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Title: Fallen Petal of the Rose

Chapter1: The Bounty

She looked at him eating... something. 'The slob,' she thought as she returned her attention to the book she was reading, some trashy love novel.

A sigh escaped her lips as she set the book aside and stretched her arms. It was far too boring. The book, of which she finished a week ago, just wasn't as good the second time around. Nobody had anything new to say, Ed just played video games, Spike well, he was never one for conversations, well, with Faye at least, and Jet? He was too caught up with ship-maintenance, if she said anything to him; he would have her doing a chore, which was NOT on her agenda. There was always Ein, but he never had anything interesting to say, that and she wouldn't be caught dead talking to the dog by Ed, well not again anyways.

Board out of her mind; she decided that since Spike was the only one in the proximity, he would have to do. He was watching TV, and in this section of space, they only got around 5 channels, only one of which came in well.

"SO," she bellowed to break the silence, and make Spike jump.

"What are you watching?" She asked squinting at the fuzzy TV screen.

Spike, whom was silently recovering from his near-heart-attack experience, sighed and said," I think it is either some sort of soap opera or possibly something to do with news... Not sure exactly."

"Fascinating," she exasperated as she plopped down in a seat with a better view of the unknown television program.

"Well, you asked," he sighed, obviously board as well.

"Yeah, but only because I didn't take you for the type who wasted away in front of a fuzzy TV screen," she also rebutted, in a monotone, board voice.

"Honestly, I didn't take myself for the type either," he leaned back on the arm of the couch. "So, how is that book you have been reading?"

"Boring. As. Hell."

"Gee, you would think a book with a name like "Hell Hath No Furry Like Lover's Souls" would have a little more zest than that."

She sighed once again, "It does, but the second time around it reads kind of dry, that and the plot sucks, not that anybody pays attention to the plot when they get these books."

"I see," he said as he shoved the bag of what he was eating in her direction, "What some?"

"Well this is a first, I don't know that there was ever a time you offered me food before," Faye replied sarcastically, all the while sticking her hand in the bag and pulling out what to her relief was just chips.

"You're welcome," he replied gruffly, pulling the bag away.

Faye munched happily on the sour-cream-and-onion chips. Just then, Ed danced into the room. 'Finally,' Faye thought, 'Something remotely interesting.'

Apparently, it was to be short lived as Ed was only following Ein into the kitchen. Letting out a frustrated... sigh, Faye got up.

"Where are you going?" Spike asked, with a clear lack of anything better to do.

"Anywhere, I am so board I'm going out of my mind! When will something interesting happen here?!" she said more to the universe in general then to Spike.

And like the universe was answering her prayers, Jet walked in.

"Gotta bounty," he informed them.

"It's about time," Spike said, "I was beginning to think that there weren't anymore criminals left." He lightly chuckled at his own little joke.

"So, who we after?" Faye asked.

"A guy named Drake Sekart; he's wanted for countless rapings, batteries, and robberies, usually robbing from his rape victims." Jet informed them. No one noticed Faye's face drop.

"Ok, so how much is he worth?" Spike asked.

"If brought in alive he is worth 3,000,000 wulongs," Jet replied.

"Great, we could use the money, so, where do we find this guy?" Spike asked.

"Here is a map that shows where authorities think he may be hiding out," Jet said, pulling up a map on the computer.

By now, Faye had moved back to the couch, trying to regain her cool. 'No big deal, right?' she thought, 'What could possibly happen?'

"You ok, Faye?" Jet asked as her peered at her over the computer screen.

"Oh yeah, I'm fine," she said as calmly as possible, "So, when do we leave?"

"Tomorrow, that is when we will be in his vicinity," Jet answered.

"Ok, so, anything we should know?" Spike asked.

"Well the man is supposedly dangerous, but I'm sure you could handle him." Jet assured. "Oh yeah, he has a small gang with him at almost all times, protection, I guess."

"Not a problem," Spike said, sitting down on the couch crossing his arms behind his head.

"Yeah," Faye concurred half heartedly.

That night, Faye didn't exactly sleep well, her thoughts kept drifting to tomorrow, or when ever they finally got to Drake Sekart. Part of her was scarred, another part wanted to go kick his ass. Thought after contradicting thought filled her mind, and then she realized that she wouldn't exactly be there alone, Spike would be there after all, and Jet wouldn't be too far away either, though she hardly expected them to drop everything to save her, it wasn't their responsibility; she hoped that the need wouldn't even arise. Slowly, however, sleep eventually found her.

"Faye, Faye!" Ed's voice rang in Faye's poor unsuspecting ear. "Faye, Faye, time to wakey!"

"Ed!" she hollered as she pushed the child away from her ear, "What's the big idea?"

"Jet person told Ed to wakey Faye, Faye," she chimed.

Faye looked to her clock; it was starting to get late. "Alright, well I'm up now, so you can go."

"Okey-Dokey," she said as she skipped away.

