Aero, I'm back!

Aero: Damn I thought I locked all the doors

[Way too sweetly] You did. I had to break in

Aero: There's no evil cliffhangers, RIGHT? [Glows purple]

Chill out little djinn [Casts Megacool]

Aero: [Freezing] I th-thought y-you were a h-h-h-healer! [Frozen]

Anyway, since Aero's chilling, literally, I have to be the one that says that "I own nothing . nothing!" Not even the bad Sgt. Shultz impression


Part 1a: Mallets are from Mars, Curses are from Mercury.

Nerima breathed a small sigh of relief when the fight at Furinkan started. It meant that the weirdness was still there and the world wasn't going to end. So nobody was especially bothered by the large flash of light that made 6 people disappear. Compared to guys turning into girls, pigs, or ducks; it ranked only a 5 on the Weird-Shit-o-Meter.

Well, one person was bothered, and for the same pigtailed reason. She stood on a gnarled staff staring in the direction of the high school. 'Now where has son-in-law gone this time?' She thought, as his energy signature disappeared from her 300-year-old senses.


At the Tendo home, Kasumi was having a rather interesting conversation with a cute little blue . thing. It introduced herself as Spritz, a Mercury Djinn. Also, she described her healing capabilities. Kasumi, being the family's medical nut, gushed.

"Oh my, that's terribly exciting. Do you think you could teach me how to do that?"

Spritz sweatdropped. Definitely not the reaction she expected. She agreed naturally. After all, who could say no to Kasumi. And so, Spritz starting to teach Kasumi in the sacred arts of healing, starting with Ply. As well as fill her in on what's going to happen.

Partway through the lesson, there was a brilliant flash of light as 6 adepts fell in a heap outside the Tendo's side door. Still decked out in their armour and weapons, the 6 proved to be an interesting sight. When Kasumi went to check on the strange noise, Spritz decided to hide, Setting herself to Kasumi. The young housekeeper looked outside and noticed the pile of strangely clad people start to disentangle themselves from each other.

"Oh my, are you friends of Ranma? He has some of the most interesting friends." Kasumi asked. "Would you like some tea?"

The Adepts, in their various states of getting up, collectively facefaulted. This had the unfortunate reaction of putting them back into a dishevelled heap. Kasumi giggled as the pile of people tried desperately to untangle themselves. Sensing that she could be of some help, she went to the closest person to her, a blue-haired young man. After much pulling, squirming, and threatening to incinerate perverts (two guesses), the Valean crew managed to get all detangled and stand up.

There was an awkward as six armed people were in the Tendo estate. But given the previous weirdoes that poor Ranma has attracted, Kasumi isn't too phased by it. It's now that her manners kick in. "Oh my, how silly of me. My name is Kasumi," the young lady said bowing.

The blue-haired young man, being the calmest and most polite one at the moment takes the honours of doing he introductions. "The tall, spikey- haired blond is Isaac. The big redhead is Garet. The one threatening to torch Garet is Jenna while the blond girl trying to calm her down is Sheba. The quiet one over ther is Felix, and my name is Picard." The Lemurian says, bowing respectfully, kissing Kasumi's hand, who naturally blushes. "I believe we've been sent here on some sort of cultural exchange program."

"Oh my," Kasumi says. "I didn't realize you'd be here already. I still have to cook supper and your clothes seem so dirty. My new friend Spritz said that you would be arriving soon. She also told me to warn you of picking up the . quirks of some of the others that were here." She said in her typical sweet fashion, just as Jenna used a mallet of pure Mars Psynergy to clobber Garet. The redhead was thoroughly unconscious in a small crater in the ground. "Just like my dear sister Akane," Kasumi said thoughtfully.

The rest of the day passed uneventfully until the two adults came home. Genma tried to attack Isaac, but Picard came to the rescue, and swatted the fat martial artist into the koi pond, traumatizing the poor fish further. Soun just started balling at the fact that two of his daughters are gone, until Kasumi added in that Ranma was with Akane, then he went on a tirade of how they went of to elope.

The sanity of the adults was put on hold when they noticed a large panda walking on two legs heading towards the entryway. The six of them jumped to their feet, clutching various weapons capable of mass property damage. While they had never seen a panda before, the stance did remind them of the Maulers up north near Imil. At the thought of Imil, Isaac's eyes glazed over a bit, thinking of his dear angelic Mia. Snapping back to reality fast, they were about to attack when Kasumi appeared with .

