Chapter 15

About a week later the Thornberry's are able to leave Australia with the twins and head back to the states to show them off. "They were just born a little early that's all," the doctor says as they start to leave for the afternoon. "Aaron is now 5 lbs. 2 oz. and Cassidee is now 6 lbs. 5 oz." the doctor adds as they leave for the afternoon. "Thanks so much it was such a scare," Nigel says shaking his hand and taking off. "Your welcome have a safe trip home," he says. A few days later they arrive at a small airport waiting for Sophie and Frank. "There they are," Marianne says as they head over to them. Eliza just holds her baby brother still not believing that he is the real deal. "Darwin can you believe this baby is real?" Eliza whispers to her best friend as they reach their grandparents. "What?" he says as he touches the baby waking him up. "Oops," he says as Eliza gives him a look like he shouldn't have done that. "Ugh now he isn't going to stop crying. It's ok Aaron go back to sleep," she says cuddling him and rocking him. Aaron slowly goes back to sleep as Eliza rocks him and hands him over to her grandmother. "Wow they are just so precious," Sophie says once she gets to hold each of them.

A little later everyone is sitting around just in awe of these two little miracles. "It was quite a rush," Nigel says cradling his baby boy. Little Aaron is now sleeping peacefully unaware of all that has happened leading up to his birth. "They sure saved the day," Debbie adds watching Donnie carefully as he pokes around. He seems curious yet cautious about these two not sure who they are but they seem to be picking up a lot of attention. Everything has changed again with these guys and they are going everywhere with his parents and he isn't sure whether he likes them yet or not. No one is really letting him hold them or get loud. He may wake them Debbie says as he just tries talking to them or anyone else for that matter and everyone just tells him to be quiet. He finally sits down next to Debbie as he gets bored looking at the babies that everyone seems to adore.

"It was just like the Debbie incident all over again," Nigel says grabbing everyone's attention in the room. "Remember that dear?" he says to his wife. "Sure who could forget that?" she says. "So there we were rushing through downtown afternoon rush hour…

August 15, 1982

"Nigel hurry up we are not going to make it," she says as Nigel speeds down the freeway in L.A. dodging cars. Suddenly he slams on the brakes and they are at a standstill that seems to go on forever. "What are you doing? Hurry up!" Marianne says again about five minutes later as they have only inched about two feet. He then realizes they are not going anywhere so he rushes out of the vehicle and grabs Marianne. "Ok sweetie we are getting to the hospital one way or another," he says carrying her through all of the traffic trying to find the nearby exit. "Hurry I don't know how much longer I can take this," she says as he swiftly makes his way to the hospital still dodging cars while nearly sprinting down the sidewalk. "Are you doing ok dear?" Nigel says as he makes a right to the hospital. "Yes I'm fine but I really wish we could get there sooner," Marianne says. "I'm going the fast I can," he says huffing and puffing it all the way to the hospital.

After what seems like an hour he finally gets to the hospital and only 30 minutes later Debbie is born.

"Yeah that was way too close but still it was nothing compared to these two," Marianne says once she finishes the story. "I sure didn't think we were going to make it," Nigel says with a chuckle.

Later that night they put the babies down for the evening just watching them in awe. "Wow I just can't get over how precious they are," Marianne says watching them sleep. "Yeah they are," Sophie says as she gives the babies a kiss on their cheeks as they sleep peacefully. "Well everyone we better leave now before we can wake them up," Nigel says as everyone leaves and he says goodnight to them. He then shuts the door behind him and lets them sleep for the evening.

The end

So this is it I hope you guys enjoyed this story this chapter was more or less an ending that gives a peaceful feeling that everything has turned out well for the family.

I really enjoyed writing this story it turned out much better than how I thought it would turn out when I first wrote it. I don't think it is a thing like the original but so much better. I may put up a sequel sometime in the future so keep an eye out. Till next time