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Head Over Heels

Chapter: 1: Unlucky

Author: Shinsei Kokoro

Updated: 22nd January 2004

Sakura Kinomoto P.O.V

It sucked.

Everything sucked.

Everything that week had sucked. Sucked. Sucked!

Downright! Fallen off the cliff! Whatever you guys wanna call it!

From the day I had fallen down the stairs, hearing Touya's mad laughter, which may I say had added to extra bitterness when my dad had announced the news that we would be leaving Tokyo till the day when I stood outside my new home.

Staring at it's exterior…err…parts.

A pastel-yellow looking family town-house…y'know the ones you see in usual small towns?

Like Tomoeda? The unusual small town?

That's right people. Tomoeda. This one town which I'd never heard off until the day my dad had broken me down on the news. This one town…that I had to go map hunting on.

This was the town I was gonna live in…at least until college.

And it sucked.

Gosh…do I hear a sentence in repetition?


Let's make it clearer then.


And do you want to know what sucked?

The fact that I was no longer in a grand city.

The fact that I had to abandon my school and all my friends!

The fact that I could no longer see my hot neighbour…who by the ways I'd had a crush on for months!

The fact that I'd have to get accustomed to sleep walking in my new house.

The fact that I'd have to go to a new school…and make new friends.

The fact that I'd be moping around missing everything I had left behind in Tokyo…yeah…that's right…I'm crying…well I was apparently.

I could probably list a few more facts…but…I couldn't be bothered making my already disturbed mind…more disturbed.

As I fell back in more distress I immediately felt something wet lashing against my leg, and as I looked down, I scratched the scruffy ears of my golden retriever.

"Yeah Kero…this is it. Our new home. It'll probably be bad for you, since you might go snatching off our neighbour's newspaper. But if I'm gonna have to live through all this…you will have to too boy"

"For the love of god Sakura…would you rather spend your time talking to a dog…or helping yourself get your things inside?"

I instantly turned around as the sharp voice blared in my ears.

That was Touya. My stupid brother…who had been sent from hell to make my life…well…hell.

"Alright. Alright" I sighed as I marched towards him, and grabbed the particularly large suitcase, which he had out for me.

"Will you stop making that face?" Touya mumbled as I stopped to heave the suitcase in front of him, "Dad is already on the guilt trip…so might as well give up…since we are here"

I looked up at him.

Did I forget to mention how much I hated him?

Hated him for always being right?

"I know…" I started dragging the suitcase, after confirming how heavy it was, "But it's easy for you to say"

After giving a word to one of the shifters who was asking where to keep the TV, he turned to me again, "Hey…I'm gonna be going to a new university too"

I didn't bother turning around, "Well…it's harder making friends in high school than in university. You just have to go to classes…but I have to spend seven sodding hours in an alienic school"

Touya gave me one of his weary looks, as he walked past me, with two suitcases in each hand, "Theirs is no such word as alienic you dumass"

I stopped dragging my suitcase, and stared at his figure, which was travelling inside the house.

"Hey! That word's in my dictionary. And I can say any word I like! So bug off!" I shouted after him, as I continued to drag my rather heavy suitcase, past the iron gates that stood stoic.

Excuse me here.

I'm never really this impatient…but today…actually this whole week…has been quite dreary…and eye drenching.

But before I could start moving at my own pace once I was inside house, a man behind bumped into me stiffly.

"If you're trying to race a snail Sakura. Don't bother…a monster like you always ends up loosing" Touya came up to me, a large grin on his face, as he took my bag from me, and started his way upstairs.

What may I ask was so funny?

After giving a wise apology to the man behind me who was trying to bring in the fridge inside, I followed Touya upstairs, taking two steps at a time.

"Touya. When is dad coming again?" I cried out as I looked into each and every room, seeing which one was mine.

And the moment I reach the last room in the broad hallway, I heard Touya answer.

"Tonight…at six something I reckon"

I was actually quite surprised to see my stuff already there. Touya was sitting on my bed. Five bags surrounding him, and six cardboard boxes.

"What do you have in all these? Nuclear bombs?"

"Har har" I managed to give a sarcastic laugh, as I pulled Touya off, and pushed him towards the door, "Maybe I can stick one inside your brain…and whoopee!"

