Author's Note: This is my first fanfic ever. All reviews are welcome. I have only played Kingdom Hearts, so if anything seems wrong about the Final Fantasy characters, I am sorry. This story takes place two years after Kingdom Hearts has been sealed, so the characters will be older than they were in the game. Also, I don't know exactly where this story will go. I intend for it to be a romance focusing mainly of Yuffie and Squall/Leon, but the muses work in mysterious ways. The rating is PG-13 right now because future chapters may need it.

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Defense of the Heart

Prologue: The Dream

They were following her. She tried to run, but everything felt like it was going in slow motion. She tried screaming, but no noise would escape her lips. She kept trying to run until she suddenly felt a solid wall looming in front of her. She pressed her back against it as she felt the darkness surround her. She turned around and began to beat the wall with her fists and tried to scream once again, desperately trying to be heard. But still, no sound came from her lips and the beating of the wall proved to be in vain. She turned around to face her attackers and saw the yellow eyes and claws. The Heartless were going to win this time.

Leon awoke to his eighteen year-old partner thrashing in her sleep on her half of the bed they shared in the Green Room. She appeared to be absolutely terrified with her short black hair damp from sweat. Just as he was about to awaken her, she rolled into him and started to beat his chest with her fists, mumbling incoherent words.

He started to shake her awake, saying her name softly at first to try and calm her down before she awoke the whole hotel.

"Yuffie, wake up. Yuffie." Nothing, she was still fighting her unknown enemies in her sleep. "YUFFIE!!" he tried again. There, he thought, that woke her up.

She opened her dark eyes quickly, and he noticed that they were darting around the room, looking for the unseen monsters from her dream. She visibly calmed down when she realized it was just a dream.

"Hey," Leon said softly, rubbing her back and shoulders. "It's alright. You're safe now. It was only a dream."

"Oh, Squall, it was horrible. They were everywhere. I tried to run, but they trapped me. I couldn't fight, I couldn't scream, I couldn't do anything!" she managed to gasp out.

"Shh, it's okay. They're not going to get you. You're safe in the Green Room. And, it's Leon." He didn't bother to ask what was chasing her. It was always the same. It was always the Heartless. He continued to rub her back and shoulders, trying to erase the tension he could feel building up there.

As Yuffie calmed down, she realized that she was lying against her twenty-seven year old partner, who instead of complaining, was actually rubbing small circles on her back. Although she had dreamed of this moment since she was seven, when she first met Squall, she could not stop the blush from spreading on her cheeks.

She jumped out of bed, nearly knocking Squall on the floor in the process, and ran to the bathroom to get dressed for the day, figuring it would be useless to try to get anymore sleep since the sun was already shining brightly through the window. Besides, even if she did manage to go back to sleep, the nightmare would only begin again. So, she put on her normal training clothes and prepared to face the day. However, from the bathroom, she could hear Squall muttering indistinguishable words under his breath. Of course he's muttering. His partner has proved to him once again that she is just a child who still has nightmares. He will never see me in the way I want him to see a woman who is hopelessly in love with him.

Getting up slowly, Leon muttered, "Of course she leaps out of the bed when she notices that I am the one comforting her. All she sees me as is an emotionless man whom she could never love."


Chapter One: Accidents Happen

After Sora had sealed Kingdom Hearts, something had gone wrong. Instead of stopping the spread of the Heartless, they grew stronger. And, to top matters off, the worlds did not disconnect as everyone had supposed would happen, making Gummi travel still possible. When Leon, Yuffie, Aerith, Cloud, and Cid had discovered this, they returned to Traverse Town for two reasons. First of all, they had to protect the citizens of Traverse Town, who were completely clueless when it came to defending themselves from the Heartless. Secondly, the memories of everyone and everything that had been lost at Hollow Bastion when the Heartless had come were too much for them to bear. They had stayed there for two years, but were still unable to cope with the pain of the past. Therefore, they returned to Traverse Town, once again staying at the hotel.

