Trials of Love

Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

They met during the night. The chandelier was not lit, the normally bright and grand room was dark and dreary. The only light within the room was from the single candle, sitting on the table where they met.

"Are you sure Suki didn't wake? You were absolutely silent when you came?" Nyoko's voice whispered.

Rosko's soothing voice answered. "I'm positive. Beauty is still sleeping. Soundly."

"As long as you're sure. Let's get this started."

Rosko took a small sack that was tied to his belt off and dumped it's contents on the table. Small stones tumbled out, of all different colors. Inside, the colors seemed to swirl angrily. They glowed with a dull light of their own. Nyoko smiled.

"My pretty little stones, which will I choose?" her long and thin fingers skimmed over them. "Which do you think is best suited for this job?"

"Not the red one. Too bold, I don't think he would listen well to directions."

Nyoko pouted. "I liked the red one." But she moved the red stone back in the bag. "How about the blue? Strong, swift and has amazing powers." She picked up the blue stone and held it up to the candle light.

"Powers that would cause too much commotion. Not what we need. He's not the most subtle choice." He snatched the blue stone and put it in the bag along with the red one. "The goes the same for the yellow one as well." That stone too, was put in the bag.

Nyoko set her finger on her lips, thinking. "The green one. He's the one. His powers are perfect for what we want done. Remember his powers?"

A slow smile crept onto his handsome features. "Ah, yes. I do believe you're right." He picked up the green stone set it in Nyoko's palm. "He can do what we need done. Do your magic, my dear." As he gathered the rest of the stones, she turned to the empty, dark room.

She raised the green stone high above her head. Holding it up she whispered something softly. The light within the stone grew stronger and she threw the stone down onto the ground. The stone erupted into shards as it smashed onto the floor and smoke billowed up. As the smoke cleared a tall, lanky demon appeared. His skin had a greenish tint to it and his eyes glowed pale yellow.

Rosko walked up behind Nyoko and looked over her shoulder at the demon. "He looks like he's insane."

"He's supposed to look insane. He almost is. I'm liking that crazed look in his eyes. No trust, but we can change all that." She smiled and looked at the demon again. He looked back up at her and his body seemed to shimmer before he started to disappear, his eyes lingering before he vanished completely.

Crystal blue eyes watched in horror as the demon appeared and disappeared. She watched in secret, unnoticed as they discussed their plans. She knew they would try something, and she had to stop them. She silently moved from her spot to return to her bedroom. She shut the door with out a sound and hurried over to her bed. She sat down and thought of what she had just seen.

"When will they send him out?" she wondered out loud. She got up again and began to pace. Thoughts raced through her head. Things had to be done, before their plans were put into action. She would stop them.

School just could not get out soon enough for Kurama. Especially when he knew that Botan was in town. He wanted nothing more than to spend time with her. He had thought about what he felt for her the night before, and he realized that he had had feelings for her for some time now.

He looked up at the clock and wanted to cry seeing that he still had half an hour left of school. He had been the first one done with his exam and the rest of the hour was spent in silence so others could finish their exams.

He thought about when he had first looked at Botan as maybe more than a friend. But he could not pin point when it started. He may not have known when, but he certainly knew why. Botan was wonderful. Everything about her. No one had ever made Kurama feel like this, not even in his Youko days. He was unsure of what to do. Should he approach her and spill his heart to her? Or should he wait it out and see if she felt the same way first?

The Youko side of him wanted to come right out and say it all. He was never one to hold back. Already he could feel a strong possessiveness coming from Youko. He had the same feelings for Botan, and he didn't want her to get away.

He thought back to all of those times during missions when she had been in danger. How his heart seemed to beat faster in fear for her. How he would always be the one to protect her while he continued to fight. He hated to think of what could happen to her on those dangerous missions, but she always insisted that she should go.

Finally the dismissal bell rang. Kurama walked quickly to his locker to avoid his fan club and hurried out of the school building. The gang said to meet near the fish pond in the park so they could do something. He dropped off his books at home and headed towards the park.

He saw her sitting on the bench again, staring down at the same goldfish. She was wearing a cute violet skirt that went down to her knees. A jean jacket covered a white tank top and she wore simple white flip flops. Then he noticed that no one else was there.

"Hey!" he called. She looked up and smiled.


He went over and sat by her. "Where is everyone else?"

Botan sighed and rolled her eyes. "Well, Kuwabara and Yusuke are over there," she pointed over to a few trees. "They're seeing who can climb the tree faster. And Keiko and Yukina are trying to get them to stop."

Kurama laughed. "Why doesn't that surprise me?"

Botan laughed. It made him smile even wider to be able to make her laugh.

Over at the tree-climbing contest, Keiko watched Botan and Kurama from behind the tree. She smiled seeing them laugh.

"I am a genius! It's working!" Yukina peeked around her shoulder to see.

"Do you really think they like each other like that?" she asked.

"Oh, yeah! I can tell. Look at how happy they are!"

Yukina bit her lip, unsure. "But won't they be mad when they find out what you're up to? I mean, I don't think I would be happy if someone was trying to push me towards someone else."

"Don't worry! You heard Botan. She said that she likes him!" Keiko looked back at them. "And they're always so happy together." She went back behind the tree. "They're coming this way! Act normal!"

She turned around just in to time to see Yusuke fall flat onto his back from the tree. Yukina went over to see if he was ok.

"Don't help him, Yukina! He doesn't need it."

"No fair, Kuwabara! You can't push!" he scrambled and started back up the tree.

Keiko sighed. Leaves fell around her and she looked up to see Kuwabara being attacked by a squirrel. "Men are morons." She muttered.

Botan and Kurama finally got to the tree. Botan looked up with a smile on her face.

"So, who's winning?" she asked cheerfully.

"Well, Yusuke has fallen once, but he has yet to piss off a squirrel."

Both Kurama and Botan stared at her like she was crazy.

Keiko grinned. "Never mind. Well, everyone's here. Come you guys! Get down!" she went closer to the trunk of the tree and yelled up it. "Yusuke Urameshi! You get down here right now!"

"Coming!" he yelled down.

Suddenly, there was a loud thump on the other side of the tree. They looked to see Kuwabara spitting grass out of his mouth. Yukina rushed over to help him up.

"HA! That'll teach you to push...WHOA!" there was a crack and Yusuke and a large branch fell down onto the earth. Everybody started laughing.

"That's gravity for you."

"Shut up Kurama." Yusuke said.

"Do you see them, Arata? They are the enemy."

Nyoko pointed to the gang. Again she had been watching them in her pool of water. Rosko lingered back behind them, while Nyoko and Arata went over what he was to do. His pale yellow eyes stayed on Botan as he listened to Nyoko.

"And she is my target?" he asked, his voice raspy and low.

"Yes. Do your job as quickly as possible. Try not to alert her friends, especially not him." she pointed to Kurama. "He is especially dangerous."

"And when I have done my job?"

Rosko walked over. "You bring her here."

Arata's yellow eyes narrowed at him. "I wonder why she is of such importance. What do you have planned?"

"That is not your business. We have told you what you must get done. That is all you need worry about." Rosko said.

"This task needs to be done tomorrow. I suggest you get some rest." Nyoko stepped in front of Arata. "I also suggest that you not fail us."

With that she walked away. Rosko sent Arata one more warning look before he followed her.

Alone, Arata looked back at the image in the water. His eyes moved over every person then, settled on Botan. He memorized her face.

"I won't fail them."

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