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Chapter 23

"Miroku, where the heck are you taking us?" Inuyasha asked irritably from the back seat of Miroku's car.

They had been riding in the car for little over an hour and a half and Inuyasha was getting a little fidgety. The exhaust coming from the car was killing his sensitive nose. Not only that but he could tell that Kagome was getting nervous the longer they were in the car.

"Don't worry, Inuyasha. We will be there in just a few more minutes." Miroku replied and took a left turn.

Inuyasha sat back and crossed his arms over his chest. "Feh." Was all he said and was quiet.

Sango glanced out the car window. "Exactly where is there?" She questioned her boyfriend.

Miroku took another left turn, this time into a very large parking lot filled with cars. "There is here, Sango my dear." He replied as he turned off the car.

Sango turned glaring eyes on the pony-tailed man. "Don't call me dear and where is here?" She said in one breath.

Miroku calmly got out of the car and walked to the passenger side of the car, opening the door for Sango. "Here is The Old Well." He replied and offered Sango his hand to help her out of the car.

Sango accepted his hand and got out of the call. "The Old Well? Your not talking about the new club that just opened, are you?" She asked.

Miroku just smiled and he and Sango waited for Inuyasha and Kagome to get out of the car.

Inuyasha snorted as he opened up the back passenger door, wrapping his hand around Kagome's upper arm as he did so to guide her out of the car.

He had heard about this club. It was supposed to be the hottest club of the year. It was also known to be the wildest club. And he wasn't quiet sure that this was the right place for Kagome to be for her first time of actually going some where.

Kagome climbed out of the car carefully and clung tightly to Inuyasha's arm. Ever since Kagome had been blind, her other senses had enhanced. Although her hearing and smell wasn't as good as Inuyasha's dog senses. They were still pretty strong for a human standerd.

Inuyasha sniffed the air, smelling Kagome's fear. "Don't worry. I won't let anything happen to you." He reassured her in his gruff voice, not really wanting to seem like he cared.

Kagome relaxed at his encouragement aand she let out a long sigh. "Are we gonna stay out here all night? Let's go party!" Kagome said, forcing her voice to sound enthusiastic. I will not be afraid tonight. I will not ruin tonight for my friends. And if anything bad does happen, I'll have Inuyasha with me. She thought and tightened her grip on said mans arm.

Inuyasha gently extracted his arm out of Kagome's grip and wrapped his arm around her shoulders and then followed Miroku and Sango towards the two story building.

When they entered the large building they were greated by a blast of loud music. The music was so loud that the very floor beneath their feet was vibrating from the bass of the music.

Inuyasha cringed and pinned his white dog ears to his head. Great, I'm gonna have to keep my ears like this all night just so I don't go deaf. He thought and reached up to re-addjust his bandana so that it fit more securley over his ears, hopefully to hep drown out the noise.

Kagome was a little shocked by the music. Has the music changed that much since my accident? She wondered.

"Let's go get some thing to drink." Miroku called over the pounding music.

Kagome's clung tightly to Inuyasha's arm. She could feel people all around her, jostling against her as they pushed their way through the crowd towards the bar.

"What can get you folks?" A burly man with a bald head asked.

Miroku, Sango, Inuyasha and Kagome took seats at the bar. "I will have a coke." Miroku replied. Inuyasha crossed his arms. "Same." He grunted out. "I'll have an ice tea with extra sugar." She said. "Make that two." Kagome spoke up shyly.

The bartender gave them strange looks but he went to get their orders. "Here you folks go. Two cokes for the gents, and two iced teas with extra sugar for the two lovely ladies." He said, sitting the drinks down and winking at Sango.

She just rolled her eyes and picked up her drink and took a sip.

Kagome felt out for her drink. "Was it just me or did that guy sound like he was trying to flirt with Sango?" She asked with a small smile on her lips.

Sango 'humphed' and crossed his arms. "Maybe in his dreams," She muttered and crossed her legs as well.

Miroku chuckled at that and draped his arm over his girlfriends shoulder. "Sango, you have quite a way of dashing a mans hopes, my dear." He said with a laugh in his vocie.

Sango's face turned red, but not from embarrassment, from anger. She shrugged his arm off of her and rather roughly grabbed his wrist. "Don't call me 'dear', got it?" She asked, putting the slightest bit of pressure on the man's wrist.

Miroku winced and nodded his head. Sango smiled and released his wrist from her grip, replacing his arm back over her shoulders. "Good. I'm glad we understand each other." She said, her voice slightly triumphant.

They all sat there for about twenty minutes, chatting and just having a good time.

