember what happened?" Dr. Fujico asked in a slow voice.

Kagome nodded her head. "Yeah, I was riding in the car with my family. We slid on a patch of ice then- oh God! We were hit by a semi truck! Is my family okay? Where are they?" Kagome asked, panic once again rising up in her chest.

"Calm down, Kagome. I'll tell you everything. Your in Shikon no Tama hospital. Kagome can you see at all?" Dr. Fujico asked as she waved her hand in front of Kagome's face.

Kagome looked straight ahead, not seeing her hand at all. "No, nothing." She replied with a shake of her head.

The doctor sighed. "Kagome, when you were in the car wrek, your car was flipped by the semi and it was rammed into a metal pole. You struck your forehead on it really hard, you almost fractured your skull. Kagome, your going to be blind for the rest of your life." Dr. Fujico said bluntly.

Kagome was silent, to shocked to say anything. Then, when she finally regestered it, a single tear cascaded down her pale face. 'I can handle this. My family will help me through this.' She thought. "And my family, my mom, grandpa, and little brotherm Sota? Are they okay?" She asked.

Dr, Fujico was silent and Kagome felt fear clench at her heart. "Doctor, is my family alright?" She asked, her voice showing how frightened she was.

Dr, Fujico took a deep breath. "No their not, Kagome. I'm sorry, but your family died in the car wrek." She said, her voice full of sympathy for the young blind woman in the bed.

Kagome was shocked. 'Their gone?' She thought as she felt her blind eyes well with tears. Kagome turned her head into her pillow and sobbed loudly. 'I'm all alone.'


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