~Koenma's place~

The sound of a slaming door vibrated through the hallways and offices. "Koenma you diaper wearing freak! Why did you find it compeling to give me the newbie?!" Koenma rolled his eyes, and watched in mock terror as Botan tried, in vain, to calm Ivy down. Ivy was not the average butt-kissing servant that Koenma really liked, instead she was given credits by his father, King Yama, who liked her because she was the only one who would not cower in fear at the sight of him. There was also the small little detail of how she has massive power when channeled. She was about a inch taller than Botan, pointed ears, black hair to mid-back and a sleek wolf tail, also black, with a white tip. 'All of this crap because of a new spirit. Sheesh!' Ivy glared down at him, bright lavender eyes burning with malice."What the hell do you think you doing, Koenma sir?!" Putting on a fake salute, just to try to tick him off. "Calm it down Ivy, you'll get your explanation soon!" He yelled getting greif stricken at her anger. She huffed, and leaned back on the door frame mumbling something about, "Not soon enough..".

Koenma blinked, and then settled for sulking. "Just tell her aready Botan!"

Botan, never really liking Ivy, just stated the obvious. " I get a newbie, you do too!" Ivy gave her a writhering glare. "But its just not fair! How come I get the Ms.goody, my total opposite, and sunshine over there gets the bad guy?!" She whined, pointing over at a steaming Botan.

Koenma raised an eye brow. "And," She continued,"This little girl has no experiance with any thing besides demons, what am I gonna do if she gets shot by spirit energy, and wants to know how to use hers?"

Koenma laughed.Then looked at her pointedly. "Teach her." In the background Botan whispered to herself. "I am not a sunshine."

Then after a pause.

"Am I?"

~One week later~

~Ivy's POV~

Well its time to go get this Kagome person. Wonder what she'll be like?