He rolled his eyes as he walked out of the door, "Nice virtual imagination" he mumbled as he continued to walk down the hallway, "But better luck next time flea"

Tired to say anything else, I closed my door with a kick from my foot, and leaped onto my double bed.

"Ah" I sighed, not looking around the room.

I'd seen it already…and it would probably take me a year to unpack all these things.

Well…at least I had my bed.

But the moment I closed my eyes, I couldn't help but wonder all over again.

How would my new school be?

Would I make friends?

What was it called again? Err…oh yeah…Sanron High. A public school.

My dad had mention the school was quite known out.

He didn't exactly say what for…

Oh well…I guess…that's for me to find out. And you know what? I didn't have to wait any longer.

Because the next morning…the second I stepped out of my brother's precious car…it all stood right in front of me.

And I was very wrong to think it small…because…Sanron High was huge. I'm telling you. Huge. With huge amount of students buzzing around like bees.

Hmm…never really seen bees kiss. I was glancing a guy who practically sucking up a girl's face.

Looking away, I turned around to meet my brother's laughing eyes.

"Go on. If I've to wait here watching you until you disappear, I'm gonna be late for my job interview"

That's right. Touya was taking on a part-time job. He hadn't mentioned where though.

"Ok. I'll see you at three-thirty dot then" I sulked

"Laters flea!" he stepped on his gas pedal. And you know what? I could actually hear his evil laughter trailing behind, until he was a few metres away.

Grunting I turned around at my new school again.

So much for a helpful older brother.

"Your name again?" the baldy man in front of me peered through his stylish reading glasses.

"Sakura Kinomoto sir" I said as I shuffled in the seat I was on, watching a particular fly buzz around the man's head.

Presently I was in the Principal's room…and he was filling some kind of form. One of those admission forms maybe.



"Location and name of last school?"

"Tokyo…Seijuu High School"

"Your three options?"

"Um…Computers…Biotechnology…and Music"

"Name of father?"

"Fujitaka Kinomoto"


At that I turned on a hesitant look, "Divorced"

The fly had now perched on the man's bald.

The man nodded sincerely, "Ok" he let out a deep breath, as he scanned down at everything he had written about me from A to Z.

I couldn't give in my telephone number yet…since I had no idea what it was.

"Alright then Miss Kinomoto. I would like you to take this to the office. They'll give you your timetable…and the lists of books you need…which you'll have to either purchase or take on loan. Since second term's just started here…make sure you go fast in learning all the things from last term"

"Yes sir" I nodded as I stood, and walked to the door, "Thanks again"

"And Miss Kinomoto…" the man interrupted before I could even open the door.

"Yeah?" I turned to look at his grave face.

"Be careful around here please"

"Uh…" I stared hard at the man, the fly still buzzing around his face, "Okay. Thanks" And with that I closed the door.


What had he meant when he said that?

Confused, I shrugged it off, and walked to the office Mr Principal had directed me to.

"Um…" I looked at the lady through the glass wall, "I'm new here…" I mumbled as I slipped in the bunch of papers in my hand through the slit at the bottom.

"Alright…" she nodded as she skimmed through it. But before she could say anything the bell—which was few feet away from my ears—gave it's shrill ringing.

I practically whirled around with fright…but I turned back around after a glimpse at the oval red piece of instrument, giving the lady a nervous smile.

"Okay…" she started as she rolled the curser down the screen of her flat computer, "I need to find a class for you now…" she frowned almost too herself, absorbed in whatever she was looking at.

From behind me, students suddenly started to walk by. Some chattering…some laughing…I could even hear a few guys swearing at each other.

So I just stood straight, my back to everyone, as I tapped my knuckles nervously on the desk edge.

And by the time the bell had rung again, every student had disappeared inside, though through the corner of my eyes, I could still see five or six students hanging by the quads, one with a basketball in his hands.

"Here you go…" the attendance lady suddenly said, handing me three pieces of papers, and a padlock…which I took was for my locker.

"Hm…" I mumble das I glanced at each paper.

"One of them is your time table…" the lady went on, "And the time of each bells…the next one is all the books you need to get. There are four that you need to get from the library. And two that you'll have to buy. And the last one as you see is your school map. I'm sure you'll be getting lost around here for a few days."

"Okay…" I looked up at her.

