Hi guys. This is the last chapter for this story, but a new story will be out shortly. Probably by Tuesday the tenth. I think it will be Raven having a crazed fan that is kind of mental and obsessive, who wants to kidnap one of the titans. I have Raven's personality down the most, so probably her. This is a wrap up, and the setting is a month later. Raven is in the hospital, Tomb is temporarily very unstable and also in the hospital, but many think he should be in a nut house. Dr. Light's body was never found. HIVE has disappeared, but has stayed out of trouble. Their townhouse has been abandoned. Tomb and Raven haven't spoken since the ordeal, to each other or to anyone else.


It had been a whole month since I've seen Raven.


I jumped. The whole gang was in my room, along with Raven and HIVE.

"I thought you guys stopped coming here."

"No. We just wanted to surprise you." Said Robin.

"Feeling better?" Said Raven. Hearing her voice immediately lifted me up.


She came up to me and sat on my bed. Raven had a cast on her leg and some bandages.

"I missed you."

"So did I."

We sat there for what seemed like forever, staring into each other's eyes. Both deep, dark lakes of sorrow and despair, yet inside, happiness and relief. I slowly whispered three magical words, and she whispered them back.

"It took me so long to realize that." I whispered.

"Me too..."

We looked closer into each other's eyes, and I remembered.

"I found this." I said.

I held up Raven's broche, the clip that holds her cloak up. It glimmered as I pinned it onto her cloak.

"But...It was burned."

"I rescued it." I said with a smile.

"Thank you."

We moved closer than I ever expected. Then, out of nowhere, we both moved forward, faces and lips touching. This time it wasn't an accident. The other Titans just stared.

"That's so touching." Said Beast Boy.

"You just spoiled the mood." Replied Robin.

Raven and I broke off of the kiss and looked at the others.


They remained silent for a considerable amount of time.

"Let us create festivities by fetching the cake!" said Starfire.

"She's not talking about the cake of variety, is she?" I asked.

"That thing? It exploded in the fridge. We bought one." Said Cyborg.


I slowly got out of my bed. I wondered what I was doing there, the doctor just said I was unstable.

Starfire brought a cake in. The cake had a pentacle on it, but it still looked very festive.

"Dig in!" Yelled Mammoth.

Everyone got a piece of cake, even the nurse that just walked in.

After an hour, the doctor let me go, and we arrived back at the tower. Raven and I went upstairs. When we entered my room, we looked at each other and held each other tight. I said those three magical words again.


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