Kagome was finally beginning to relax and enjoy herself, laughing at the jokes she heard and laughing when she heard Sango yell 'Hentai!' and the slapping noise that accompanied it every time Miroku's hand 'slipped' to places it shouldn't be.

Even Inuyasha seemed to loosen up and have fun, even though he wouldn't admit it. He still stuck close to Kagome's side though, only leaving to go the the resroom once and after he came straight back to her side.

Sango, tired of just sitting and talking, stood and grabbed Miroku's hand, dragging him to his feet. "C'mon, Miroku! We came here to party, didn't we? Let's get to it!" She cried happily and dragged him to the dance floor, weaving through what seemed like, and probably was, hundreds of teens.

Inuyasha smirked at the look on Miroku's face. A look said completely that he didn't know how to dance.

Kagome giggled. "I bet his face was funny," she commented with another giggle.

Inuyasha shrugged his shoulders and then remembered that she couldn't see. "Yeah, it was pretty good," he said.

He glanced over at her and was struck at just who beautiful she looked. The skirt was short and showed enough leg to make any man stare and the color of the top really set off the color of her skin and hair, making her breath taking.

The different colored lights that flashed from the ceiling bounched off her long, ebony hair, making it look dark red one minute and then pale blue the next. 'Wow,' Inuyasha thought, still staring.

Kagome could feel the eyes of Inuyasha staring at her and she turned her head in his general direction with a little tilt of her head. "Are you staring at me, Inuyasha?" she questioned, her voice holding slight amusement as she question the white haired man.

Inuyasha went a pink hue and he turend away. "Feh, what gave you that idea?" he asked and crossed his arms.

Kagome gave him a soft grin that made his heart soften. "I could feel your eyes," she replied simply, as if that explained it all.

One of Inuyasha's covered ears quirked. "Oh," was all he said.

Kagome smiled again and then tilted her head back towards the loud music that was playing in the background, tapping her foot to the beat of the music.

Then the music changed to something that caught her attention completely. It was that song by Usher, Burn. She remembered Sango playing the song in her room and Kagome had instantly liked it. An idea came to her just then.

The worst he could do is say no. She thought and let her hands trail along the table top till they made contact with the material of Inuyasha's shirt.

Inuyasha glanced down at the soft hand clutching his shirt and then looked to her face. With a cocked head.

Kagome felt her cheeks pink the slightest bit. "Inuyasha? Would you- would you dance with me?" she asked, her head tilted in question.

Inuyasha was a little shocked, and almost said no right on the spot. I have two left feet! She can't obviously expect me to dance with her. He opened his mouth to say no when-

"Please, Inuyasha?" The blind girl asked in a whisper.

At he pleading tone, Inuyasha gave in. Ah, what the heck. One dance won't hurt. "Keh. All right," he agreed, grabbing her small hand in his and helping her to her feet and began to walk them to the dance floor.

Kagome clung tightly to Inuyasha side as they walked, feeling hundreds of people bump in to her as they moved.

Inuyasha led them to the edge of the mass of dancing bodies, so Kagome wouldn't be jostled so much.

Inuyasha stood there for a moment, unsure of what to do as he watched the other couples dance slowly to the music.

Kagome seemed to sense his uncertainty and so she reached hands up and gently loped them around his neck as Inuyasha instinctivelyput his hands on her hips and they both began to sway gently to the music.

Kagome sighed in contentment and laid her head on Inuyasha's strong shoulder as she felt her body relax.

The white haired male was a little shocked as Kagome suddenly laid her head on his shoulder, but, for some reason, it just felt right to him.

It's like we've been this way forever, He found himself thinking as he tightened his grip on the slender beauty in his arms.

They stayed like that through out the entire song, with Kagome resting her head on Inuyasha's strong shoulder, and Inuyasha with his nose gently in Kagome's soft hair, inhailing her calming, unigue scent of vanilla and spices.

Kagome sighed in contentment again. This is just right. He may not be a dog anymore, but he is still the Yasha I knew, She thought.

She pulled back and smiled up in the general direction of Inuyasha's head as the song ended and a faster beated song took itsplace "Thank you, Inuyasha, that is the first time I've danced sence i've lost my sight." She said, for the first time not flenching when she or someone else mentioned her being blind.

Inuyasha just grunted a reply, but Kagome could hear that he was pleased that she had had fun.

"Keh, let's go back to the bar. Its one thing for me to dance that slow song, but there is no way I'm dancing to this crap." He said and Kagome nodded her agreement.

Inuyasha removed his hands from Kagome's slender waist and took her hand, leading her through a throng of people that seemed to have gathered around them as they had danced.