Thanks for the warning.

Then she quickly wrote down something in a Post-It green paper.

"This is your home room and locker number"

"B18" I read.

"B Block's the one on the right there," she pointed to me, as I turned around and followed the direction of her finger.


"I suggest you go to homeroom first then get your books from the library…then go to your classes"

"Okay Miss. Thanks"

She gave a curt nod, and then went back to her computer. Sighing, I walked to the Block on the right.

Homeroom was all right. Like I was expecting, the teacher didn't make me introduce myself. Which was so relieving. He just asked me to take a seat, after he wrote my name down in the attendance book.

But what I hadn't expected was the attention from the students. They were all staring at me the moment I took a seat in the second last row.


Like I've grown another head.

"Hey babe…what's your name?" a guy I passed asked me.

I looked at him for a second, then shrugged, "Sakura" I said taking my seat behind him, which was the only empty seat other that the ones in the front.

"Wooow…" the guy beside me grinned, "Saa…kuu…raa" he rolled, pressing on each of the syllable.

"That's right," I mumbled under my breath, "Three syllables"

The guy in front of me, turned around on his seat fully, facing me with a large Cheshire smile.

"Well Sakura…it's nice to meet you"

I raised a brow at him, feeling suddenly that I was the centre of attention in the group I was in.

Then the girl beside me leaned my way, "You're new here right?"

I nodded.

"Yeah…" she continued, "I saw her by the office" she said as if talking to the guys around her.

"Where you from?" the guy in front asked me again, missing out on saying 'are'.


"Sweet…why the hell did you quit the city then?"

"Uh…" I didn't know what to say, "My dad…"

The girl beside me cocked her head, "I'm Rika—,"

"The duckling" another guy behind me finished sneering.

"Shut your trap Van" she scowled at him.

"Eriol…" the bloke in front of me introduced himself, catching me in the flash of his thin-rimmed glasses.

"Hi" I managed to say lamely.

"Just for notification…" a guy diagonal to me glanced wearily, "Lenses are out of fashion…"

I gave him a scrunched up look, "They're not lenses"…you blind bat…I added to myself.

Seriously…why did people always think having green eyes was such a big deal?

The bell ran soon after some time, and everybody rushed out of the room, running off as if there was some tidal wave after them.

Snorting to myself, I walked out of the room last.

Then suddenly I remembered what Rika had told me a few minutes before.

"Be careful"

Now…what had that meant?

Jesus…if I didn't know better…people in this school were stuffed with no-brain riddles.

And as I walked by, lockers after lockers, unfamiliar faces after faces…I could feel few stares here and there on me.


Gathering my wits for the hundredth time that day, I made my way across the almost empty quads again. After a few wrong turns here and there…and asking a guy who obviously knew I was lost, I finally found myself entering the library.

And the moment I entered alone…students across tables were once again giving me curious looks then going back to whatever they were doing.

Shuddering, I strode to the Information Desk, and slapped my paper gently on the table.

"Um…I'm here to get these books?" I mumbled to the teacher opposite me, who just grabbed the paper without saying anything and disappeared in the room behind.


Was she mute or something?

But I didn't bother saying anything, as she came out after ten minutes, with four thick books.

She stuck a fill-out form in front of me, and then gave me a small card, which looked like a library card.

After filling out the form, I stuffed the card in my jeans pocket, and said a 'thanks' to the Miss Mute.

Grabbing the four books, I marched out of the library, suddenly noticing that I was very late for my first class…since there was no around…except for a snogging couple, and a guy with thick glasses, who glanced at me dreamily as I walked by him with heaved books.

And to make matters worse…it took me at least twenty minutes to find my locker area. So as I looked by their numbers, frustrated, tired, and with heavy hands, I soon found myself, standing in front of an open locker.

Pushing the books under one arm, I opened it widely, and stuffed, all four books in there.

Sighing…I rested my back against the lockers, and rummaged through the pockets in my jacket for my blasted padlock. Turning around again, I patted the butt of my jeans. Then unzipped my jacket, and looked through the two pockets in my shirt.

I gave out another large sigh…as I held the golden lock out, and stared hard at it.

Stupid padlock. I growled, as I unlocked it with the key I was given too.

Just then I heard footsteps behind me.

Ugh. Probably a warden.

