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Beyond life and death

"I hate this movie, " mumbled Beast Boy. " shut up," hissed Raven. The Titans all were in their living room, watching the gargantuan television. The movie was Alien, and was chosen by Raven. Starfire was naturally excited to hear about this, and immediately showed up. Cyborg had insisted to work on his baby, and Robin was training.

Halfway into the movie, Beast Boy had become a blind mole, Starfire had screamed of fright and ran to Robin, and Raven still was glued to the screen.

"TITANS! WE GOT TROUBLE!" boomed Robin.

Robin rushed in along with the others right behind him.

" There looks like a grave robber down by the cemetery. Lets take a look."

" You're just TRYING to ruin our days aren't you?" said Cyborg.

Robin did not respond. The Titans rushed down to the cemetery. All of them were scared, except for Raven. Robin led the way through the gravestones. There were stones of all shapes and sizes. Crosses, angels, square, etc. As they strolled through the tombs, they came across a strange glowing monastery.

" It's so pretty." exclaimed Starfire. " It's kinda creepy," said Beast Boy. The Titans cautiously entered the glowing building. In the corner of the monastery stood a shadowy figure, which looked like a taller shadow of Raven, or at least her cloak.

" Who's this bozo?" said Cyborg. An unappreciative growl was heard from the shadow. It slowly spun around, allowing the titans to see what it looked like.