Although they had become the local heroes at Traverse Town, the hotel manager was unable to spare more than three rooms for the five of them. Yuffie originally believed she would be sharing a room with Cid because Aerith and Cloud had become inseparable since his return, and because of the fact that Squall liked his privacy. So, she was thoroughly surprised when Cid refused to room with her, claiming that a forty-three year old man needed privacy more than a twenty-seven year old. Thus, Yuffie became the roommate of one Squall Leonheart.

When Yuffie ecstatically broke the news to Leon that they would be sharing the Green Room, she realized that her excitement was nothing compared to his resentment.

"Hey, Squall. Guess what? We're going to be sharing a room this time at Traverse Town," she happily told him.

"Great, just what I need, a brat for a roommate. And, it's Leon!!" he grumbled.

"But Squall, we are partners. It would make things much easier when the Heartless attack if we share a room. Besides, do you really think Cloud and Aerith would allow us to keep them apart? Or that Cid would relinquish his precious privacy?" she calmly explained.

"It's Leon!! Fine, we'll share the room, but we are not, I repeat, we are not sharing the bed. I will sleep on the bed and you will sleep on the floor. Okay?"

"Yeah, whatever. I just hope you don't snore."

However, this sleeping arrangement was short-lived due to the fact that the young ninja was unable to effectively fight the Heartless because of the stiff muscles she had gained from sleeping on the floor. Leon finally gave in and allowed her to sleep on the other side of the bed, with the promise that she would not keep him awake at night from tossing and turning.

"Okay, Yuffie. I give up. You can sleep on the bed with me," Leon conceded.

"Really?? Oh, Squall, you're the best. I don't know how to thank you," she had squealed.

"Damn it Yuffie, the name is Leon! And, if you keep me awake at night with your tossing and turning, you will start sleeping on the floor again."

"Don't worry, Squall. I won't move a muscle the whole night. Just wait and see."

"It's Leon."


It wasn't long after they had come to an agreement to share the bed when she began to have the nightmares. Usually, she would come out of it before she had awakened Squall with her thrashing, but last night was different. The dream had been so real. Even in the daylight, she felt that the shadows from her dream were following her.

Sitting at the small table in the Green Room, she ran her hands through her short, black hair while staring down at her cup of coffee. She decided to look at the clock to see what time it was.

"Hey Squall, it's nine already. Are we going to train today, or what?" she inquired.

"It's Leon, and yes, we're going to train today. Just like we do everyday. Just give me a minute to eat breakfast, will ya?"

"Okay, whatever. I'll just meet you at the Waterway." And, with that, Yuffie left the Green Room through the balcony, jumped off, and headed into the dark, dank Waterway to wait for Squall.

An hour later, they were both back at the hotel, looking a little ragged.

"Thanks a lot, Yuffie!" Leon growled as the young ninja helped a limping and bleeding Leon through the door.

"Hey!" she exclaimed. "It's not my fault the shuriken ricocheted off the wall!"

"Maybe not, but that doesn't change the fact that it is YOUR damn shuriken embedded in MY leg!!!" he yelled.

"Look, I'm sorry Squall. How many times do I have to apologize?"

"Too many! And, for the last friggin' time, my name is LEON!!"

"Fine!! I'll just go find Aerith so she can help your wound," she screamed, stomping off toward the room shared by Aerith and Cloud, leaving a pained Leon in the Green Room.

Sighing, Leon slowly sat down on the bed, examining the wound with one hand and running his other hand through his long, brown hair as he waited for Aerith to come take care of his leg. How could I possibly have been paired with such an immature, crazy, and utterly annoying brat that calls herself a ninja? he thought. But, then again, who else would put up with the shit I put her through?


Aerith heard Yuffie stomping through the door of the Red Room and looked up to see an obviously exasperated ninja throwing herself upon the bed.

"Yuffie, what's wrong?" Aerith asked gently, walking towards her, smoothing her pink dress as she went.

"With me, nothing that can be helped. But, Squall, on the other hand, has a shuriken stuck in his leg."

"What have you done now, Yuffie? I know you and Leon have your differences, but do you have to actually wound him? This has gone too far!" she exclaimed as she threw her hands in the air and headed for the Green Room to help Leon.