Come on Sakura…hurry it up.

Hastily I scraped my jacket off, and quickly threw it inside. The footsteps suddenly stopped beside me, and a pair of masculine arms started working on the locker next to mine.

Sighing I realized it was just a guy.

Slamming it shut gently, I frowned as the door bounced back with a loud noise.

Feeling the eyes of the guy's on me, I firmly pushed against it slowly this time. Embarrassment crowed in me, the moment the door creaked back again. Letting out a frustrated sigh I banged against it again…this time harder…and yet…it flounced back.

And so I tried again…trying to keep my temper down…since the guy beside me was still fumbling into something inside his locker.

Through the corners of my eye I noticed the side of his face, with dark brown hair falling over his eyes, and a ringed ear. He had on a black leather jacket, and black baggies from what I could see.

I almost felt like dying when he shut his door close, and started to stare at me yet again.

Hey! Quit it! I yelled to him…mentally.

It wasn't my fault that this sodding door wouldn't close…probably rusted by the lack of use.

"Move…" the guy's rough but somehow soft voice spoke, making me look at him, and stagger back a little…not because of what he had asked me to do…but because of what he looked like.

A damn hot guy let me tell you.

But my mind suddenly blew, the moment I watched him aim a solid punch at my locker door.

"Hey! What the heck was that—," I broke off in mid-sentence; as I stared at the closed locker…then slowly back at the guy.

"Heh…" I gave a short nervous laugh, as I felt my knees swaying a bit, as his intense golden brown eyes stared into mine, "Um. Thanks?"

He watched at me hard for a second, as if looking me over, then frowned a little, turning around and walking away in process.


Had I said something wrong?

Didn't he like girls in jeans?

Wasn't I supposed to thank him?

What was it?

And that's when I mentally started to rip out hair from my head.

Why was it that every guy I thought was hot, had to end up giving me that 'I think you're weird' look.

Why oh why?

Sighing…once again…at his swaggering form, I turned around, and quickly laced the padlock in the slit of the locker.

"Let's get your ass to History class Sakura…" I sulked, "…no point in letting your jaw drop anymore."

Syaoran Li P.O.V

I was late…like always.

I didn't bother saying anything as I walked past the teacher who was standing in front of the whiteboard, going about some shit about Hitler's past.

Taking my seat at the back corner as usual, I sent a pissed off look as the guys in front of me turned to sneer.

Yeah yeah…what else was new?


Pulling a leg up, I pinned my knee to the desk and threw my head back against the wall. Time to get that sleep…

But before I had a chance to even doze off, there was a hurried knock on the door. I didn't bother to look at who it was, but all I heard was a slight rumble, and a deep catcall from a guy and the class was instantly hustling.

"Aight! It's the new chic from the city bro!" I heard Van's voice boulder.

New chic?

I quickly opened my eyes, and let the scene envelop me. I frowned inwardly.

That girl.

"Class" the teacher went on nevertheless over everyone's statements, "Quieten down!" she shrieked; as the girl walked to the seat she was appointed to. The one on the last row, on the other side of the room.

I went back to my sleep, ignoring the calls from the guys and hefty curses from the girls.

Hell…I didn't even know why I bothered coming here…

"Ahem!" the teacher cleared her throat, attempting a risk in quieting down the class, but all she got was a small buzz.

Thinking it as reward, she went on, "Just because we have a new student, that doesn't mean you can have the rest of the class flaking her"

Jeez…talk about a teacher with no sensible words…

But class went on again…and I kept finding myself staring at the girl through the corner of my eyes.

She was staring intently at the bull crap the teacher was writing on the board and taking down notes at the same time.

Her name—I had found out from legal eavesdropping—was Sakura something. The newbie.

I snorted ungracefully.

No wonder she had thanked me when I'd given the door of her locker a fist.

Didn't know whom she was talking to…

I didn't fail to notice the couple of guy near her trying to get her attention…and I certainly didn't fail to notice when she glanced at me uncertainly with a slightly surprised face.

She smiled at me…and I quickly forced my eyes back to the board.

I don't think anyone saw that.

Because chicks in this school didn't go around smiling at me…they would get their boys to jump me instead.

As I continued to stare at the ceiling, I felt the sudden need to pop a cigarette in my mouth.