"A kettle of hot water?" Sheba asked. Wanting to get the scoop first, Sheba decided to try Mind Read on Kasumi. She glowed with purplish rings of psynergy. Neither adult noticed

"Oh my, what pretty rings" Kasumi said. What she was thinking was a sealed matter. #Nuh-uh Windy. You gotta wait like the rest of them#. That definitely wasn't her voice though. Mental voices tended to sound like the physical voice, give or take a few years. The voice sounded familiar, kind of like .

"Spritz," Sheba grumbled silently as Kasumi unceremoniously dumped the hot water on the panda, turning him back into a man. In her quest to be the first to know, she actually missed the brief explanation of what happened and became the last to know.

Later that evening after everyone got a good meal and warm conversation, the adepts decided that it was time for bed. Since they were all friends and didn't overly want to be separated for one reason or another, Kasumi insisted that they sleep out in the dojo. After all it was the largest single room and without many of Nerima's insane martial artists, it would be a rather quiet place. Six left the main house with simple instructions on how to get there, but only five arrived.

When Kasumi arrived at the dojo, carrying two futons because she insisted on doing all the work because they were guests, she took a head count. "Oh my, there's one missing. Where's that nice redheaded friend of yours?"

Isaac and company looked around. Sheba even tried her Jupiter psynergies to find him. Strange at it was to the adepts, Garet was gone. "I don't know, but he's be around here somewhere." Isaac stated fairly confidently. "Isn't he?"


I should end it here. After all, Aero's in no condition to yell at me.

Aero: [Cold, but free] NO YOU DON'T! [Casts Spark Plasma]

[Crispy] Fine, wreck my fun. Just so you know, this is because I froze you earlier.

Aero: [Glowing purple and looking scary] Just DO IT!

[Muttering] It's always the defensive ones. [Casts Pure Ply]

Aero: What?

[Kindly] Nothing!


Somewhere . who knows where . well somewhere anyways, Garet sneezed. He didn't know why, and right now he didn't care. He kicked the tree, then Pyroclasmed it to charcoal in frustration. Only one thing was on his mind, aside from food and feisty female fire adepts. "WHERE AM I NOW?" The Mars adept called out to the heavens. He was so caught up in being lost that he never noticed the rain.

Back at the dojo, Jenna fumed, well Dragon Fumed actually. She aimed her powerful spell at the bar ground, charring it nicely while venting off frustration. Why was the fiery adept frustrated you may ask? It was because her crush/scapegoat/victim was out touring the area as Isaac put it. Felix just said he was lost. The Venus adepts even made a bet on which one it was for 5 gold coins.

The rest of them, convinced that the big lug would be fine alone, fell asleep in little time. Jenna stared into the distance a few minutes longer before succumbing to the sandman

The next morning saw a fat martial artist tiptoe into the dojo. The water in the bucket sloshed around but as water attacks are the norm for Nerima, none of the sleeping adepts woke up. Now let it be known that without Ranma to, er, train, Genma was a bored man. And since these new arrivals used weapons, he thought that he could beat them no sweat. So, with gusto, he threw the water at the adepts.

The introduction of cold water on the sleeping form had a few interesting effects. Most of them just shot up expecting an attack. Jenna however, not only woke up, but Searing Beamed the source of the water. Poor panda didn't even see it coming as the high-powered Mars attach now only cooked him medium-rare, but send him flying into LEO. He would land a full minute later in the koi pond, steam rising due to hot panda meeting cold water.

The adepts that were awake held up signs 9, 9, 9, and 6. Jenna glared at Felix, who very nervously turned over the sign to read '9'. It was by then that they noticed that Isaac hadn't woken up. He was drenched but still asleep, turning about in his sleep muttering something incoherently. Sheba, grouchy from having been woken up in a rude and wet manner, Plasma- ed Isaac's ass, waking him up with a jolt.

"What'd you do that for?" Isaac asked, but all were too stunned to respond.


There, a perfect ending spot


Only a little one. As if you can't guess what's going to happen.

Aero: Cliffhanger? And after I stopped you once? TAKE THIS [Casts Spark Plasma, Destruct Ray, Tempest and a variety of other Jupiter attacks]

[Onslaught bounces off reddish shield] Thanks Flash.

Flash: No problem. Killing you is MY job. WHAT did you do to Garet? [Glows red and look REALLY scary]

[Gulp] . . um . . Look, a decoy! [Points]

Aero, Flash: [Looks]

[Runs away]