"It's not my fault!" Yuffie said, defensively. "I was practicing in the Waterway, by myself, because Mr. Grumpy-butt just had to get up late this morning and eat a late breakfast before he could possibly begin to practice. I didn't hear him come in and he didn't say anything until I was throwing the shuriken. He startled me, causing my aim to be off, and it ricocheted off the wall and into his leg. See, it's not my fault!! It's his fault really."

"Okay, Yuffie. I believe you. But that doesn't change the fact that Leon is hurt and probably angry right now. Maybe you should stay in here while I tend to his leg," the Flower Girl said as she began to gather her medical supplies.

"Don't worry. I don't plan on going back in there until he's asleep. He's mad enough to kill me right now."

"Oh, one last thing Yuffie. What were you aiming for before Leon interrupted you?"

Sighing, Yuffie looked down and mumbled, "An imaginary Squall."

Laughing gently, Aerith said, "I see. Well, I better go take care of him before he comes in here after me."


Aerith entered the Green Room to find a disgruntled Leon lying on the bed, with his wounded leg hanging off the side. As she entered, he turned his angry blue eyes towards the door, expecting Yuffie to be coming back.

"Yuffie, you better not...oh, it's you Aerith," his voice harsh at first, softened when he realized who came in. "I suppose the brat sent you to take care of my leg."

"Yes, she said her shuriken accidentally hit your leg. And, that you needed some help with it," Aerith stated while cutting his pants' leg away from the wound.

"Hey, what are you doing? Those are leather pants, ya know. They aren't exactly cheap," he said angrily.

"Leon, I have to cut it away in order to clean the wound. I'll buy you a new pair."

"No, that's alright. I'll make Yuffie buy them since this is her fault."

"Now, Leon, she said it was an accident. Besides, I don't think she has enough munny to buy them."

"It wasn't an accident. She threw it at me on pur--" he began, but winced from the disinfectant Aerith poured onto his leg. "Ouch!! That hurts!! Just leave it alone!!"

"Leon," Aerith said calmly, "your leg needs to be disinfected to prevent an infection from forming. Now, what were you saying about Yuffie?" she asked as she began to wrap gauze around his leg.

"I said, the brat threw it at me on purpose."

"What makes you think that?"

"When I went down there, I could hear her saying 'Take that Squall! Not going to correct me now, are ya Squall?' Now, Aerith, tell me, why else would she be saying that if she didn't want to throw her shuriken at me?"

Aerith laughed. "Because, when I asked her what she was aiming for, she said 'an imaginary Squall.' Now, are you going to tell me why she was upset enough at you to be throwing things at an 'imaginary Squall,' or am I going to have to pull it out of her?"

"I don't know what ticked her off. I haven't done anything that I don't usually do, you know the whole Leon versus Squall thing, but that doesn't make her mad," he sighed, head in his hands.

"Okay, I'll talk to her. But, Leon, try not to sneak up on Yuffie when she's throwing a shuriken again, alright?" Aerith said as she left the room. "I don't think your leg can take another hit right now."


Meanwhile, in the Red Room, Yuffie still lay on the bed trying to think of the best way to make it up to Squall for the accident. Not coming up with anything, she sighed, loudly.

"What's wrong, Yuffie? And where's Aerith?" the blond asked her.

Startled, Yuffie jumped up, yelling, "Cloud, don't sneak up on me like that!! I could have hurt you!!"

"It'll be a cold day in Hell when you hurt me," he said, laughing.

"Oh, really? Just ask Squall. He'll tell you what happens when people sneak up on me,"

she said in her defense.

"Okay, Yuffie, you have my attention. What did you do to Leon?" Cloud asked curiously.

"Well..." she began, "I was practicing in the Waterway by myself and I accidentally threw a shuriken in his leg."

Cloud began laughing hysterically. "It's not funny, Cloud!" Yuffie protested. "Squall's really mad at me right now."

"I'm sorry, but the thought of the 'mighty Gunblade wielder' being brought down by his own partner is hilarious!" he exclaimed, tears rolling out of his blue eyes from laughing so hard.

"Laugh all you want Cloud. I'm going to take a walk and wait for Squall to cool off before I come back. So, knowing Squall, I'm may be gone for a couple years," she muttered as she walked out the Red Room towards the Second District.