Getting up from my seat monotonously, I strode across the room, past the frowning teacher, and past the door…not bothering to stop or say anything to her.

I just had to get out of there. Stranded in a room full of assholes and bitches wasn't exactly where I'd like to spend most of my time.

Lightening a cigarette as I walked down the hallway, I didn't fail to notice Minas leaning against the door of the Resource Room.

Smirking, I disposed off the pinched cigarette in a nearby bin, and let her throw herself on me, as I pushed through the door she was standing against.

Yes…she was a good kisser…that's all.

The cafeteria was full like always the moment I barged in there. A few people turned around on their tables to give me withering looks, but I just stalked past them. My eyes scanned the area for the guy I was looking for.

But instead I caught the eyes of that exact same girl, whose locker I'd punched. And the moment she gave me that small hidden smile from the midst of the friends she was with, I tore away through the people hastily.

I saw Yamazaki hovering against the back door of the cafeteria with another guy by his side.

I growled the second I was standing face to face with him, "You said near the freakin' windows" I hissed quietly.

"Easy man…" Yamazaki grinned in my face, then he punched the arm of the guy next to him, "This guy's got some heavy bags of huggies I'm tellin' ya"

"How much?" I asked scowling at the guy.

"A few thousand bucks" the guy replied smugly.

"And the supply?"

"I have it at home…"

"When will we get it?"

"When will I get the money?"

I grinned as I patted the guy's cheek, "Soon. But I need the supply first"

Watching him look me uneasily, I nodded at Yamazaki, then took off through the back door, grabbing another cigarette.

Dealing with guys from other schools was pathetic…but it was worthwhile…especially for things that made you happy.

Oh yeah.


I glanced back, then continued my way to the back fence in the backfield, where Chiharu was gonna introduce me to some girls from a nearby all-girls school.

Sakura Kinomoto P.O.V

I was crying.

I'm telling you. I was practically crying…inside my mind offcourse. He had just walked away.

God. Why was it so hard to get reactions from guys?

But before I could go on mourning, the girl beside me had brought me back from dreamland.

"Sakura. You ok?" she asked me frowning.

"Yeah Tomoyo. I'm alright…" I answered as my new friend.

At that moment, I was in the cafeteria…with the bunch of friends I had made on my first day.

I was proud of myself…but I never got far…well…the moment he just rode past after all the courage I had gathered to smile at him…twice.

How sad could a guy get huh?

Couldn't he at least smile back, and leave me happy?

"You look like you've just had a trip from the la-la land" Rika smirked at me.

Yup, the exact same girl in my homeroom. Actually she was the one who introduced me to everyone else in our last Chemistry class.

"So…who's the guy then eh?" another girl peered at me, her glasses flashing.

"No one Naoko…" I said under my breath, my face hot. Was I an open book or what? "It's no one," I repeated firmly.




I sighed. Really…not.

After lunch, Rika had decided to give me tour…saying that I was gonna get lost one time or the other. But the first thing they brought me to was the Notice Board.

"Okay. Sakura. Before anything else. You should know the rules," Tomoyo had said almost gravely.

"Rules? What rules?" I asked hesitantly.

Naoko only pointed it to me.

A large flowing paper, which seemed to be a bit brown. I could help but ask, "How…how old…is this?"

"Dunno…" Rika shrugged, "Just a few years I guess"

I had to practically, stand on my tiptoes to read the lines.

"Rule number 1. You must sit a majority of at least 10 detentions per year. That way everyone has an equal standard"

I looked at Tomoyo puzzled, "Huh?"

"I've done six till now" she answered me, making me turn back.

"Number two. If you don't fit in any cliques, please change schools. One must keep the school fun to be in"

Okay. Weird.

"Three. Teachers are pests. They reside only to haunt. So if you fall in love with them, get ready for your nightmare"

Rika giggled at that, "I remember when I used have that crush on Mr Tereda in Elementary School"

"Number four." I went on, "If you backstab last year's junior prom queen or prom king say goodbye to your reputation"

Naoko helped me out on that, "Eriol and Rika" she said to me, to which I nodded.

I didn't think I'd be backstabbing them anytime now.

"Rule number five. It's our duty to change principals every 2 years. So if you contribute, you get a free pass to stay untouched from fists and kicks"

That's helpful. I thought wryly.