Faye put her cold hand to her warm forehead, she wasn't sick, but she didn't feel great either. 'Coffee,' her mind focused on its soul goal for the morning, Drake could wait 'till later. She brushed her hair and changed her clothes, even though she had lived her for a while, she still felt uncomfortable wandering around unkept, sure a towel was fine, but that didn't make her look like a slob.

"Morning," Spike said as she wandered into the kitchen, not moving his eyes from the magazine he was reading.

"Ugh," Faye replied, not yet completely awake. 'Finally,' she thought as she poured the steaming hot, brown liquid into a coffee mug, 'Salvation.'

She slunked down into a seat at the kitchen table and slowly sipped her coffee, she could almost feel the caffeine flow to every part of her. She sighed, this time a more content sigh; things would always be ok so long as she could have coffee.

Before she knew it, she was on her third cup and almost back to her old self.

"Ok, so when are we going?" she asked, now almost raring to go. Almost.

"Soon, we have Ed trying to get a more precise location right now," Spike replied, still staring contently at his magazine.

"Ok," she said, realizing she could just sit and relax for a few more minutes.

Jet walked in, "Oh so I see you're finally awake."

"Yeah, and just so you know, you are going to pay for that," Faye said sternly.

"What? I didn't do anything," Jet played dumb.

"You know as well as I do what I mean," she took another sip of her coffee, "Ed ratted you out."

"How do you know she wasn't covering for Spike?" he asked, thinking he was making a good point.

"Because, the one thing I like about Ed is that she is too simple to lie, even for someone else," she took another sip, "So, she didn't cover for anybody."

"Eh, fine," he gave up.

"Jet Person! Spike Spike! Faye Faye! I got it!" Ed ran into the room looking very happy.

Ed had found a more precise location of Drake Sekart. It was time to go. Faye inwardly groaned. Of course they wouldn't be wearing the normal stuff, this was going to be under cover, who knew who would recognize them if they didn't. So, Faye adorned long pants and a tight fitting t-shirt, Spike just dressed down a bit, the suit, not matter how casual, was a little conspicuous.

So, finally, they were off, Ed had found a more precise location, but they still had some looking to do. It was Spike who had the wonderful idea to split up.

'Perfect,' she thought grimly.

They pin pointed his location in the Stardust Space Station. The biggest station in the area. They got to their destination; Faye did her best to hide her anxiousness. Spike didn't notice, he just told her to contact him as soon as she found him, if she does, and he would do the same if he found Drake. They had each memorized his picture and were ready to go.

Faye made her way into the stations crowds; it had a large mall in it, a hotel, not to mention a casino and huge ship port. She hoped that they would find him soon and just get this all over with. 'Oh well,' she sighed, 'Time to put on the act.'

She wandered into an ice cream shop, she could work with ice cream, for some reason, guys just couldn't resist a woman eating ice cream alone. So, she laved on the 'innocent' act, and soon enough, a fly was lured into her trap.

"Hey baby," a husky voice whispered into her ear, "And what's a pretty woman like you doing all alone?"

She smirked, hoping this guy could give her the info she needed, "Waiting for a guy like you to come and get me." she said seductively.

'Perfect,' she thought as she let him lead her into a less crowded part of the ice cream shop, the she pulled out her gun.

"Well, well, sweet hearts got a secret," he exclaimed.

"Yeah, and you better tell me what I want to know or say good bye to your secret," she smirked.

The man's face struggled to look clam, "Fine, girly, what do you want?"

"Tell me where I can find Drake Sekart," she demanded.

"What's a girly like you want with that-" he was cut off by the sudden close proximity of the gun.

"Just fucking tell me where he is," she growled.

"F-fine, you'll be able to find him in the casino," he gasped, hoping to get away from the insane chick whom obviously had a death wish.

"Thanks," she said with a smile as she let him go, replaced her gun in its hiding place and walked off, leaving the man to pay for her ice cream.

The casino.

"Spike, I got word on his location." Faye informed Spike through the intercom they shared.

"How trust worthy do you think the guy is?" Spike asked.

"I don't have a clue, do you have any other leads?" she asked.

"Fine, but check it out first, if you see him, then contact me." he said as he cut off the link.

'Fine,' she thought as she made her way to the casino.

First, she made a pit stop into the bathroom to 'enhance' her appearance; this was a fancy casino after all, not the place for jeans. Dressed appropriately, she made her appearance in the casino and began her search. She made sure to get herself near shady conversations to try and find out if where the fugitive was.

Finally, she struck gold, she should have known he would have been a high roller, how else would his presence her be acceptable, she made her way over to the crowded table, and sure enough, there he was.

She watched for a couple minutes, blended with the crowd surrounding him, just to make sure she didn't have the wrong guy, when she was 100% sure, she made her way off into the utility hall way in the back of the casino, near the door that went out to the ship port.

"Spike, I saw him, he's in the casino," she whispered.

"Ok, where are you?" Spike asked.

"I'm near by the door out to the ship port," she told him.

"Ok, don't move, I'll be there in a few minutes," he closed the link.

She prayed he hurried.

"Hello, Faye, long time no see," Faye turned around only to find herself staring into the eyes of the man who made her life a living hell not too long ago.

"Drake," she whimpered.

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