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Song: Moonlight Shadow by Mike Oldfield ~*~ remix: dance ~*~

Symbols: '...' Thoughts

"..." Talking

~{...}~ Lyrics

(...) Translation

~*~ AN: This is just something that popped into my head while listening to this song. It will most likely be a one shot, seeing how I am working on The Masquerade. For those of you who actually listen to the music the song fics are done to, it is the dance version. ~*~

~ Morte Ombra (Death Shadow) ~

Kagome pulled her legs over the well's edge and looked out over the clearing. She could see Inu Yasha leaning against a tree near the well, his hair shinning brightly in the moonlight. A smile formed on her lips and she stepped away from the well. Slowly she approached him, being as quiet as she could be. She could see that his eyes were closed, his head tilted slightly towards the night sky. Closer she crept, all her concentration spent on not making a noise. Suddenly his ears swiveled forward and his eyes opened. The smiled that played on his lips took her breath away.

Her body froze when he took a step towards her, the way he was looking at her making her blush. The blood flowing through her body began to heat, her heart picked up it's pace. Inu Yasha's hands slowly traced down her arms to her waist. Before she could blink her body was pulled flush against his. Hot breaths came to her from his mouth against her ear as he whispered to her.

"Be mine"

Kagome wrapped her arms around his body, her head laying against his chest, and hugged him as tears of happiness fell from her eyes. Little electric shocks jolted through her body as she felt his lips make their way from her ear to her neck. Closing her eyes when she felt his canines scrape against her flesh, she sighed and let her mind drift into the bliss.

She felt cold as her arms became empty suddenly, opening her eyes she gasped. Behind the man in front of her was another who possessed the same looks. This new man held the look of anger in his eyes as he stared at her and Inu Yasha. Her eyes blurred then refocused on the man closest to her. Black tresses flowed down in front of his shoulders, red eyes stared back at her. She opened her mouth to scream only to have his mouth come crashing down upon hers. Her ears ringing from the yell that ripped through the night coming from Inu Yasha.


Suddenly she was thrown from Naraku's grap, flying through the air. Her body making contact with the well. Sliding the rest of the way to the ground she watched as Inu Yasha drew his sword. Black dots swirled through her vision. Forcing her eyes to stay open she caught the worried look coming from Inu Yasha. She caught the smirk on the enemy's lips, a wicked glint flashed in his eyes. Kagome paled as she watched the fight move away from the clearing. 'A trap!' Was all that ran through her mind as she forced herself to stand.

Falling back to the ground, a scream escaping her lips, she cried. Pushing aside the pain one last time, she stood. Kagome glanced around the clearing, panicking when she couldn't see or hear the battle. Sharp pains throbbed in time with her heartbeat as she took off running in the last direction she had seen them. Blood and sweat ran down her face, her breaths coming out in puffs of smoke in the cold air.

~{ The last that ever she saw him

Carried away by a moonlight shadow

He passed on worried and warning

Carried away by a moonlight shadow.

Lost in a riddle last saturday night

Far away on the other side.

He was caught in the middle of a desperate fight

And she couldn't find how to push through }~

Tears fell from her eyes, blurring her vision as she continued her pursuit. The slumbering trees moaning in protest as the wind picked up, playing an eerie tune to her chase. The bloody mix of sweat stung her eyes, obscuring her view, causing her to trip over a root sticking out of the ground. Her ankle twisted with her foot stuck under the root, she suppressed a scream. Spitting out the dirt as she pushed herself up, she ignored the pain. Taking off again with a limp, she caught a flash of red ahead of her.

Kagome quickened her pace only to watch as the figure in front of her pull further away. She screamed "Inu Yasha!" in an attempt to gain his attention, crying when he continued to slip further from her view. Her body started to weaken from being pushed too far, her pace slowing slightly. A bright flash of white light lit up the forest in front of her, renewing her wearied body.

Coming to a stop a little ways from where Inu Yasha stood, she bent over trying to catch her breath. Lifting her head she saw the destruction all around her. No sign of Naraku could be seen. Before she could speak she saw Kagura land in the gouge left from the Tetsusaiga. A small laugh came from the wind demon. Kagome fell to the ground and could only watch as the fight broke out.

Something moving in the trees surrounding the area caught her attention. Looking to Inu Yasha, she could see he was oblivious of the movement. She called his name, regretting it when she saw Kagura smile and fly off. He turned to her, his eyes going wide. Kagome's scream ripped through the night as Inu Yasha's blood dotted her face. She watched in horror as his body was dragged backwards through the air by tentacles to a shadowed figure hiding in the trees.

~{ The trees that whisper in the evening

Carried away by a moonlight shadow

Sing a song of sorrow and grieving

Carried away by a moonlight shadow

All she saw was a silhouette of a gun

Far away on the other side.

He was shot six times by a man on the run

And she couldn't find how to push through }~

Pushing herself up, Kagome ran to Inu Yasha's outstretched hand. The tips of her fingers touched his just barely before he was yanked away from her quickly. She took a step forward, her ankle giving out on her, she fell to the ground. Sobs racked through her body when she couldn't get up again. The Tetsusaiga landing in the ground next to her caused her to jump. Looking up into his eyes, she saw the defeat they held.

"No!" Her voice rang out through the now empty night. Inu Yasha had disappeared into the darkness. Pulling her legs up to her chest, she wrapped her arms around her knees and cried not caring if the demon that was still out there killed her.