"Six. We go on strikes one week every term. If you contribute the best idea, you get a free opposite sex for through out the school year"

"I've been trying for that" Naoko sighed next to me.

Very weird.

"Seven. Think you're an A-grade bitch? Try out for the cheerleading team. You'll have more friends that way"

"That's lovely don't you think?" Tomoyo laughed, "I as in it last year. But I quit it"

I wonder why? But I didn't speak my thoughts out aloud.

"Rule eight. If you think you're a player, you need to pass the test. Other wise go get another life."

That was nice…I guess.

"Nine. Are you a newbie? Get a copy of this page, and by-heart it off before you get in shit."

Now…that wasn't very nice.

"Don't worry" Rika patted my shoulders, "You'll learn it off pretty quick"

You bet I will.

"Rule number ten. Wannabe a thug? Let's see if you can last an entire night in the three alleyways down the main highway. And if you loose against the girl in the red, make sure you carry around a white flag."

I giggled at that.

"Eleven. If you wanna tattletale. Check out how you look without any teeth before you do anything rash."

"That's very painful, let me warn you. Never try that," Naoko advised soberly.

Right. I went reading though.

"Twelve. You get mixed with any ringed junkies; you talk to the hand. You go in deep with them; we'll drown you in sand. Simple."

I stopped to re-read the line, then turned around, "Uh. Ringed junkies? Who're they?"

The girls looked at me with hard faces, "The outcast group" the three of them said at the same time.

"Uh…I don't get it"

Tomoyo was helpful enough to explain to me, "Junkies. Y'know druggies? They are out of reach to us…and we to them"

I still didn't get it.

"It means you don't talk to them. You don't look at them. You don't breath with them. You're never to be seen with them. Never ever"


This school was weirder than I thought.

"And…how do I know…who these…ringed junkies are?"

Naoko rolled her eyes, "Well…for one…they have body piercing"

I looked at her scathingly, "I had my belly button pierced last year Naoko"

Tomoyo made a frustrating noise at us, "Sakura. You'll just know when you look at them"

"Yeah" Rika put in, "They like to keep different from us. So you'll notice them in no second. And if we see one around. I'll show you okay?"


And with that I went back to the rules.

"Lovely ladies are for cost here. So if you're looking for one you better be loaded. Guys are for free. There are heaps around. But the ones with the price tags are very limited. No cheques by the ways"

I grinned helplessly.

"Fourteen. No carrying school bags. And if you, don't sulk when you find them going round on top of the fans."

Wow. Then maybe it was a good thing that I couldn't be bothered bringing mine today.

"Rule fifteen. Follow the above fourteen rules, and you'll find your years at Sanron a breeze"

I scoffed at that.

Sure. A breeze…

"C'mon girl. Stop looking like you've been stoned. Eriol's been wanting to talk to you. Let's go" Rika rolled her eyes as the three girls decided to drag me away.

I didn't her…because I was in my own thoughts

A breeze? At Sanron?


Enrolling here was probably the biggest mistake…but there was nothing more I could do.

And while we were making it to the quads, laughing while Rika flirted with every two guy we passed, Tomoyo suddenly pulled me back.

"Look" she pushed me against the wall, and pointed.

"Wha-what?" I asked surprised, as I remain squashed against Tomoyo.

"Look!" she repeated herself, "Those guys over there"

Frowning I followed her finger and frowned harder, "Who?"

"Those three guys there you stupid!"

I peered harder. Maybe I needed glasses, "You mean the one with that girl?"

"Yes. Yes. They are one of them"

"What?" I looked at Tomoyo confused.

"Outcast junkies. Rule number twelve?" she reminded me.

It didn't take me long to know what she was talking about. I didn't really know if it was rule twelve or whatever, but I knew what she meant.

"Oh" I looked at her for a second, then looked back at the group that was apparently walking towards us.

"Oh god" I murmured after a while as their faces came into complete view.

"Oh god what?" Tomoyo asked momentarily looking at me from her nails.

I slumped against the wall, suddenly feeling like a withered flower. I didn't say anything to her. I couldn't. Or I'd never hear the end of it. I couldn't tell her that the guy I'd been thinking of in the cafeteria was one of them.

Oh man…

Why were guys that I'd wanted always out of reach?

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