They reached the bar and they both sat down in silence, eaching thinking about how much fun it had been to dance with the other.

There thoughts were interrupt though as a loud screeching sound filled the club.

Inuyasha winced and clapped his hands over his capped ears as the screeched subsided.

"Sorry about that folks," A voice said from the stage and Inuyasha turned to see Miroku standing by the DJ's booth with a microphone in his hand.

What the heck is he doin? He wondered as he watched.

"The reason I am up here is because I have lost a bet with my girlfriend, and she has chosen tonight for me to make good on the bet. I won't say what the bet was about, but I will tell you what I have to do. My lovely girlfriend, Sango, is making me sing that song by Christina Aguilera, "Beautiful'."

As he said the song, there were several people who started laughing outright.

Miroku cleared his throat and a spot light appeared on him, lighting him up for all the people in the club to see him clearly. Music began playing and Miroku also started singing.

"Don't look at me," Was all he got out before Inuyasha and Kagome burst out laughing.

He got few cat callls from men, and plenty from the women.

Kagome was laughing so hard that she was clenching at her sides, tears of laughter rolling down her face.

The whole entire club was rolling with laughter by the time Miroku finished the song and handed the microphone back to the DJ, walking over to rejoin Sango who was all but rolling on the floor.

Inuyasha shook his head and glanced over at Kagome. "Hey, will you be okay by yourself for a few minutes?" He asked.

Kagome looked uncertain as she replied, "Why? Where are you going?" She questioned, her unseeing eyes showing her uncertainity.

Inuyasha grunted. "I have to go use the restrooms." He said in a irated sounding voice.

Kagome felt her cheeks pink ever so slightly. "Yeah. I'll be fine,"She said. He probably thinks I'm a coward. She thought to herself.

Inuyasha grunted one more time and then turned and walk off towards the mens bathrooms.

Kagome ran her hands over the counter of the bar until they touched her drink and she lifted it to her lips, feeling the cool liquid wash down her slightly parched throat.

She jumped slightly when she sensed someone taking the empty seat next to her.

"Yo, Murry!" The voice of a young man, sounding to be maybe in his later teens early twentys, called out. "Bring me a vadka on the rocks!"

She tensed at his voice, for some reason wishing that Inuyasha was back from the restrooms and with her. Don't freak out, Kagome. Nothin' is gonna happen. She thought, taking deep breaths to calm herself, trying to calm her racing heart only to have it start racing again when the person next to her noticed her.

"Youch! What's a hot mama like you doin' all alone?" He asked, letting his eyes rove over her body like a hungry dog.

Kagome shivered involuntary. "I'm not alone," She said quietly, wishing that this person would just leave her alone.

The man let out a low whistle. "Yeah, well, you sure do look alone. How 'bout some company?" He asked, slipping his arm over Kagome's shoulder and causing her to drop her drink in surprise.

"Oh no," She said, fumbling her hands on te bar, trying to find the drink.

The man looked at her quizically. "Yo, what are you doin'?" He asked, waving a hand in front of her face.

He was slightly surprised when he didn't get a reaction. Holy cow, this chicks blind! Hmm, oh well, then she's a blind hot chick. He figured.

The hand that was on Kagome's shoulder quickly moved down her back and grabbed her butt.

Before she could even open her mouth to scream she felt the mans hand ripped off of her and heard a thud and a painful 'Oof!'

She sighed in relief when she heard the familur sound of Inuyasha's low, rumbling growl.

"You lay one finger on her and I swear I will rip your arms off and beat you to death with them."He snarled, his amber eyes flashing in the lights of the club.

The man on the floor held up his arms. "Hey, back off man! I wasn't doin' nothin!" He cried and jumped to his feet and ran off in the opposite direction of Inuyasha.

Once the man was gone he stopped growling and turned to Kagome. "Kagome," He began, laying a gentle hand on her trembling shoulder. "You okay?" He asked, trying to mask the concern in his voice.

Kagome's whole body began to tremble and she threw herself into Inuyasha's arms. "Oh Inuyash!" She cried as tears began to roll down her face.

She was scared. All the fears of coming back out into the community coming back in a rush.

Inuyasha wrapped his arms around, making soothing circular motions on her back. "Let's get outta here," He said and felt Kagome nod her head against his shoulder.

He pulled out his cell phone and called a taxi, leaving the car for Sango and Miroku and leaving a message with the bartender to tell their friends where they had gone and the two walked out of The Old Well club, Kagome still trembling and sobbing quietly, and Inuyasha comforting her.


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