Olla and Kammie landed in an attic apartment. All around it, were painting, beautifully done, the two looked around, and spotted Ivy and Beth.

"Guys, we should get out of her." Ivy stated.

"What? We can't go back!" Beth replied, "Now what?"

"I meant that we should get out of the apartment."

"Good idea." Kammie quickly followed Ivy, the other two decided it was best to stick together. The girls got out of the apartment, and onto the New York street.

"This is insane." Olla commented, "First, we were at the movies, then Middle Earth, now New York. Are we still in a movie?"

"Duh!" Ivy figured that it had been obvious, "Hello!?! A Perfect Murder?!"

"Oh, right." Olla replied. The four girls walked in silence while gazing at the city. It was completely different from the last place they had been, not to mention home.

"So," Kammie started, "Where should we head? I mean, we've got to get into the plot of the movie before anything else happens."

"Yeah. Um...." Olla looked around, "Emily's office is supposed to be one subway away from David's, and that's where we just were, so, why don't we go there." She pointed over toward a subway station.

"Why not?" Beth sighed. The girls paid their way on, and eventually, found there way to Emily's office, from there, they headed straight to Steven and Emily's apartment building.

It was the night that Steven was going through how David was to attack and kill Emily, just as the two men reached the landing in the stairway, was when Ivy fell. The four girls were one landing above them, and Ivy had tripped over a cane lying on the last stair. With a slight shriek, she fell. On the way down, her left arm was dragged across the sharp edge of the heater, cutting it deeply.

"Oh my God." Steven exclaimed, hurrying up to her as she landed, "Miss, are you alright." Ivy sat up, rubbing her head.

"I should be fine." She replied politely.

"Your arm's torn up." David pointed out.

"It's fine."

"It doesn't look that way!" Kammie called from the top of the stairs. The men looked up the stairs, Steven then helped the girl up.

"I live just up the stairs, come in, I can give you some bandage."

"Thanks." Ivy replied, then started up the stairs again, avoiding the cane.

"Steven." The older, gray-haired man, reached out his hand. Bet placed hers forward, shaking it.

"Beth." She gestured to her friends, "Olla, Kammie, and Ivy."

"I'm David." The younger fellow nodded. "Nice to meet you."

"You too." They replied, then followed Steven into the expensive looking apartment.