A Gravitation fanfic.

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The Eternity Lies Within Written by Shiroyuki Hikari

Chapter 1: Just another day.

The apartment was peaceful and silence, not a single sound was heard except the chirpings of little birds marking the early dawn. As the sun rises illuminating the skies, it signifies that morning is here and another new day is beginning. Well usually at this hour, people would had woke up and start preparing for work or continue with their daily routine. However, there is one certain pink haired shonen who refuses to get up, as he is happily cuddled and sound asleep in the arms of his lover.

The rays of the sun creeping in thru the blinds covering the windows reflected the shiny pink locks. Suddenly, the quietness of the apartment was invaded by a certain noise. The sound of slow breathing could be heard beyond the door of a particular room in that apartment. The room, which was considered as a scarce place by the pink haired boy as he is only allowed to be in there for several nights, well most of the nights now since his lover was in a fairly good mood nowadays.

Yuki Eiri, still sleeping peacefully while holding his loved one around his arms. Totally unaware of his surroundings as he was worn out from the 'activity' he had done with Shuichi last night, the slight movement on the bed caused by the awakening of his sleeping companion has yet to awake him. Shindou Shuichi, now wide-awake under the grasp of Yuki, fixed his amethyst eyes upon the sleeping figure in front of him. All the while thinking how beautiful and angelic his lover looked when sleeping soundly.

"He always look like a doll when he's sleeping, so serene yet so soft. I bet even an earthquake wouldn't wake him up."

A slight smile was displayed on Shuichi's lips as he ponders upon his own thoughts, tracing light fingers on the curve of Yuki's face. Moving ever so faintly he raised his body and brought his face closer to Yuki's, and placed a gentle kiss on his forehead before going to the washroom to get a shower.

Once out of the shower, Shuichi got dressed in a dull green tank top layered with a bright orange jacket and a pair of matching three quarter length army cargo pants. Later, he padded his way towards the kitchen to prepare his usual breakfast of burnt toast and a glass of milk, since he's not allowed to be near the stove anyway. While he's at it, the coffee maker was taken out in order to brew some strong espresso for Yuki. After clearing up his breakfast, he entered Yuki's room and sat beside the edge of the bed.

"Yuki, it's time to wake up now." He called to his lover while shaking Yuki's shoulder slightly. The blond haired writer was of course annoyed by the act of his baka and buried his face deeper into the pillow to ward off the voice beside him. "Yuki! Get up, it's going to be noon soon." Seeing no respond coming from Yuki, a devious thought crossed his mind and a devilish grin formed on Shuichi's lips. "Yukiiii, if you still won't get up, you know exactly what I will do ne?" Shuichi whispered into his lover's ear with an almost threatening tone to prove his point. 

Upon hearing those words, Yuki's ears perked but he still refuses to open his eyes to acknowledge the boy. Instead he chooses to ignore Shuichi with the intention that the boy gives up his said attempt. "He wouldn't dare to do that, would he?" a second thought came across his mind. But it was too late for any reaction, as Shuichi has already moved his mouth towards Yuki's left earlobe and started to nibble on it. This cause a sudden shock to Yuki as he jolted up from his pillow, face redden all the while cursing Shuichi under his breath.

"Baka don't ever do that again, you know how I hated it!" he growled at Shuichi. But Shuichi was now laughing so hard that tears begin to form at the comer of his eyes. How he loved seeing the surprise look on Yuki's face, definitely a rare treat considering the blond rarely shows any expressions aside from anger. A frown formed on Yuki's face. Without warning, he caught Shuichi's wrist and pulled him near, closing the gap of their lips for a deep passionate kiss. During that moment, Shuichi close his eyes to savor the long lasting kiss and responding to it at the same time. How he love the sweet taste and the passionate feeling of having their tongue entwined together, melting into each other. As Yuki broke off their kiss, Shuichi was blushing a little. A tinge of crimson crept across his cheeks. 

"That innocent look on his face whenever I did something like this to him, is definitely precious to me" Yuki thought while smiling inwardly.

"Oh god! I'm late for work, K will certainly kill me this time with his magnum if I don't reach NG Studio in about 15 minutes!" Shuichi said as he snapped Yuki from his thoughts and back to reality. The blond who doesn't seem to enjoy the commotion caused in this hour of the day, shoved his lover off the bed by pulling the white sheets covering him causing Shuichi to stumbled over and fell to the carpeted floor with a thud.

"Itai! Yuki why did you do that for?" Shuichi complained while easing the pain at his bottom due to the hard landing.

"Hmph! Well I guess you better get going brat, cause I don't want a corpse delivered to my apartment this evening" Yuki said with a hint of sarcastic in his voice.

"OK then, I will be leaving now. I will be back early for dinner so wait for me ok? Ja ne." Shuichi said as he pecks Yuki's cheek before leaving the bedroom for the front door.

"Matte Shuichi!" called Yuki just as Shuichi was leaving.

"Huh? Nani?" Shuichi asked, peeking thru the doorframe.

"Iie…just…be careful," he answered hesitantly trying not to show any signs of concern towards Shuichi. But of course he failed miserably considering the words he had just blurted out.  

Shuichi's eyes were now widened and a huge smile plastered on his face, "Hai!" he said and left closing the apartment door. Now, being alone in his quiet motionless room with Shuichi gone, hidden thoughts began to emerge from the corner of his brain.  

"Tsk! When did I start to worry so much about that damn brat anyway? All of a sudden I'm so attached to him. Well, since the incident in New York, he does prove to be an important part of my life now. Living with him and having him close to me always, eventually leads me to let go of my horrible past. I can't imagine how I would survive if one day he does leave me eventually…leaving me behind all alone again. How much longer will all these meaningful days last? I doubted it will be forever but as long as it's just another day like this, with him sleeping beside me and waking me up with his annoying antics every morning, I'm content with the memories lasting in my heart for eternity…" thought Yuki as he finally climbed off his bed and made his way to the shower in order to refresh himself.   


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