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Kagome woke up as bright light filtered into her room.

AArg.@ Kagome groaned as she blocked the light with her arm.

AI see you=re finally awake.@

AAw shit.@ Kagome groaned.

ADon=t you miss me?@

ANo, I don=t miss you.@ Kagome said as she smiled at Sesshoumaru. AYou=ve been here all night?@

Sesshoumaru nodded.

AThanks.@ Kagome whispered as she sat up, ignoring the tubes as she pulled them off, AWant to get me out of here?@ Kagome asked.

Sesshoumaru smirked, AIt=d be an honor.@

Sesshoumaru walked over and picked Kagome up as he opened her window and he jumped out.


Sesshoumaru glided through the sky as he made it to his house and placed Kagome on her feet slowly.

AThanks.@ Kagome whispered as she looked around, AHuh?@

AThis is my house.@ Sesshoumaru said as he watched Kagome scan the area.

AWow.@ Kagome said as she saw a bunch of flowers and a guy with long silver hair. AWho=s that?@ Kagome asked pointing to the guy.

AThat=s my little brother, Inuyasha.@ Sesshoumaru said as he saw Inuyasha turn around.

Kagome waved at Inuyasha as his eyes went wide.

AKIKYO?@ He asked.

Kagome was confused, AWhat?@

AHe thinks you=re his ex girlfriend.@ Sesshoumaru muttered.

AKikyo, w-what are you doing here?@ Inuyasha asked as he ran up to Kagome and grabbed her into a hug.

Kagome began to wave her arms, AW-What? I=m not Kikyo.@ Kagome cried.

AKikyo, you got a new haircut?@

Kagome pushed Inuyasha away as she dusted herself off.

AAnd you got stronger.@ Inuyasha muttered.

AI=m not Kikyo, my name=s Kagome, KA-GO-ME!@

Sesshoumaru chuckled in the background as he watched Kagome yell at Inuyasha.

Inuyasha sniffed Kagome as he backed away and walked back to his front steps and sat down glaring at Kagome.

Kagome turned to Sesshoumaru, AYour brother=s strange.@

Sesshoumaru nodded as he walked pass Kagome, motioning her to follow as they entered his house.

Kagome and Sesshoumaru walked up a couple of stairs as Sesshoumaru opened a door for Kagome.

Kagome walked in slowly as she took tiny steps, a bit unsure of what was in the room.

Kagome sat a bed and a desk with a laptop and a computer with a printer and scanner and a couple of CDs.

ASo, this is your room?@ Kagome asked Sesshoumaru as he nodded.

AIts big.@ Kagome said as she noticed some paintings when she felt a sudden chill from looking at it

There was a silence when Sesshoumaru suddenly saw something fall out of Kagome=s pocket.

AKagome, you dropped your wallet.@ Sesshoumaru said as he picked it up and a picture fell out.

AOh.@ Kagome said as she saw the picture fall out as Sesshoumaru picked it up and looked at it.

Sesshoumaru stared at the picture, it was a picture of Kagome and a guy with straight long silver hair.

AWho=s this?@ Sesshoumaru asked as Kagome reached out and grabbed the picture away and her wallet.

AIts....... my dead boyfriend.@ Kagome whispered as she stared at the picture, she was so happy back then.

AOh.........@ Sesshoumaru whispered, he never acted like this before, AYou look so happy.@

AI use to look like that whenever I was around him, he made me happy......... until he was killed.@ Kagome whispered, AHe was the best thing that happened to me........ after my parents died, he was the only person who stayed by my side........ he loved me........ and...... now he=s gone.@ Kagome whispered as she placed the picture back into her wallet.

ADo you still love him?@

AI think about him almost every night........ but now...... I=m starting to forget how he looks like....... the pictures I have remind me of him........ and how he looks and how happy we were.@

AI see.@

Kagome nodded as she looked at Sesshoumaru and smiled, ASo, what are we doing here?@

ANothing, just hang out.@ Sesshoumaru said as he sat down on the bed.

AYou know........ this sounds boring unless we talk.@ Kagome laughed.

AWell, I happen to be a very boring person.@ Sesshoumaru said smirking.

AOh, living the dangerous life fighting Naraku is boring.@ Kagome laughed.


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