~{ I stay

I pray

I see you in heaven far away

I stay

I pray

I see you in heaven one day }~

The sword next to her came to life, power pulsating off it. She lifted her head to look at it. Curious, Kagome slowly reached out and touched the hilt. Through a blurred vision she watched as a bright pink light expanded and exploded out from the sword, engulfing the woods surrounding her. The sound of hundreds of demons screaming assualted her ears. Pulling the sword out of the ground, she brought it close to her. Her body demanding rest, her eyelids slowly slid shut.

Her eyes opened, with sleep hazed vision she spotted something white. Her eyes slowly closed, everything going black as sleep tried to claim her again. Forcing her eyes to open a little, Kagome watched as the spot of white got closer and began to take shape. Her body protested as she sat up, slowly she looked up. Everything seemed to be going in slow motion, then suddenly the figure in white was upon her. Taking in a breath she spoke "Inu Yasha's..."


The emotionless voice washed over her, chilling her to the bone. She could feel his eyes on her, judging her. She heard him move away from her, looking up she saw him a couple of feet away from her staring off into the distance. Using the sword, she stood and made her way over to him. Leaning against a tree to balance herself, she held out the sword to the man next to her. Kagome watched as he looked from her to the sword then back to her.

His expression never changed as he stopped looking at her and the weapon and turned his attention back to trees out in front of him. Confused, Kagome took a timid step towards Sesshoumaru. She jumped, cursing inwardly, when his hand was suddenly out in front of her. Catching her breath she noticed the red cloth laying in the demon lord's hand. She reached out, her hand trembling, and took the piece of cloth that she knew had once been a part of Inu Yasha's fire rat armor.

Her tears were stopped short when she felt the aura around Sesshoumaru suddenly become dangerous. Looking up she saw him narrow his eyes and his body stiffen.

"He comes, leave."

~{ Four AM in the morning

Carried away by a moonlight shadow

I watched your vision forming

Carried away by a moonlight shadow

Stars move slowly in the silvery night

Far away on the other side

"Will you come to talk to me this night?"

But she couldn't find how to push through }~

Looking down to the piece of cloth in her hands, then back to Sesshoumaru, she clenched her teeth. 'I will not leave.' She thought as she moved to stand next to the demon lord. Kagome saw him turn to look at her, annoyance written plainly in his eyes.

"Woman, leave now."

With a set jaw and a determined look she replied, "I will not." If she hadn't have been looking at him she would have missed him let out the small sigh.

"You are hurt, I will not protect you."

The only response she could give him was a small nod of her head.

~{ I stay

I pray

I see you in heaven far away

I stay

I pray

I see you in heaven one day }~

Rolling the piece of cloth between her fingers, she pulled the ends away from each other. Continuing to twist it until it would go no further, she wrapped it around her head. Tying the ends in a knot she adjusted it to where it layed against her forehead. Kagome took the Tetsusaiga in both hands and awaited for Naraku to make his appearance.

Suddenly demons poured out of the forest from every direction, but none were coming at her. Confused she watched as they all slammed into Sesshoumaru. There were too many of them, they were pulling him down. She started for him only to have an arm wrap around her waist and pull her to a body firmly. She knew who it was before she looked over her shoulder and saw the red eyes staring at her lustfully.

Kagome shivered in disgust when she felt his tongue slide up her neck to her ear. She heard him give a low chuckle as she tried to pull her body from him. She felt his arm tighten around her as his mouth came to a stop just inches from her ear.

"Soon he will be a part of me just as Inu Yasha is. Then, my dear Kagome, I will do with you as I please."

She looked up to Sesshoumaru as saw that he was now covered in blood, his body weakening. Her struggles against Naraku doubled when she realized that the demon lord was not going to make it. Tears stung her eyes when her efforts were of no use. Her head fell, her body going limp, she had given up.

~{ Caught in the middle of a hundred and five

The night was heavy but the air was alive

But she couldn't find how to push through }~

She felt her fingers slip a bit on the hilt of the Tetsusaiga. Using the last bit of energy she had, she drew up all of her power and focused it on the sword in her hand. Looking out at Sesshoumaru, she silently wished that he would survive before she pushed everything she had out through the sword.

The whole forest was encompassed in a bright pink light. People from villages for miles around awoke and walked outside to stare in awe. Sesshoumaru felt an intense heat followed by a comforting feeling he couldn't quite place his finger on. He went to open his eyes only to find that he couldn't. Through his eyelids he could see a bright light. Slowly the light receded and he opened his eyes.

Spots of white dotted his vision as he took in his surroundings. He saw Kagome, one hand on the Tetsusaiga, one knee on the ground. No demons were left in the area. He took in a quick breath, smelling the air. Naraku was hurt badly, he could smell his blood, but had gotten away yet again. He found after quickly assessing himself that all his wounds were gone. He mentaly shrugged and started in the direction he had left his ward and retainer.

Hearing something fall to the ground, he stopped and turned around. Sesshoumaru looked to Kagome, her body laying prone on the ground. The one hand that had been on the sword was red and blistered. Walking up to her, he inspected her closer. He could see small sparks of pink light bounce between her hand and the hilt of the sword. Picking her up he threw her body over his shoulder. After he grabbed the sword, he made his way out of the area.

~{ Carried away by a moonlight shadow

Carried away by a moonlight shadow }~